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Post in Besides Beauty

Who is your makeup muse?

I don't know about you, but I don't look at an eye shadow palette and automatically know what combination to put together nor can I just come up with complete makeup looks on the fly.


I have to depend on others to give inspiration or just copy.  Who are your makeup muses?  Is it your favorite makeup blogger/youtuber, a friend, a celebrity/model, TV series...?


Some of mine are: Jen from frmheadtotoe, Revenge (tv show), Scandal (tv show - the the makeup dept actually has their own twitter feed!), Sandra Oh (red carpet), and my friend Gina who always looks so great!


Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Katy perry, Rihanna and JLO! I love a polished eye with false lashes!

<3 Melissa

Re: Who is your makeup muse?



I love the fashion style that Jeannie Mai has (on the Style network!) and it may sound silly but I LOVE the hair and (sometimes) the makeup from Tracy and Olivia on Jerseylicious. I think I was a Jersey girl in my former life but maybe not nearly as self tanned (I used to though!) and not as much smokey eyes. Smiley Wink


I love to copy the looks and makeup of people with similar coloring or features- large eyes are not the easiest to do although everyone says they are!  


I really like Emily Schuman who has a blog "cupcakes and cashmere" which is full of random fun DIY tips for the home, fashion, makeup and even gifting! Super cute. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Small eyes aren't easy either  - as a monolid I have a lot of eyelid to deal with that I don't know what to do with..maybe that's why I have so many palettesswfupload_4323818010307141295.gif

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

I am forever looking for inspiration.  I love the looks on Revenge and Scandal as well.  I also like Drew Barymore and Jessica Alba.  They look more natural most off the time.  My current goal is to master the winged eye ala Dita Von Teese.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Usually I invent my own makeup looks, but every once in awhile I'll see something interesting somewhere and wonder if I can replicate/tweak it. It can be a music artist, a picture in a magazine, something that I randomly see on TV on in an ad...whatever.

One of my muses is Siouxsie Sioux. I don't know many women in my subculture who haven't done the "Siouxsie makeup" at least once. lol But her face structure is very similar to mine so I like to see what works on her.

Another one is Buster Keaton. His eyes are exactly like mine and it's tricky to get them to look right with just eyeliner and nothing else. But copying his Vaudeville makeup made it easy. Now it's one of my most common "everyday" looks.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

its hard to say because people are always changing their looks. but i like the way Keisha Cole wears her makeup. its trendy without being over the top.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Marion Cotillard. She always looks perfect. 

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

And model-wise, Christy Turlington is my all-time favorite model...she has not aged at all, such stunning skin and eyes.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Diana Carreiro is my favorite makeup artist. Even her creative looks are very clean. I've never been on her level, but her style is what I've always wanted from my own work.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Oh!  I should add Jung Saem Mool but I can't replicate some of the looks she does because my coloring is so different from her youtube models.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

I've watched some youtube people and picked up a few tricks. I've learnt the most from my Mom, she taught me just about all I know.


I don't have a horrible time putting colors together I'm artsy and do lots of coloring so that part isn't hard. It's more about what looks good on me that I have trouble with, there's not much aimed at natural red heads. I feel like blondes and brunettes have it easier in that aspect.

Re: Who is your makeup muse?

Ever watch the show Suits on USA?  I love how Donna (redhead) looks every episode.  She actually did a video for Birchbox about the products they use on her.

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