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Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

[I know it's technically not winter yet, but in my head it already is lol.]

So, today was my last day of school before winter break (!!!) and I had the BEST day!!

I had mint hot chocolate, ate Christmas cookies, and had the coziest outfit:


A Fair Isle sweater from American Eagle (above), Victoria's Secret yoga leggings, and tan UGG boots... SO comfortable, and when I had my (new!! Smiley Very Happy) coat over it, it was tTHE warmest outfit!! 

Another thing I'm loving right now is (which I KNOW I'll be taking back later) is the new chilly weather. I love being able to layer lots of clothes on without being too hot! Not to mention hats, scarves, and gloves are so fun to me! I have a million cute scarves I can't wait to wear!!

Also, something I'm of course loving is no school.  But, I do have to write a paper over break </3 which I know I'll wait until the last day before we go back to do, and I'll end up with no sleep!! I tend to procrastinate, and I'm a total perfectionist! It's not a good combo... I'll fix it! (LATER! lol.)

Here are a few more of my current favorite things:

- No-Bake Cake Batter White Chocolate Truffles... My friend made me some, and they were AMAZING! I don't even like chocolate, but I loved these so much! I'm going to get the recipe... believe me!

- Christmas Shopping... I love shopping for people.  I really put a lot of thoughts into my gifts, and I love trying to find that perfect gift for someone!

- Hot Vanilla... I found a recipe online for hot vanilla, like the vanilla version of hot chocolate! I made it with less sugar and no cinnamon, and topped with whipped cream and nutmeg.... SO good! (you can just google and find a link for it, most recipes are at least similar.)

- HOMEMADE Strawberry-Banana smoothies... I use V8 VFusion Strawberry Banana juice, skim milk, ice, fat free yogurt, and a little fat-free whipped cream/cool whip! It's really good in the mornings! (I use juice b/c I hat having strawberry seeds in my drink, I'm really picky lol. Pretty much any other smoothie I make I use frozen chopped fruit instead of juice and ice.)

What are some of your favorite things right now?

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

I Heart winter. My favorite things about winter are  

Knit things- I have socks,sweaters and blanks there so warm 

Fuzzy things-Ditto on the cloths and blankets 

Hot drinks-Hot coco,and Pepermint Moca's 

Shopping-one of my favorite things 

Snow Days- Another fave 

Christmas-I love everything about it 

Fireplaces with Fire- I love just looking at them Smiley Surprised


Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

So far, this winter had been opposite compared to last year weather wise.  When the semester ended last year, it was during the middle of an ice storm.  Finals week was crazier due to that.  This year, I was able to come home on time since it was 60 degrees and not frozen anywhere lol.  Winter is just starting, so who knows what will happen.


I love looking at Christmas lights!  My mom told me the other day that when I was a baby, I would just stare at the lights on the tree until I fell asleep.  My boyfriend joked saying that explains a lot since I can have the "attention span of a ferrat" when I see beautiful lights and whatnot lol.  I playful smacked him for that comment lol.


Due to the Holidays, my boyfriend's mamaw has been baking up a storm.  She has already fixed the following flavors of fudge: orange cream (I swear, it's Heaven on earth), chocolate, peppermint, vanilla, and peanut butter.  On top of that, she has fixed Chex Mix and fruit cake cookies.  I told her she should open her own restaurant lol.


I love Christmas shopping for others as well, but I'm so glad I finished up a couple of weeks ago.  The mall.....craziness.....people who can't drive.....gah!  lol.

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

Hi Charlotte!


This is a fun topic, I love winter! Reading these posts makes me want to curl up in front of a fireplace but.. not a lot of homes in San Francisco (or apartments!) have fireplaces. Smiley Happy


-Holiday Edition Drinks at Starbucks, Peets and Tully's. I am a sucker for peppermint and gingerbread flavored drinks. Janine, I'll have to check out that tea you mentioned! I LOVE tea's! Smiley Happy 


-The ice skating rink downtown in Union Square with the giant Christmas tree. It's always fun to see the lights and giant tree heading towards the sky.  Plus watching people have fun skating around the rink is great too! My favorite part is all the lights in the palm trees, lights outside the giant Macy's store and holiday decorations around the area. Everything is so festive and cheerful, it's fun to be around in the daytime or nighttime.


-FUZZY SOCKS! I love fuzzy warm socks with silly animals on them, little bells, those grips on the floor, or in knee high length. They're great lounge socks with a pair of leggings and a sweater when you want to stay in with a book or a movie and something hot to drink. I love giving fuzzy socks as gifts too, they're nice to wear on your feet to keep warm at night, or to put on after rubbing peppermint foot creams. Very relaxing and soft. 


-Countdown to New Years! The best part of winter to me is the countdown to the new year. I can reflect on what I didn't like or didn't do and think of ways to make the next year even better than the last. Smiley Happy I hope you all have a wonderful WINTER and Holiday Season! Smiley Happy




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

Hi Xoxcharlottexox,


Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin PieSmiley Happy. Its only during the Holidays that I don't feel to guilty on treating myself. 


Happy Holidays,


Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

I'm with you on cold and snow, I am so looking forward to snow, it's still uncertain whether we'll have a white Christmas, but I always love the first one. Of course, we got a lot of snow on Halloween, so it's not the technically first snow, but the first winter snow. Once we get enough to have to take out the big tractor to plow the road to get out, then it's not so fun. I love to take walks in the snow with the dog, he has a wonderful time making doggie snow angels and burying his nose under the snow. Makes me laugh at this big silly with a mound of snow on his nose.


I like big wooly sweaters and getting to wear my warmest jacket which is very cute, but also unbearably hot in above freezing weather. Frozen ground to run on, I hate running in late fall when the dew on the grass is freezing, but not frozen and my feet and sneakers are cold/soaky by the time I get home. Riding a horse in the cold weather when he is steaming and all happy and he doesn't get all sweaty and stinky.


I love Christmas sugar cookies, hot chocolate of any kind, Hot Key Lime tea and roasting chestnuts by the fire.


And loafing, not so many outdoor chores this time of year.

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

I love Holiday palettes and gift sets! What a great way to try new stuff Smiley Happy


I love holiday music. It definitely helps me get in the mood.


I love Florida, where we will be spending Christmas.


I love hot chocolate and marshmallows. Yummmmm


I love looking at people's houses and seeing pretty lights *_*


I love visiting family. Its seems like I never see them enough.

Re: Winter... Things I'm Loving! :)

Oh wow! Hot vanilla and no bake truffles?! How interesting, I definitely wouldn't object to trying either of those...sounds delicious. And mint hot always a favorite.The fall/winter seasons have the best treats in my opinion, which is why it's my favorite time of the year Heart


The things I'm loving right now include:

-Yoga pants, I have to agree with you xoxocharlottexox, they're so comfortable. I love comfortable sweats, but hate the sloppy look that comes as a result of wearing them out. Yoga pants are form fitting, yet comfortable and stylish. Gone are the days in which I felt embarrassed stopping by the grocery store right after going to the gym or a dance class lol. Hopefully I get a new pair or two for Christmas!


-Coffee Bean's Winter Dream Tea, I really enjoy tea and have tried dozens of different brands and flavors....but this tea is by far the best I've ever had! It's a wonderful blend of rich sweet and spiced flavors. If the holidays were a tea....this is exactly what they'd taste like! It's so yummy! I don't even need to add sugar, since it's already lightly sweetened.


-Cozy blankets, rather than keep my heaters on constantly I've gotten into the habit of using blankets when I'm relaxing on my couch. I have a really soft fluffy one that I'm obsessed with. My cat loves it too, I often find her cuddling up on it.


-Uggs, I don't wear sneakers...unless I'm going to the gym. I think I own two pairs? So my Uggs are what I rely on when I'm running to the store or just doing simple things like taking the trash out. They're like rugged outdoor slippers lol.

Whimsically yours,
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