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When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I'm curious, most of you guys here have TONS of knowledge, so I'm wondering, how long have you been at this?  Have you been picking out lipsticks since you were 13?  Did you discover it in college?  Did a desire to look nice in your post-college interviews drive you to finding makeup?


For me it's been much more recent.  I never really considered myself a girly girl but I was always kind of fascinated by makeup and people who used it really effectively.  But it was only like 2 months ago (and I am almost 31 so I've gone a long time with just the occasional tinted lipgloss) that I got over my anxiety about doing it wrong and started wearing it.  And omg I am having so much fun.


How bout you?  Where did your makeup journey start?

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I can remember loving makeup as early as middle school, but I never got into anything more than what was in the drugstore because I grew up in rural OK. I remember using CG foundation and Lipsmackers a lot, haha! I wore Merle Norman in HS- that was my first non-drugstore experience. In college, I moved to "the city" where there were many more options and I got hooked on Bare Minerals. Loved experimenting with all the different colors of eyeshadow. Up until this past October (2012) at age 26, I never veered from the Bare Minerals or tried to build a makeup collection. Now I am addicted and loving trying new brands and products! I still don't totally know what I'm doing but I am having a blast figuring out what looks/works good and what doesn't! It's brought out a new confidence in me that I lost touch with over the years. :-)

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started using Max Factor foundation, clear mascara, and tinted lip balm in 5th grade (@ age 12). I didn't become obsessed with makeup until I entered myself into a Miss. Maryland Teen USA contest when I was 15.... I received a MAC makeover, and I was hooked! Now it's hard to imagine life without makeup (even the natural kind) so I never go anywhere without the basics- primers, tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, blush/lip stick.... and on days I have extra time, highlighters, bronzers, shadows, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lip stick/gloss.

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Middle school probably.  But I would always watch my mom do full faced make up for work. She worked at a 5 star resort in the Bistro so it was mandatory to be glitzy and glamorous! 

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started to wear very basic makeup in college but not every day. I really started to love it about a year ago? I never considered myself to be a very girly girl but now I'm kind of a beauty addict!

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I remember in middle school I wore really thick black eyeliner, I had dabbled into makeup and was obsessed! My mom didn't really wear makeup, when she dolled herself up it was basically some lipstick and out the door. She was finally tired of seeing my big black eyeliner and took me to a Clinque counter to get an eyeliner hahaha, that was also when I got into skin care! And from then my love for makeup bloomed <3

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started getting fascinated with makeup in middle school when my mom did my makeup for my dance shows. She started letting me help and then soon I was doing it all myself. I started wearing makeup to school everyday and I got more compliments, and I thought it was really cool! It all escalated from there: I started trends at my school and among my friends, I discovered Sephora, and I got into skincare. Now, I can feel confident about my looks and complexion and I have accomplished my greatest mission: getting my mom interested in Sephora and getting loads of Beauty Insider points from her purchases! Yes!! 

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Technically I started playing with it when I was 4 (like most kids), except my mom never wore makeup. My grandma was taking her afternoon nap, and had a bathroom full of Clinique blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and blush was fun to play with (it was the 80's after all).


I wasn't allowed to wear makeup when I started middle school, but I rebelled of course...really started wearing it in 7th and 8th grade (not like I was good at it then...and then my teenage years were full of too much glitter). When I was 19 I realized I really had an interest in makeup, and got a job working at an Origins counter. That gave me lots of experience working with different skintones, however I'd always get in trouble for wearing MAC (because the Origins shadows etc would never show up on me).  A year later got recruited to work in the Call Center, and then really started to learn about all of the lines we carry. Worked on my portfolio for awhile/ enjoyed doing makeup in my spare time, and then eventually realized I was more into cosmetic ingredients than artistry. Makeup artistry is hard work (being on your feet/ on location) but can be a lot of fun if you are collaborating with a great team. I'm just a lot more obsessed with the science side of it now (which makes sense, since I always cared about flawless, natural looking skin and why certain products performed better than others).

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I started wearing makeup from Claire's around 6th grade. Of course, I had played with it when I was little, but middle school was when I actually started wearing it out in public. I probably looked like a shimmer ball, just judging by the products they sell at Claire's, but then around 7th grade or so I remember finding youtube video tutorials for thanksgiving, then how to make blue eyes pop, and then I actually got an account so I could follow some of my favorite gurus. My mom was never and is still not as into makeup as I am, so these videos really helped teach me basic concepts. Into 8th grade and now high school I actually know what I am doing and I can experiment on my own, but I still watch youtube frequently to just watch the tutorials and hauls. 


~We are all beautiful~

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Haha I worked for Claire's for a bit as a teen...omg piercing a baby's ear is like the scariest thing on my ears pierced there too as a kid!

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I've been into makeup forever! I remember sitting on the bed, watching my mom apply her makeup, and grabbing a lipstick so we could do it together. The lipstick turned into eyeliner (my first eyeliner application was actually a lip liner that I mistook for eyeliner! Haha!), and the obsession continued from there.


Having always been a sun worshiper (it's bad, I know), I started taking care of my skin extra carefully probably around 16, scouring the pages of InStyle and Vogue, as well as beauty books for product recommendations.


Now, at 30, I am still a total product junkie. Some things never change!



Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I was about 11 or 12 when my mom first took me to the Clinique counter in a department store. I did pageants when I was in grade school/junior high, so my mom would help me do my makeup and hair. The pageants were more about personality and looking naturally beautiful - no swimsuit competition or anything like that.

At 23, I still feel more comfortable with a natural makeup look (except those couple of years where I wore waaay too much black eyeliner). I'm trying to experiment more, but I think I just look weird.

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

Super recent - 


Like, within the last two years. My mom always stressed making sure that you had beautiful skin, and everything would work itself out after that! Smiley Happy 


Now, I'm trying to find a way to bring out my eyes without being super dramatic, but that's about as far as I go. I just bought my first "real" lipstick a week or two ago. 

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

I grew up in a house of women (my mom & 3 lovely aunties) & they used to practice makeup on me when they were in high school & I was in elementary school.  It was in middle school that I discovered my first MAC lipstick on my aunts vanity & I was instantly hooked!  I started really wearing makeup in middle school & my collection grew excessively over time Smiley Happy  


xo, Mia

Re: When Did You First Get into Makeup?

When I was in middle school my mom started selling Avon. She only did it for a couple of years b/c she didn't profit much, but man, oh man, I got hooked! Once she quit though, I kind of withdrew from the makeup world, spending most of high school wearing nothing but a little eyeliner and gloss. It wasn't until my grad school years a few years ago that I started up again. My sister was buying more high end makeup from Sephora and she introduced me. ("How can you justify spending $30+ on foundation??!!" I once asked her.)


It's been 4 or 5 years since then. But you know what? I kind of miss those Avon days...I think for old times sake I'm going to order with them one of these days. Smiley Tongue

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