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When you know more than the employees

I think there is no disputing that we (those who are on here regularly anyway) are beauty addicts.  I know instances have been discussed on here before where we've been at a Sephora or other department store counter and have known more than the SA .  Many of these stories were amusing or downright baffling.

Anyone have any recent ones?


Here's my most recent example:


I swung into a SiJCP yesterday while at the mall.  I still  haven't gotten the Give Me More Lip set and wanted to swatch the colors in person.  I asked an SA who was setting up a new display if she had it and she asked me, "Who is it from?"  I told her it was a bunch of different brands and she gave me a blank stare.

Re: When you know more than the employees

Yeah haha. I was in the Sephora in JCP today. I was casually browsing the sales rack and the Tarte and BE displays. I noticed that I was the only customer in the store and the one employee was bluntly ignoring me, more interested in sitting behind the counter using her iPhone. 


Now, I don't really blame her. I'm only 16 years old, so I don't scream "big buyer." I wasn't wearing a drop of makeup. I had on my workout clothes from cross country practice and my hair was swept in a messy pony tail. But she could have asked me if I needed help or anything.


Imagine her surprise when I checked out with a descent-sized purchase (I was out of foundation and cleanser and decided to grab a mascara while I was out) and asked her to give me the points on a VIB card Smiley Happy haha

Re: When you know more than the employees

That has happenamed to me too. I'm petite and look like I'm 16(I'm 23) so people just assume that I can't afford some thing that sephora has but boy it's funny to see their reaction when they discover I'm a VIB and I'm paying cash!

Re: When you know more than the employees

Same here! I'm petite & recently turned 30, but look a lot younger. If it's a cast member I don't know they always try to steer me to the less expensive items. They have no way of knowing I'm Rouge until I checkout, so I try to be polite about it, or say I don't need help. 

Re: When you know more than the employees

When I was about 28 yrs old, I was 'carded' while trying to buy a lottery ticket and before she 'carded' me, she asked if it was some kind of school holiday. Crazy. But I didn't really mind that much. I gave her a great big thank you. Smiley Happy

Re: When you know more than the employees

im 16, but always get confused for being 13 because of my height... (being around 4'8" doesnt come in handy when shopping...) 

Re: When you know more than the employees

Lol, when OCC was first launched at Sephora, I asked an SA if they had it, and she had zero idea what I was talking about


Re: When you know more than the employees

I only do my shopping on line..i find the cast members are totally clueless where I live..even my concierge isn't very updated on what is going on..sad..they really all need to know their products better and how to treat good customers..i walk in,now I am 50 plus..i am dress very trendy and obviously am going to spend a few bucks yet I get tired of it that I wont go into the jcp anymore..will shop on line for now on

Re: When you know more than the employees

There are 2 cast members at my local SeJCP that I love to work with.  Usually one of them is working when I visit the store.  I will casually wait for one of them to be free to help me if I have any questions or else I'm just wasting my time.  The other cast members are nice but are not as knowledgeable as my favs. Needless to say, I give these gals great reviews!

Re: When you know more than the employees

I don't mind if the SA personally does not know the answer, but if that is the case, I would like to see them say something like "I'm new, but let me find someone who can help us out!" Everyone has to learn at first, and so I never mind if they open up and are honest that they are in fact still learning and are WILLING to learn it!

Re: When you know more than the employees

I do know that a lot of employees are not always made aware of new promotions, products, etc. When I worked in retail for Victoria's Secret I was often blind sided by customer questions regarding online promos/products and was a complete deer in the headlights. Because of this I started regularly visiting the VS website just to stay up to date on things that we had going on Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: When you know more than the employees

I think it just depends on the SA's. I think some work there because they are really into makeup/skin care/hair care.  I think others work there for the paycheck.  I have had great experiences and horrible experiences at Sephora's.  I have even made a sale while shopping there around Christmas one year.  It was packed an a lady and her husband approached me and asked if I could help them out because I looked like I knew a thing or two about makeup and such.  I was so flattered ha.  It made my day.  They were shopping for there two teen daughters.  They bought two perfume sets, some eyeliners, lip glosses, and two eye palettes from UD.  

Re: When you know more than the employees

That happened to me at Walgreens! I was looking at a loreal display and a lady asked about their mascara! It felt awesome that she asked my and not the beauty advisor.

Re: When you know more than the employees

I worked part time at a shoe store, to support my shoe habit. You'd be surprised how many people I helped in stores like DSW where the shoes are all out there and you have to find them. I spent nearly an hour trying to help an elderly woman find something - one box had 2 different sizes of the same shoe. I went through every box, in every color to try to find that shoe. I'm proud to say that Dag-Nabbit, I did it!! 


It was such a wonderful feeling, helping her find that shoe, especially since she knew I wasn't getting paid to help her and no SA was willing to help. She offered to give me money, which I thought was so sweet of her. I said no to the money and asked that she re-pay me with a hug and a kiss, she did. Such an Awesome feeling.Smiley Happy

Re: When you know more than the employees

I know the feeling I went in to Sephora looking for eyelash primer and she said they don't carry it but I know they do so I started the hunt and found it its by Sephora and it was next to the mascara!!!


Re: When you know more than the employees

Well, the Give Me More Lip set is a Sephora/Sephora Favorites brand.

Re: When you know more than the employees

I have experienced this yesterday at my local Nordstrom. So I went to Chanel counter to look at new Spring collection. A SA came and asked if she could help me. I told I was looking for new Spring collection and she pointed me to a little side table. It had everything but eye shadows. And I asked her: where are the new eyeshadows? She looked a little confused and told me: if they are not there, that mean we don't have it here. The whole collection is on that little table. 

I new Nordstrom had it... and I kept looking through stuff, and there they were, where all eye shadows were. I wanted to tell that SA they DO HAVE new shadows, but decided to keep my mouth shut. 

Re: When you know more than the employees

I had an experienced this with my Credit Card company, that's Really Scary! I needed to do something that I'd done before and the gal on the phone said it was impossible, I explained it in Great detail more then once and she said, 'nope - you can't do that'. I finally asked her to check with a supervisor (I was very nice and very patient, showed no real signs of my extreme frustration) She came back a couple of minutes later and said, 'no, no can do.' (btw, I somehow found out that she was not new to the job, don't remember how) Anyhow, at this point I knew she didn't quite know all there was to know about her job and that on top of that, there was No Way she asked a supervisor, they would've told her my request was common and doable. I finally say goodbye and hang up.


Called back a few minutes later and my request was processed Lickety Split in about 2 minutes. Duh. Part of me wanted to share her name with a supervisor, not to get her into trouble, but simply so they could do some retraining of some sort....but, I didn't have the heart to do it. Maybe I should've, but I was afraid it might have a negative impact on her and would not end with a slight retraining. I just couldn't do it.


as a ps - I've done this same thing 'that's impossible - you can't do that - no, no can do' a numerous times since then and have even asked about it as a 'general' question - even if I didn't need to do it at that time, and the answer has always been, 'we can do that.' Weird.


Yes, it's super annoying when you know someone else's job better then they do, especially when it has to do with your finances. Our beauty takes a very close 2nd place.


@kalex - I still can't believe she asked you who it was from......Well, at least it made for a good story to share with all of us. Did you ever end up finding it, after the blank stare?


I'm just glad she didn't give you and attitude and Really give you some lip! Smiley Wink

Re: When you know more than the employees

I get frustrated when I go to a Sephora store looking for a specific product or product type and get treated like a n00b because I happen to be bare-faced at that moment.  I don't always wear makeup, but I know a lot about it, and I hate being spoken to as if I'm a child digging through her mother's cosmetic drawers.  I KNOW Anastasia Beverly Hills has great brow products (I own many of them) but they are TOO DARK for my light brows, and having to explain to a stubborn SA over and over again that I'd really like a super light greyish cool toned product to help define my brows without darkening them significantly is infuriating.  Especially if I list off products I've tried that I wasn't happy with, only to be told that I had to explain what I didn't like about each one and listen to the SA argue with my explanations.  If I had dark hair, I'd be happy to fill in my brows with a brown pencil, but I'm a very pale woman with light blonde hair, stop trying to convince me to use a brown product or, worse, imply that I HAVE to use a darker product or else there's no point in using a brow product at all!


*deep breath*



Ok, rant is over!  Can you tell I've had too much Red Bull today? LOL

Re: When you know more than the employees

I normally have had good input and advice from the SA's at my local JCP Sephora. But a couple days ago, in discussing foundation, one argued with me about my specific condition. You see, my neck is lighter than my face. This means that whenever I wear makeup, I look like I have a "makeup mask" on, unless I apply a little bronzer to my neck, but even then, I still have the issue. (No, I won't apply foundation to my neck--that's what my mom does, and it gets all over her collars. Yuck.) I do wear a more sheer foundation and use a light hand in applying it, but my face still looks darker than my neck.


Anyway, I was looking at bronzing powders (even though I have a good Guarlain one at home already), and, in hearing why I apply it to my neck, the SA told me that I should have my foundation matched to my neck. Ugh. I told her I had someone make that mistake once at Nordstrom, and my Bobbi Brown foundation made my face look white when I put it on. Just don't like that look--it looks odd. I realize the white-skin look may be wanted by some women, but I think it makes me look dead.


It was weird that she was basically telling me I was all wrong to wear foundation that closely matches my face. Especially since I didn't ask her for new foundation, plus I have the personal experience she lacks of going down that wrong path.

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