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Who is your beauty hero and why?

I'm just curious about who inspires us.  I'm not one to model myself after anyone (although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).  Personally, as a woman in my mid-40's, I'm fond of any woman who stays beautiful through the ages and doesn't try to stay 20 forever.  My opinion is that agelessness is a lie.  We will develop lines, wrinkles, gray hair.  It happens.  But can we be beautiful anyway without pumping our faces full of chemicals or stretching our skin until our lips touch our ears.  My favs:  Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Mary McDonnell.  I'm not saying these ladies haven't had anything done.  I honestly have no idea - but they don't look like they've had anything done.  What about y'all?

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

i also like Emma Watson. her face seems so flawless everytime. and i also like that her look is not that old-looking or not that too sexy wild, if you get what i mean. lol.

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

Great topic!

Jamie Lee Curtis's make up is always polished! I love how it goes perfectly with her hair.


A few people I really like:


J Lo- Her skin is always GLOWING and no in a overly done way. It always looks so fresh and dewy.


Katy Perry- She wears a lot of make up but, its done right so it doesn't looked caked on.




<3 Melissa

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

Great topic, and I agree 100% with your philosophy!

Dame Helen, for sure. I'm obsessed with her. 
Betsey Johnson.  Betty White.  


Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

Dita Von teese

Scarlett Johannson

Katy Perry


Also, Jennifer aniston, when i'm her age i hope i will be albe to look as beautiful and classic as her, she has amazing skin and always has a very nautral beauty about her.

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

Leighton Meester

Mila Kunis



I love those two.

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

KATE HUDSON Smiley Very Happy


I love that she rocks the natural look pretty much 24/7, no matter if she's taking the day off or on the red carpet. I rarely see her rock a hardcore makeup look, even in magazines. Don't get me wrong---I love the high fashion---full face makeup look but it doesn't suit for every day life. I just love her!

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?


Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

I actually really respect Angelina Jolie, not just for how she looks on the outside, but for the decisions that she's made as a woman, especially the recent movement she's started by getting a double mastectomy. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous with wrinkles and smile lines, and she never overdoes her makeup. (:

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

I totally agree with you mxcx! She always looks so well put together without appearing overdone. I just have a lot of respect for her overall as a person.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Who is your beauty hero and why?

I adore Bobbi Brown-the philosophy behind her make up line is inspiring.  Beauty for any woman.  I love Rihanna- she always has a classic face no matter the outfit!  Diane Keaton is an inspiration because she is growing into her beauty- not out of it.  Geez- whoever the make up artists for Gossip Girl are at the top of my list!  I try to copy their techniques and get no where close to what they can do.  Of course, I'm no Blake or Peyton.

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