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What would you do?

Ok, I'm in college right now, and I just realized something. My local Sephora is within sight- It is about 200 yards away from my college.- What would you do? I am now very tempted to walk or drive over there and go on a huge shopping spree..... But, I try to limit myself to shopping sprees only on the weekends. Plus, I don't even have a full shopping list yet (for those of you who recommended the Clasrisonic or the Glo, I already have those. But, thanks 😄 ). I'm sure if I went over there "just to look" I would end up buying 8 bottles of shampoo for curly hair (my hair is stick straight) or something totally wastefull like that.... What would you guys do? I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. Sephora's looking really good right now 😄

                                           -dreamysmile 🙂

Re: What would you do?

Hi Dreamysmile,


I know how you feel! I had a Sephora Store about a block away from my college and it was always tempting me. I think Diana has great suggestions. I would also recommend checking out products that you are curious about online first at, this way once you are in store you will remember the main products that you wanted. I like to check out the reviews too before I go to the store to see what everyone else has to say.Smiley Happy

❤️ Melissa

Re: What would you do?

Honestly, I would probably have a hard time focusing on school LOL! That's how I am now that I'm in grad school. I do have several Sephora's near me (not across the street though), so the website updates and BeautyTalk really distract me from readings and papers and presentations that need to get done! Haha.


If you have great products already, I would try a makeup no-buy if you plan on spending a lot of time at Sephora. You could also just browse and ask for samples on items that intrigue you 😃 I like going in sometimes and picking up NECESSITIES (like Boscia blotting linens or philisophy skin care products) as well as little things my boyfriend's sister would like (like the Soap and Glory Body Butter, etc.). I try to limit myself with one product per visit, though. Otherwise, things can get outta hand in a snap and your receipt will be longer than you imagined!!



Re: What would you do?

I would go broke!  My credit card would melt and Hubby would divorce me if I had a Sephora closer than 2 hours away! I get to go to the store about 3 times a year and spend a couple of hours there, but if I had one 200 feet away, I'd be over there every other day!

I am able restrain myself to only buy products that do pertain to my characteristics (I wouldn't get curly shampoo for my thin limp hair no matter how cute the bottle or how great it smelled) but I have an incurable weakness for eyeshadow, fragrance and skincare.


Have fun shopping!

Re: What would you do?

HaHa 🙂 Luckily I forced myself to stay in class.  I realized midterms were today Smiley Surprised *whew* And I finally filled most of my shopping list. Friday's not that far away!

Re: What would you do?

I would bring only the amount of cash I want to spend.  This will make you consider what you want most.


Re: What would you do?

All of a sudden I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm out of college and there wasn't a Sephora store across the street!  I'd probably end up spending more time in the store than in class. 


Speaking of which....I think I spent more time out of class than IN it.  English degree.  I figure if all you're going to do is discuss the readings you assigned and don't do grades, it's better for me to just stay home and do the readings and write the papers that are each worth a quarter of my grade.  SO glad I'm done.  Until I go back for the Digital Technologhy and Culture degree with the emphasis in Multimedia Authoring.


Re: What would you do?

I would totally have a go at it lol. It's ok to look around and like someone else mentioned a budget...which isn't a bad thing to do. I would browse for items that would allow me to spend less time on myself so that I had more time to do academic things like study and pay attention in class (without having to re-apply that less than long wear lip gloss) 🙂 There is nothing worse than having to worry about whether or not your hair is frizzing or if your makeup is going to last through the day. At least if you get some items that will save you time and keep you looking great you won't feel so bad taking the time out to go shopping. 


Re: What would you do?

Diana has good suggestions- Just try to budget yourself however you can because there are always going to be things you want.


Also, get to know the cast members that work at that store.  Once they know you and what you like, they can show you stuff they know you will like and they will be honest with you in their opinions.


You are so lucky to have it so close!





Re: What would you do?

Hi dreamysmile!


Makes me glad the Sephora in the mall next to my college did not open until I finished college! haha I would have spent far too much time there 🙂


I usually like to look around online and get an idea of what I'm looking for.. what do I actually NEED.. and then I'll try to limit myself to just one "special" gift item to myself. I find the items online that I like best and go to the stores to try them on, see the colors, how they wear.. this is especially handy with the perfumes! We get a lot of testers in our office but unfortunately not every one!


I would suggest that if you REALLY can't help yourself.. pick one of our special variety kits or limited edition holiday sets! The new Hello Kitty Noir sets are SUPER cute, and so are the special Tarte eyeshadow gift boxes and smolder eyes sets. If you have enough makeup already.. how about one of the cute Philosophy skincare sets with the combination shower gel/shampoos and bubble bath? I love those! OR you can save your money for a big purchase... 😉





SmolderEYES Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner Collection ($150 Value)  The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity ($505 Value)


Sweet Kisses & Merry Wishes™ Set ($70 Value) Fun In the Frosty Air Trio


I hope this can help!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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