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Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

Uurgh ... I was soooo close to 500 hearts, and someone's comment (and therefore all attached comments) was deleted.  And just like that, hearts are gone, gone, gone!  If anyone else has a heart deficit, let me know, and I'll heart the heart out of you, if you know what I mean! Cat Wink

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

That happened to me not long ago, when I switched to google-chrome all was okay. Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

I think the hearts join all the cancelled sephora orders in the land of gloom

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

As soon as I read it, I pictured it in my head, like the Island of Misfit Toys... little broken hearts running around ... products with sad, tear-filled eyes singing 'Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit. Just because I can't be shipped ... Why don't I fit in?'


Ugh, clearly I should have subbed a tea for my dopio.

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

Oh no you did not!!!!  You ladies need to stop reading my mind! As I read **roxystar's' land of gloom, what did I say? Island of Misfit Toys! Then here you are with the same thought.


I suppose I can't say you read my mind since you were here first - You can predict the future! What am I gonna say when I head out in the snow tomorrow morning? - I'm NY & it started a little while ago & will go until 6am. What do you think I'll think/say?


I suppose we have to chalk this up to the good old 'Brilliant minds think alike.' Works for me! Smiley Wink


She reads minds, predicts the future, shows much self restraint and on top of that, she's pretty.....Pardon me, that's incorrect....

She's F'ing pretty!!

(re: your slap-gate thread)Smiley Tongue

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

Let's go with brilliant minds think alike! 


I do know what I'll say tomorrow morning, in Western PA, when I take the dogs out for their morning constitutional, and it cannot really be repeated here!  Cat LOL


Hope you're staying warm! 

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

Brilliant minds works for me too.


Unfortunately, I have a 6:30am appointment that Cannot be cancelled, then another one after that. I'm doing some Serious praying! It's normally 25-30 minutes in good weather/no traffic.

I know it will somehow come together because it must, I have some Angels up there and I know they'll be talking to the Head Honcho and will get me to and from safely.


I don't miss dog walking days one bit - thank Heavens we have a fenced in area with grass & pavement, you know she always tries to get to the grass on the worst days. Not happening!


I'll be thinking of you in the AM, hope you're bundled up and have a nice hot beverage waiting for you when you come in and take some of your 15 layers of clothing off. Smiley Happy


How many pups? Are they on **marydiva's** pet pics thread?

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

They are on marydiva's pet pics!  I have two older pups that are ridiculous and lovely.  It's hard to find affordable yard in the city, and the shared courtyard is nice but not really dog friendly.  We do have a good dog park.


They've been anticipating this crappy weather for days.  Hopefully they will be keeping everything cleared and/or salted for when you head out tomorrow.  Will send good thoughts your way!

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

I lost about 7 hearts last week and I'm not even sure which thread was deleted. Smiley Sad


Have a Heart!!!


Or more!






Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

I lost some hearts in a thread as well!

But I don't really check my heart count lol, so I don't notice too often.

I just started noticing because everyone keeps making these types of boards and I was all Smiley Surprised

I've lost my heart!!! Lol

Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

They just "poof" with the deleted post it seems...



Re: Where Do Hearts Go When Threads Die?

Sad that you lost your hearts but I know there are Tons of hearts in your future. I was thrilled they got rid of that section, I kept watching and waiting for it to go and am glad it did. You made a well thought out reply, proud of you. Smiley Happy Someone else said something similar, forget who, she was right on point too.


I haven't seen "12 Years A Slave" yet but I hope many of us support this film. It's supposed to be amazing.

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