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Where do you store your make-up?

Bedroom, bathroom, fridge?

I keep mine in one of those clear acrylic cases with the drawers on the bathroom counter... I guess I've always wondered in the back of my mind if that's unhealthy for the make-up itself.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I've always kept mine in makeup bags on my dresser (haha dorm room struggles), and they seem to be doing fine. I think if you keep your makeup at normal temperatures it should be okay.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have a desk I use as a vanity in my bedroom that I store the majority of my products in. Some also are stored on top.  Masks, cleansers, makeup removers, etc. are stored in the bathroom vanity near the sink.

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

Ohh, your beautiful clean vanity top makes me aspire to get my mess under control. 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

Thanks! I have to put everything away immediately or I let it get out of control. Console yourself with the knowledge that my closet floor is covered in shoes and hangers!  Smiley Wink

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I store mine in my bedroom, except some mascaras and lush products that are unopened go in the fridge to prolong them.


I have a gorgeous dark oak antique vanity. The top is embarrassingly cluttered right now, but it looks similar to these.

It's a little thicker/heavier though.


I also have 3 of these filled with stuff too. 



Keeping make up in the bathroom isn't good for it, because of the heat and humidity.


The only things I store in my bathroom are the bath and cleansing products I'm currently using. 

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I love these ones. This style of mirror is just gorgeous! I wish I could have found one like this for myself but I had an impossible time locating a vintage looking vanity that was a bit taller than normal.  

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

My mouth fell open that is sooooo gorgeous

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I have this drawer (only in brown) in my bedroom, and these type of baskets with dividers. They (baskets) easily fit into my drawer, and everything is organized Smiley Happy

Re: Where do you store your make-up?

I keep most of my beauty stuff stored in two of these:

and also in a little makeup bag I got from Forever21. I don't have much yet but I would love to have a nice vanity one day~ 

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