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What scares you?

With Halloween almost here, what scares you? Or do you have a phobia? Have you done or attempted anything to overcome your fear?


I have bathmophobia (fear of stairs). I have no problem at the bottom but looking down from the top is another story. Also related is escalaphobia (fear of escalators) which is even worse because it's moving stairs. I don't know where this fear came from but I read that if you have some weird fear (my mom is terrified of being buried alive), it's because that's how you died in a past life.

Re: What scares you?

OMG. I would have freaked the hell out. I thought I had a tick once and almost had a panic attack!

Re: What scares you?

Oh gosh you must've lived in the woods like me. Aren't they the worst?

Re: What scares you?

  • spiders
  • checking my grades
  • checking my bank account

Also I find it SO IRONIC that the fear of long words is known as hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia 😄

Re: What scares you?

lol. and omg I know what you mean about the bank account. The transition point from going to working a retail job at WalMart to getting as much OT as possible at the next (pseudo-admin/hospitality) I developed a sickness reflex to checking our balance. I'm better now but every once in a while when we buy something big like a tv or bed I get flashbacks. Being an adult sucks yo, you never forget that struggle.

Re: What scares you?

Being snake bitten, and tornados. I feel like these are just fears since they were daily issues where I grew up.

Re: What scares you?

Terrified of dying old and alone. I am married and have children and I desperately want to keep it that way.

Re: What scares you?

I'm terrified of sharks. So terrified I won't even dip my toe in the water. My dad showed me JAWS at a very young age and it has stuck with me.

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