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What's your next purchase?

All you beauty junkies -- I know you're constantly eyeing all the new things to be tested and swatched!  (I know cuz I'm the same Smiley Wink)  What's next on your list??

Re: What's your next purchase?

OMG the tarte blush set with the free ring.. ive been eyeing it all week long and now is the time to buy it.


Re: What's your next purchase?

Tarina Tarantino Fleur de Lash mascara! I got a sample of it because I had 100 beauty points saved up and I loved it! I am definitely buying the full size product

Re: What's your next purchase?

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Prada Perfume (I bought the $70 perfume sampler and this is such a nice perfume, I love it!)

Pigments (haven't decide which brand yet)

Re: What's your next purchase?

finding out if you need a liscense in maine and new hampshire to charge people to do thier make up. I buy way too much make up I need to find out if i can justify my spending by excusing it as a buisness investment! and i am not buying them but i believe my brother and his girlfreind are giving me a very nice set of brushes from the same site i got my train case.

Re: What's your next purchase?

Oh, me too.  I did my sister's makeup for her wedding this past summer and no one knew that a professional hadn't done it!  The thing is you have to invest in a whole range of shades for foundation, concealer, etc.  You'd have to work pretty consistently and use up the kit fairly quickly so the products don't go stale.  So while I enjoy makeup as a hobby, I don't think I'll enjoy working as an artist (unless the place I worked paid fully for the products).


I'm also looking at some pigments lately... was looking at MAC mostly but found some comparable drug store brands.  Since I'm just a beginner in that arena, I don't want to spend too much at first.


My next buys are the Hourglass primer and foundation (I hear the primer is AMAZING).  Some of the holiday kits are really tempting but I don't plan to buy them at the moment.

Re: What's your next purchase?

Great question...


1. I want the Clarisonic SO badly!

2. A new NARS multiple in Copacabana (one of my staples).

3. I want to try new eyeliner -- I'm thinking of a dark espresso brown instead of the black I wear every day. 

4. Tarte LipSurgence lip stain -- I  saw someone wearing the red one the other day - it was gorgeous - a truly glossy red. 

5. The NAKED palette (when it reappears, that is...)

6. NARS lipsticks in Petit Monstre, Basque  and Love Devotion (refill)

7. Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream (or another Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream -- I can't decide!)

Re: What's your next purchase?

I forgot the Clarisonic and Naked Palette!  I'm hoping the Clarisonic will come to me as a gift... and as for the Naked Eye, I'll just have to keep a sharp eye out and a sharp elbow also when I finally see it!  Smiley Wink

Re: What's your next purchase?

well, I really only want to charge people to do thier make up if they can keep giving me attention after they ask the question "how did you do that what did you use" or a friend wants me to do her make up. and i want more than it would cost in gas. so i can make a little money here and there, but get started right and be sure that i wont get a fine cause word gets out and when that sally gal hears i did her friend's makeup and she only uses me that's why i need the liscence. so i only need about five different foundations and that will get me more of a range than i would need, then i need color palletes that have pop in colors to save space in the train, and shadows for them (papa dont preach i'm gonna keep MY babies) haha, anyways there are a few blushes and two bronzers, then liners and so yeah all new make up, but i have learned the lesson what to spend on, and studying the violin, spelling BAD bowing GOOD hahha, and then i have my sewing, but freinds dont ask for help unless they are petite, God bless me with some little pettie friends so i can hem there skirts and pants, ok then i have my jewlry goin, and i know this is alot but i rotate them and focus on violin and organization everyday no matter what, then two months ago i sold an oil on canvas abstaction for the price of a violin bow. so i have no job no kids just me pets and fiance so these things add up for me to accomplishments. if i will do the make up and i have a problem with somethin, can i ask you? 

Re: What's your next purchase?

Gosh, I can't even justify lusting after anything right now after the mulah I spent on the F&F sale.  I bought 2 Clairsonics (1 for my sis for her bday)!!!  I feel broke, but I still want SO many things...


- LORAC Tie Dye for Lip Gloss Collection (I love pigmented lipgloss!!)

- NARS shadow duos in Wiked, Cheyenne

Mac has a few upcoming releases I'm keeping an eye on...

Re: What's your next purchase?

Currently in my cart for me are:

 Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Julio ( I LOVE THESE GLOSSES!)

Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Gash

The Naked palette would SO be in my cart-- but they don't have it yet!

So I'm waiting.......

......and waiting.....

Re: What's your next purchase?

It might be shorter to say what is NOT on my list? lol. 


Keeping in mind the upcoming VIB discount (and still recovering  from the F&F discount), I'm eying the


-NARS lipgloss set (but I only want 2 of the colors)

- sale laurenluke palettes (especially the greens or vintage)

-some of the sale urban decay shadows

-more of the nars duos as gifts

-rareminerals skin revival treatment

Re: What's your next purchase?

hmmmmm i have a lot

the new big urban decay book of shadows

a sephora colorful eye shadow pallette i found on sale

urban decay midnight cowboy lipstick

sephora by OPI nail polish in merry me

urban decay 24/7 eye liner in deviant (loveeee this eye liner)



and i never got the urban decay vegan pallette and now it is al sold out...will it make a comeback? where can i find it  i want that ASAP

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Re: What's your next purchase?

I almost think people are buying the UD Vegan Palette in compensation for the Naked Eye.  LOL  I say this because I felt the same urge!


Everyone's suggestions are so great.  It's only fueling my desire to get more things!

Re: What's your next purchase?

I'm waiting for 11th so I can use the new VIB discount that I got in mail, but I already have things in my cart lol. I have:


O.P.I. 18 piece mini set of fingernail polish ( love painting my nails)

Tarte as Good as Gold Lip Gloss Collection ( I really don't have that many lip glosses and I need to start collecting haha)

and Make Up For Ever Aquarelle Eye Liner in white (this is the item I'm most excited about... so vibrant and I use it as a base to make my colored eye shadows waaaay more colorful.) Thats about it... I'm almost to my 500 point mark again so I'm super excited!

Re: What's your next purchase?

The gift sets this holiday season are killing me! They're all so impossibly cute, I want to buy them all, even if I run out of people to give them to! The one I'm most definitely going for, though, is the Laura Mercier Mini Eye Kohl Set. Such gorgeous colors and it's an outrageous bargain.


I also have my eye on a new Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I love multi-tasking lip & cheek products! I'll probably go for Calypso Coral, the punchy pink-coral color.

Re: What's your next purchase?

Well my resistance didn't last long at all. Embarrassingly enough, I went ahead and purchased the mini kohls today. I just can't resist things in miniature size, it's a futile fight. Smiley Happy

Re: What's your next purchase?

Korres Vitamin E 10 Color Pencil Kit! 10 gooooooooooorgeous colors in one of my favorite eyeliner brands. No smudging and super easy to apply, all of the eyeliners have a nice, creamy feel to them, and this kit is such a great deal! Any other Korres Eyeliner Fans?


I'm trying to limit myself to only one thing, but we will see how that goes.... Smiley Wink

Re: What's your next purchase?

i loveee their eyeliners! they are super pigmented and last on me. only problem is that I sometimes find that they smudge when I rub my eyes.  

Re: What's your next purchase?



I absolutely adore the korres eyeliners. Actually, I adore Korres. Smiley Happy But those pencil liners are so fantastic and pigmented and easy to apply! I've even had MUAs ask me if I was wearing liquid liner or get annoyed because they couldn't get it off when they are trying to redo my makeup!! I got hooked on them from last year's holiday set (which they had 2 variations of, 5 colors each) so I'm holding off on this year's but it's such a great deal! 


and LOL @honeylemongirl and the little kohl set! I love minis too. I think the companies must know we love minis Smiley Tongue

Re: What's your next purchase?

tarte ring it in cheek stain set but i'm worried the ring will be too big for my puny fingers

Re: What's your next purchase?

Definately the Clarisonic..I've been waiting SO long!!

Re: What's your next purchase?

Ive been eyeing the MAKE UP FOR EVER 12 flash color case for months... i just dont have the money!! Robot Sad

Re: What's your next purchase?

Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot Eyeliners..... and I can't wait!!!

Re: What's your next purchase?

That's my next purchase, too....while I wait to get NAKED. LOL!

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