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Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?

I've decided that it's time to stop drooling and start buying a bottle of either Mugler's Angel or Alien.  Normally, I would just buy the size bottle that I think I would use, which in this case is the 3 oz one.  But since the bottles are refillable, I've got multiple options.  If you own a bottle, did you get the biggest one or a small one and more refills?  And does anyone have a preference for one of the styles of the Angel bottle?


If I get Alien, I can get the 1 oz refillable bottle and a 3 oz refill or the 3 oz bottle for about the same price per oz.  If I get a bigger bottle, it will (in my opinion) look better and I probably won't have to worry about refilling it, since I usually lose interest around the 3 oz mark.  If I get the smaller bottle, I'll have to keep refilling it, but I can make a separate order to buy the refill later, giving me another shot at a GWP.


If I get Angel, the same logic for small bottle vs large bottle apply, with the added question of whether I should get the EDT version, which has a nicer bottle than the EDPs, and just refill with EDP when it's empty.  

Re: Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?


Re: Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?

I own Alien and love it! I hate the smell of Angel, although it's a pretty bottle. I own the smaller bottle of Alien and use it pretty often even though I have many others to choose from. The small bottle I got as a birthday present last April and I still have about half (maybe little less) left. The scent is strong so a little goes a long way. The staying power is also great so there's no need to reapply all day.

Re: Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?

I have another vote for Alien!  I own both... people stop me when I'm wearing both  (more when I'm wearing Angel) but honestly I can't tolerate that scent.  Alien is the way to go!

Re: Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?

I think that if you get bored with a fragrance around the 3oz mark then you should get the prettiest bottle you mentioned towards the end.  If you end up not getting bored with the fragrance you can still always get a refill, but if you do get bored with it then at least you have pretty bottle to decorate your vanity.


Whatever you decide, just don't do it until 3x fragrance points next month.

Re: Which Thierry Mugler perfume bottle should I buy?

I agree that the Angel EDT version has the nicest bottle, especially when you consider that the stars don't stand up.  And you're right that if you use the EDT and decide you want more potency, you can always refill it with EDP.

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