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Where do you store your make-up?

Bedroom, bathroom, fridge?

I keep mine in one of those clear acrylic cases with the drawers on the bathroom counter... I guess I've always wondered in the back of my mind if that's unhealthy for the make-up itself.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

That is so pretty! I love all things vintage !!!! I have a antique dresser too! Hold on ill go grab a pic. 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have 2 of these - 



I have drawer organizers in the smaller drawers for all of my cosmetics and then I use the larger drawers for bottles of hair products, blow dryer, etc...



Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have one of these too!  Love it.  I lined it with grippy paper so stuff didn't slide around when I opened and shut The drawer.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have a train case but fear I'm outgrowing it. I keep mine in a cabinet near the bathroom so that it's out of the reach of small hands (my son absolutely loves lipstick (or "stick lips" as he calls it) and would probably turn my case into a disaster if he could easily get at a vanity) and not in the bathroom. In places where I didn't have a cabinet free near the bathroom, I've kept my case in the bottom of my closet. 

I'll agree with everyone else - bathrooms experience temperature and humidity fluctuations that aren't particularly good for your makeup. I don't like clear drawers and cases because I like to keep my cosmetics in cool, dark places to prolong life of things with clear lids (why, oh, why do cosmetic companies use clear lids?!) and jars. My exception is skin care - open washes and moisturizers live in the bathroom (backups live in my case.) I go through these so quickly that keeping the open one in the bathroom is no big deal.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

All of my makeup is in my bedroom -- the only things that are in the bathroom were left there randomly and aren't actually stored there. Bathrooms tend to experience temperature extremes or be humid, etc., which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria (but even if not, sometimes things like powder products will break down from humidity or condensation, etc.). I know many people who keep their makeup in the bathroom with no issues at all, but I have a lot of powder products and I just keep everything out of there because my own has no ventilation (Victorian-era building!).

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I keep most of my beauty stuff stored in two of these:


and also in a little makeup bag I got from Forever21. I don't have much yet but I would love to have a nice vanity one day~ 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I used to have mine in these but in a darker color, I never liked white... mainly because it gets dirty easy.... but now I store it in my Alex drawer from Ikea... yep just like almost every youtuber, I really like it though that way I have everything inside.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have this drawer (only in brown) in my bedroom, and these type of baskets with dividers. They (baskets) easily fit into my drawer, and everything is organized Smiley Happy



Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I store mine in my bedroom, except some mascaras and lush products that are unopened go in the fridge to prolong them.


I have a gorgeous dark oak antique vanity. The top is embarrassingly cluttered right now, but it looks similar to these.



It's a little thicker/heavier though.


I also have 3 of these filled with stuff too. 




Keeping make up in the bathroom isn't good for it, because of the heat and humidity.


The only things I store in my bathroom are the bath and cleansing products I'm currently using. 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

My mouth fell open that is sooooo gorgeous

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I love these ones. This style of mirror is just gorgeous! I wish I could have found one like this for myself but I had an impossible time locating a vintage looking vanity that was a bit taller than normal.  

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have a desk I use as a vanity in my bedroom image.jpgthat I store the majority of my products in. Some also are stored on top.  Masks, cleansers, makeup removers, etc. are stored in the bathroom vanity near the sink.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

Ohh, your beautiful clean vanity top makes me aspire to get my mess under control. 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

Thanks! I have to put everything away immediately or I let it get out of control. Console yourself with the knowledge that my closet floor is covered in shoes and hangers!  Smiley Wink

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I've always kept mine in makeup bags on my dresser (haha dorm room struggles), and they seem to be doing fine. I think if you keep your makeup at normal temperatures it should be okay.

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