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Wish List

Lets be honest no matter how many beauty products we own there's always something else that we must have. So here's my wish list, what's yours?


Chanel Rouge Coco in Lover

Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Noir Black

Too Faced Sweathearts Perfect Flush Blush

and I would like to get low lights



Re: Wish List

Ha, I have 80+ items on my wishlist, but they are from all categories that I would like to sample. But for actual purchasing with most temptation right now...


- Origins No Puffery eye mask (my eyes feel like shriveled prunes due to dry indoor heating. I need this).

- Fresh Rose mask (I'm convinced it's overpriced and it have no lasting effect,....but it feels good enough that I still want it).

- Kate Somerville scar diminishing serum (I've got a couple of big old scars, and the claim that it works for old scars piqued my interest)


I will be needing eye cream and toner in the next 2 month, but I haven't decided on which ones yet.

Re: Wish List

HA! You know what I have to say about the Fresh mask.  Your wallet will cry but the experience of using it is so luxe you won't regret. Smiley Happy

Re: Wish List

Haha, after dissecting the ingredients list for the n-th time, I finally decided I want to buy it. Mostly because my combo skin does get dry, but it doesn't really like/absorb the rich/creamy hydration masks that are targetted toward dry getting cheaper/less-effective masks is not as good as getting the Rose mask, which IS lightweight enough to sink into my skin and 50% rosewater. It feels good as a de-stresser and I'm planning on using it as a calming/hydrating follow up to the drying/harsh mask/peels so....yeah....QED.

Re: Wish List

I've always wanted to try the La Prairie skin cavier, but I think their prices are insane. 

Re: Wish List

Hmm, currently, there are some Tarte makeup products (blush, powder, and mascara) for when i run out of current items, another Tokyomilk handcream scent for when i finish my current (I like the feel, the smell is like sunscreen at first though, wondering if this is true of all of these creams), and Living Proof Full shampoo in the largest size for when my huge Redken bottle runs out, as well as a replacement for Ouidad's Mediterranean Bay Leaf Treatment!  Thankfully due to a deal with the BF he has to take care of my hair products ^.^  The downside, I'm not allowed to cut it less the 11.5" Smiley Tongue


I'm sure my wishlist will have more stuff in it and lose stuff randomly though haha.  Neat thread to see what's on everyones' minds Smiley Very Happy

Re: Wish List

So true. Always wanting more...


Tarte's C Brightener Eye Cream..Because who really WANTS to wear concealer? Smiley Happy


Benefit's dandelion blush for a natural look


Benefits Sugarbomb...cause you can never have enough blush!

Re: Wish List

The brightening cream is totally worth it ^.^

Re: Wish List

I want to get it, but now since you've confirmed...I have to! Smiley Happy

Re: Wish List

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