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What's on your plate?

Hello there, ladies and gents!


Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:


"What's on your plate?"


The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!


For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.


Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.


For lunch today, I had:


-Brown rice

-Steamed egg

-Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper

-Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)


Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have? Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

We made it with prawns yesterday!


The recipe is


Re: What's on your plate?

Ahhh, I just about have all those things!


I need to get heavy cream so I can make this and the mousse Sprytely posted above!

Re: What's on your plate?

Yay!  You must let me know how it turns out.


Ohh yeah that looked delicious!

Re: What's on your plate?

I need to make all the things!


All the recipes that I have tried from other users posting here have all been delicious!

Re: What's on your plate?

I agree!  I love seeing what everyone is eating in this thread and I wish I could make everything!  I've been working on my cooking so hopefully one day I'll be able to make everything.

Re: What's on your plate?

I need to make these cupcakes....

Re: What's on your plate?

Make sure to send me one Smiley Tongue

Re: What's on your plate?


Spring Greens, sliced Sirloin, shaved Parmesan.

1/2 an avocado with cod roe Furikake, Cæsar dressing.

Re: What's on your plate?

Yummmmmm! This looks so good! I love avocados but have such a hard time buying them and knowing when they are ripe. I always cut them before they are ripe or the are too ripe and brown inside but look fine outside. I am not a good fruit or veggie picker!

Re: What's on your plate?

etscore1 is correct. I buy a bag at Sam's usually and they are almost always very hard so I put a few in the fridge so they can keep longer, then put 1-2 in a paper bag to speed ripening, and leave the rest on the counter. That way I can stagger the ripeness. If I forget and they are all ripe at once? Guacamole party. Smiley Wink

Re: What's on your plate?

A helpful tip for avocados is to pull off the little stem (?) at the top - the color inside should reflect the color of the meat inside. Of course if the stem has been removed for a while, it's going to appear brown no matter what color the inside appears.


In terms of firmness, basically what I've come to learn is if there's any question about whether an avocado is still too firm, it probably is, and that means it's probably not ripe yet. Green is almost never ripe, though every once in a while I've come across an unusually soft/squishy green avocado. You don't want any dead spots or super soft spots, just like any other fruit. 


I'm terrible at picking out peaches, mostly because I always want to eat them right away and they're never ripe enough at the grocery store.

Re: What's on your plate?

I'm always glad the peaches are sold hard, otherwise they bruise so badly! Here in humid warm Arkansas, I can ripen one in about 2 days in a paper bag with an already-ripe banana though. My fiancé looooves peaches and hates to wait. 

Re: What's on your plate?

That's a great idea - as is how you stagger your avocados! That's actually one reason I don't buy the bag. But we never have a problem in our house with avocado consumption! 

Re: What's on your plate?

I've missed your yummy salad posts, Mimibel!


I'm not typically much for salads, but yours always make my mouth water!

Re: What's on your plate?

Haha, thank you lylysa <3

I do love to make robust salads, filling ones with protein and big flavors! 

Re: What's on your plate?

That's probably salads don't tend to catch my eye because they're not packed with enough flavor and protein so they seem ho-hum to me, but you're like a salad artist!

Re: What's on your plate?

I always forget about off-topic, but today I didn't forget.


Lunch - 3 rib pork chop.  I inhaled it.


20150814_134155 (1024x576).jpg


Re: What's on your plate?

My fiancé is drooling over my shoulder. Next time we are in Dallas, I know where we are going...

Re: What's on your plate?

It is a giant piece of chop Smiley Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

Lylysa, not sure why I am unable to reply to you..hope you see this;


It IS Perry's porkchop!  You know your porkchops  :-)



Re: What's on your plate?

Mmmmmm, that thing is a delicious beast! ^_^

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