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When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I LOVE high heels, but im not sure when to start wearing them. Im only in middle school and its way to crowded in that halls to wear them without falling on my face. So please, help me by telling me when you think its right ? Thanks Smiley Happy

Anonymous Insider

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I love heels and I wear 3 - 5" heels to school. I am in seventh-grade and all the popular girls wear them. Also, most of their boyfriends like them to wear heels (including mine).

@tayxoxo7 wrote:

I LOVE high heels, but im not sure when to start wearing them. Im only in middle school and its way to crowded in that halls to wear them without falling on my face. So please, help me by telling me when you think its right ? Thanks Smiley Happy


Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Practicality (and experience) talking, do not wear a brand new pair of heels to school. Take some time and break them in. While you break them in, you can decide if they will be comfortable to wear to school.


I echo everyone else telling you to be you. If you want to give them a test run, try them out on a school spirit day, like '70's Day. Then you can decide whether or not you want to wear them daily.

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I've worn small heeled booties to school a few times, but I don't think you should walk around in 5" stilettos at school. Idk, I first wore those shoes in 8th grade...

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I'm also in middleschool and have gone to school with heels twice but didnt feel too comfortable. I'm 5'2 and it makes me a little bit taller when I wear them, but I'd say wear them whenever you think is good. If your parents are the problem just trick them into buying a pair for you 🙂  

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I personally think 16 is the best age, but everyone needs a little practice. Start with 1 inch heels and work your way up, that way when you're a bit older you can wear pumps and not look like a newborn calf trying to walk, haha. I graduated from High School last year, and there were only about 5 girls who wore heels to school. It really did attract some negative attention to them, I don't know why. Make sure you are strong enough to take criticism, and work those heels!

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I would say as early as possible lol!


No kidding, I started wearing heels when I was 5. I begged and begged and begged my mom to get me these silver kitten heels, and I wore them like no ones bussiness. Besides, I was already running around in her and my aunt's heels, which were way too big, so I assume she raitionalized the purchase by saying it was the safer of the options.


Today I wear heels every day, evey where; it is part of my persona. And I am 5"7' so I can get tall with heels, but that has never deterred me. I will say that in HS wearing heels was not "in" and I wasn't secure enough back then to do my own flats and sandals it was.


I say, do what makes you feel comfortable.


Wear heels for a couple of days, and if it doesnt feel right, take em off 🙂 If it does, rock them out!

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?


I was blessed to have a mother who bought me the heels I wanted when I wanted them - I got 6 inch heels for my fourteenth birthday. People judged my mother, people judged me, and guess what I learned? It doesn't matter what other people think of you. 

The great thing about 6-inch heels being my first "sexy" shoe was that I learned how to walk right in heels within a few months. It's a skill that I mastered and many people have to learn when they're older. 

ALSO - I got the shoe craze done and over with early. I'm 17, going on 18 now and a lot of my friends have a shoe addiction, because their parents didn't let them have whatever shoes they wanted when they were younger because they were "innapropriate" before. I don't believe there's some magic age where all of a sudden a shoe goes from "not-okay" to "okay." Shoes go on your feet. There's nothing truly sexy about them. 

People over-sexualize things and that's the problem with our society. 

Wear whatever shoes you want. Don't let people sl*t shame you. Be beautiful, unique, crazy you. 🙂 


(Disclaimer: I have, since discovered the glory of walking in four-inch heels and three inch heels as opposed to six inch heels. And the wonders of professional and high quality flats. I got over my heel craze early and wore converse to prom while my peers suffered. The moral of the story is: Do what feels right to you. It's your life. Don't let other people's opinion's get in the way of what you feel is fun/right for you. )

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I think you should wear them whenever you want. If you feel comfortable in them, go for it! Lots of people say that "your growing up too fast" or "theres plenty of time to wear them later" but I honestly think its your choice. I started to wear heels in my second year of highschool. They made me feel confident and femine, and i dont regret my choice.If you love them, wear them. Just make sure they fit right and dont hurt you. Good Luck!

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Amen. 🙂

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Hi Tayxoxo7.  First of all I want to say that I think that Tenngal's first shoe is totally perfect for what's "in" today.  Second of all for everyone who said "girls are growing up to fast these days" I''m almost 42 and that's what they were saying about me and  my friends when we were young. So I think that is something that goes along with the thoughts of each generation.

Now,about heels. I remember wearing heels once in middle school and it was to the 8th grade dance. And the only reason I remember is that I recently came across a picture of the queen, me, and the 3rd runner up.  We all had not very high heels on.  I didn't even remember being in the court - it was def the only court I was ever in. Anyhow, when I was a year or so older than you are now I started modeling and had to walk the runway in very high heals. And I could not stumble or trip or I'd be out of work.  I did this for about 4 years until I switched over to photoshoots only.  For the past 20 years almost the only time I've worn heels is to the weddings I've been in.  My feet are just too messed  up to wear them any other time.  With one exception I live in Birkenstocks (which are a softbed hippy shoe) but I do own a pair of heeled thigh-high boots.  (I'm either one extreme or the other.  LOL)

 So, that's my experience with heels.  When do I think it is right?  Special Occasions.  At your age, dances and weddings.  Once you hit highschool: those plus maybe those days when you call your best friends the night before and decide your gonna wear them the next day.  By college you'll know the only time you can wear them is special dates,  formals and semi-'formals (and if you pledge a sorority.) b/c you can't wear them running around campus.


Good luck and whatever you do, don't break an ankle Smiley Wink

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Wow, I am in the minority here but I am going to say go for it.


I have been wearing high heels since middle school (I am 23 now) and wore them against everyone's advice (I am 6 foot tall, people stil l give me the side eye for wearing heels).


Now here comes the buts, I would go with a chunky mary jane in a 2 inch range as a learning pair.  A chunky heel will give you more support, a strap will make it feel like your shoes wont fall off, and 2 inches is just enough to put the high in high heel without being too much.


Also only wear them with jeans and pants till you are in high school, not counting dances. You do not want your first time tripping in heels to end in your skirt up over your head. also you are too young to be showing off your legs *stern glare*.


Lasty, practice wearing them around the house and out to say, shopping and a movie before doing a full day of school, make sure you are comfortable and don't get stuck in painful shoes!

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Agreed. 🙂

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I've always loved high heels so I understand exactly where you're coming from about wanting to start wearing them.  However, in middle school I think a 1 to 2 inch wedge would be appropriate and comfortable for school.  It's kind of in between flats and high heels so it will help you ease into high heels as you get older.  I don't see anything wrong with wearing a not-too-high heel to a special event, such as church as long as the shoes are a subtle pump style.  But if I were you, I wouldn't rush into anything more than a wedge right now.  You have plenty of time in the future to wear heels and when that time comes, you'll start realizing that flats and wedges sure are a lot more comfortable than heels, ha ha.  Below are examples of what style shoes I'm referring to when I talk about a wedge for everyday and a heeled pump for special occassions:

UGG® Australia Alvina

JRenee Mary Pump
Hope this helps and have fun with your shoes!!! 🙂

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I think it's a fun thing for you to wear kitten heals in middle school and you will be ahead of the game with heals in high school. Just maybe stick to wearing them for special occasions/  Dances/ Weekends w/ the girls/ etc. 


You just want to watch what makeup and clothes you're wearing with it. That changes the ballgame a little.


For full on high heals, i'd say around 17. Even when I was 15 etc. I thought it looked to old for people that age. Not too mention a lot of girls can't actually walk in heals. (not saying you're one of them!)


Hope this helps. JMO

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

When I was in middle school I LOVED high heals too. My mom wouldn't let me wear them until I was 18 though! I hated it at the time, but now that I look back on it, I feel like it was the right thing. Girls today are growing up too fast and I think my mom did the right thing by helping me linger in my childhood years while I could. The interesting thing is, once I turned 18, I itched so bad for a pair of high heels that I went and bought my first pair with my birthday money that year. And you know what happened? I got to wearing them everyday and my feet and toes and legs hurt so bad! I had blisters on top of my blisters and to this day...I only wear high heels when I have to. (which is at work everyday). All other days and times I wear flat shoes like sandals. MUCH more comfier. And they are easier to take on and off. 🙂

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Girls in my opinion girls should start wearing heels at semiformal to formal school dances but, the heels should not be too tall.

You are really brave to want to wear high heels during school because you could easily get run over by oncoming school stampedes.

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?



you are only 13! i really think girls now a days are growing up so fast. and i'm saying this as a 25 year old. i agree with the ladies before me and i would suggest platforms. i think they will fit your age better and i think you should embrace your youth a little longer! high heels look incredibly sexy when worn with the right outfit in right occasions, but i think when you wear them too young, not only do you run into physical complications like painful feet and knee injuries, but also you run into the risk of sending the wrong message!


i've had obsession about high heels for the longest time since before your age but i finally started wearing them near junio and senior years of college when i had more presentations to give. it might seem sooo late to you since that would mean that you'd have to wait another 7 years or so, but really, nothing beats flats and nice sneakers when you are running about to different classes and gym!


Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Honestly, I think its impractical to wear heels (not counting boots) at school for a daily basis. I'm 24-years-old, I always thought that the girls who wore heels to high school (all the time) were high maintenance and insecure.  I don't mean to offend or judge though.


Its about your comfort. If you insist on wearing heels daily, keep them low (2-2.5 inches at most) or do wedges (they give you better balance and distribute your weight better and are way more comfortable) or at least a thicker heel than a stiletto. I definitely agree with the other women, your feet aren't done forming. Seriously, ask any woman well into their late 20's and they'll likely tell you that you should wait or limit your time in heels for special events. Also, please spend your money on good shoes. Higher prices do equate to better quality. Your shoes will last longer and your feet will thank you because more expensive shoes are better quality and way more comfortable  to wear during extensive times than cheaper shoes. Cheaper shoes may cost less, but you'll be complaining about the fit of it and likely they'll give you foot issues. Plus, they'll fall apart way fast. Its definitely not worth the cheaper cost if it costs you your comfort.


Btw, I'm 24, I currently only wear heels to work or special events. I was comfortable walking in heels. When I was in 6th grade I had a pair of short booties that were 3 inches that I'd wear all the time (So I understand your love of heels). Over the years I bought up an extensive collection of heels too. I make it a point to alternate wearing flats and heels because its just not comfortable wearing heels all the time.


Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

Sorry to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but try to delay wearing high heels as long as possible, or in the alternative, buy one really good, supportive pair... yes, that pair might cost over $100.    (Try going for a little lower heel than you would really like. Look for shoes with slender heels, which give the illusion of height.)  I am almost old enough to be your grandma, but because I am very short, I wanted to wear heels and began wearing them in 8th grade. (The style then was "platform" shoes.)  As a result of wearing these shoes at such a young age, my feet are incredibly messed up.  I have bunions on both big toes, I have problems with my ankles, and I have to get wide-width shoes.  I know it seems like forever, but please try to wait until high school, when the bones in your feet have finished forming.  Years later you will thank me.


Older but wiser

Re: When should a girl start wearing high heels ?

I agree with chitownwoman.  Personally, I think a low-mid height heel once in a while for special occasions is okay, but definitely not for regular school days.  It's just not practical.  Even women who wear super high Louboutins to their offices change in and out of flats constantly during the day because a high heel is not meant to be comfortable.  It's purely for looks and if you're walking a lot or carrying a lot of weight (like books), it's the last thing you want to be wearing.  I started wearing heels in my 20s but even now at 33 I feel like they messed up my feet somewhat.  And it wasn't because I wore cheap badly made shoes, either.  Heels just aren't comfortable no matter what people like Victoria Beckham might say.


If you really like heels and want to wear them, save them for parties and special events like dances.  To be completely honest, I'd laugh at middle schoolers teeter-tottering in high heels on their way to school.

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