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Post in Besides Beauty

Your Best Feature

Hey Girls!


I know that we all have those little things about ourselves that we don't like,but let's just have a feel good moment and tell everyone what your best feature is!Smiley Happy

My favorite feature is my eyes!

Re: Your Best Feature

Good topic- it's always nice to be positive and make ourselves feel good! I like my eyes and lips! Smiley Happy

Re: Your Best Feature

We all should see our own beauty instead of just our flaws!  When it comes to emphasizing either the eyes or the lips,  I usually go for the lips.  They are well-shaped and full with a nice bow in the upper lip.  Everyone has at least one nice feature: a great complexion, pretty eyes, long lashes, angled cheekbones, pretty lips or a cute nose.  Learn to bring out your best features and see the beauty in the mirror that everyone else sees.

Re: Your Best Feature

Great topic.  Made me realize how much I've been complaining lately.  Alabaster skin & full lips.


Grace & Peace, Y'all.

Re: Your Best Feature

I havent been on beauty talk in what seems like FOREVER (its been only about a week but of course thats forever in girl talk) Smiley Wink and this was the perfect post to come back too Smiley Happy I love how positive this is! <3 I'd have to say I love my lip the best. In my opinion, they are the perfect shape for my face and the perfect size; big, but not over powering Smiley Happy I had braces when I was younger and I feel that this blessing in disguise enhanced my love for my lips, because now I smile a lot more! Smiley Happy

Keep us this wonderfully positive attitude beautylovingirl! I throughly enjoyed this Smiley Happy Happy Easter lovely!!! 

Re: Your Best Feature

BIG OL' EYES.  I have pretty expressive eyes as well so this can be troublesome if I don't want someone to know I dislike what they are saying >.>

Re: Your Best Feature

@Fabz that's hilarious because I get that often too! People always tell me that my eyes give away everything I'm thinking- I can't help they're so big! They are also my favorite feature since I can really play up eyeshadow and eye makeup a ton. I had a friend tell me once he wanted to do my makeup because I had so much "real estate" =p haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Your Best Feature

Mine is definitely my smile, but I truly feel like ANYONE who smiles not only looks happy, but they look a lot more open than someone with crossed arms and a frown on their face. A smile could also brighten up someone else's day as well. Smiley Happy 

Re: Your Best Feature

Naturally my eyes, they've got a habit of changing from an inviting green to yellows depending on my state lol otherwise I agree, smile the way.  A lot of metal went into that!

Re: Your Best Feature

Wonderful topic!


I love my skin tone. I an olive skintone, that looks great with color! I often get compliments on it, especially since it tans quite easily.

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