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What to spend my gift card on???

My credit card has a new offering, you can get gift cards from various places with your points, and guess what? Sephora is one of the places!  Woweee!  Anyways, I got a $50 gift card to try out the plan, do you have any suggestions for a makeup-aholic like me?  I already have the Naked 1 & 2 and other fun stuff that would use up the $50 easily- do you have any suggestions? I have pale skin, hazel eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

I love getting a variety cuz then it feels like I shopped a lot like a party rather than...$50 for one jar of something.


If you haven't already, Lorac Unzipped and some of the Kat Von D palletes are good to try.

LORAC - Unzipped

Also there are some really good make up sets:


One that is on my to-buy-now list is Benefit Snow White and the Huntsman Rare Beauty kit. I haven't tried any of the items in there yet, so I'm excited and will offer as soon as find a promo code I like:

Benefit Cosmetics - Snow White And The Huntsman™ - Rare Beauty Kit

Re: What to spend my gift card on???








Re: What to spend my gift card on???

I highly recommend Bite Beauty Lipsticks!!! I have Vouvray and Bouquet and I adore them both! Creamy and super long lasting!


And I know what you mean about the thank you points! I got several giftcards with my Citi card thank you points and I just spend my $100 Sephora one a month or so ago Smiley Very Happy

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

Hey prettyinpa!  I would suggest spending the gift card on some relatively new products like the MUFE Rouge Artist natural lipsticks (I'm slightly in love with my sample of n18) :


Also, if you haven't tried the MUFE aqua shadows, they're just gorgeous (I have one in 20E pearly taupe):


That's what I would get just off the top of my head.  Besides those, maybe get different colored eyeliners to play around with!  Talk to you soon Smiley Happy

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

Lucky you PrettyinPA!! I'd love a $50 gift card! I say treat yourself to something you may have wanted to try or invest in, that's a pretty good deal you have there! Remember you can return/exchange if you aren't happy with it! Smiley Happy


There are a lot of great combo sets out, especially Benefit, Bare Escentuals, Too Faced! Or invest in skincare! Have fun!


Laura Mercier - Laura's Secrets Volume 4 The Illuminated Golden Glow Too Faced - The Iconic Collection Benefit Cosmetics - The Pretty Committee

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

I say since it was a gift card that you got not using your own money I would splurge on a very High End product that you wouldn't of bought other wise. For example if it was me I would get a Guerlain Rouge Lipstick or I would spend it on brands that my sephora doesn't have to be able to try them out like Illamasqua.

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

So....what did you end of buying with your gift card? We must know!!!

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

@makeupobsessed-  I haven't decided yet, I'm still trying to make up my mind, you all have so many great suggestions, I'm going to have to redeem some more credit card points to get them all!


I will have some time next Tuesday for shopping, and plan to spend the card then.

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

Have fun! It's nice to spend money that's not really yours...have you looked at the new buildable pallette UD has? Are u I treated in that? Maybe a hair product, or some waxing products, I've seem Bliss has a kit...I think it was Bliss...

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

Well it actually IS her money. Some of my credit cards offer me thank you points, and I have gotten several gift cards like that so trust me when I say that its your money. You have to spend A LOT of money, pay lots of interest (what I call "stolen money") and keep using the card for a very very long time to earn even ONE giftcard. I believe I had 16,000 points (thats years of saving points) when I cashed in $150 worth of giftcards.


Re: What to spend my gift card on???

@sephoramusthave- You are absolutely right about it being my money, I am cognizant of the fact that I did have to spend money to get the gift cards in the first place. Though my card company had a great sign up bonus, $250 worth of points for signing up and spending $1000 over the first 3 months. Since I had some big bills due, I paid them with the card and got the points easily. Plus I always pay off the card in full each month so I don't have those ridiculous interest charges (those charges seem like highway robbery to me too, considering if you put your money in the bank you only get less than 1% interest, how do they get away with charging 13%???)


I consider the gift cards to be like when I find money in the washer-it was my money in the first place, but I forgot that I had it.

Thanks for the free hugs!  Back atcha!

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

Prettyinpa, that's exactly what I meant, that it was like money you didn't remember you had. You spent the money on the credit card but the gift card wasn't an actual item you spent the money on, just that you earned it through other shopping you did. I have credit cards that dont give those kinds of rewards just maybe cash back or something...and some that give me nothing.

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

@makeupobsessed-  I used to have a really good cash back card, gave 5% on fuel, 2% on groceries and 1% on everything else, and you didn't have to sign up for silly promotions to get the $$, it just appeared as a credit against my bill each month. Then they changed to only 1% on everything, so I got the rewards card that gives points, 5 points for each $1 spent on fuel, 2 points for each $1 on groceries and 1 point for $1 everything else. The only thing is, you have to redeem the points for cards or products, you can't just get cash credited back to your card. But they do have VISA prepaid cards, so I got one of those along with my Sephora card just to redeem some of my points. I haven't gotten to try out the VISA prepaid card yet, but it sounds like you just use it like money. 


I don't have any other cards except for my work credit card, so all my purchases go on the single one, it is easy to accumulate points that way. I figure if I'm going to use a credit card, they should give me something back, I'm not doing this for my good health! lol

Re: What to spend my gift card on???

It sounds like you're going to have a field day shopping next week! Smiley Happy


Although you have some of the bigger UD palettes, perhaps you could pick up a single UD shadow in the new formula if you haven't already?  Freelove is a beautiful summer shade, and if you're about out of a neutral in your Naked palettes, you could pick up a single of it if it's one that is now available.



Do you have a fun nail polish for summer?  Sephora by OPI has quite a few mini sets out! 


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