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What's on your plate?

Hello there, ladies and gents!


Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:


"What's on your plate?"


The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!


For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.


Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.


For lunch today, I had:


-Brown rice

-Steamed egg

-Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper

-Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)


Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have? Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

Not homemade, but pretty good for a frozen pizza! Kale, mushroom and onions paired with mango lemonade!



Re: What's on your plate?

For lunch today I had a salad that had slivered purple kale, red cabbage and radicchio, all massaged with some roasted hazelnut oil. Then added chopped cucumber, some heated and cut-up leftover maple roasted ham, and a bunch of blueberries.


Lately I've been using fruits in my salads, which are a great substitute for tomatoes. The fruit adds a sweetness to the salad and makes every bite satisfying. I always add a protein such as leftover meat or some salmon too. Raw leafy greens need to be massaged with an oil to break them down; this oil is the only "dressing" I use--no vinegar or other thing needs to be added.


If you've been bored with salads lately, try some of my tricks.

blueberry-ham-salad-5-19-2015EDIT - Copy.jpg

Re: What's on your plate?

Last night's dinner (which carried over into today's lunch due to leftovers):


-Lamb loin chops

-Pistachio and parmesan encrusted asparagus


For the asparagus, have spears cleaned and drizzled with olive oil, bit of sea salt and black pepper, then top with shredded parmesan (go a little or a lot, I ended up with more cheese than I intended until I realized you can never have too much cheese) and crumbled pistachios (I shell and keep a bunch ground up on hand to use for this and to add into breading mixes). Bake at 375 for 15 mins.


For the lamb loin, I kicked some garlic butter into a pan (made a fresh mini batch last night and my kitchen smells glorious!) on medium/high heat, lightly dusted the lamb loin chops with some whole wheat flour, onion powder, and Montreal Steak seasoning (just because it has such a good mix of what I would normally use so it saves digging out too many spices/seasonings). Once the pan and butter is hot, seared each side for about 3-4 minutes, flipped, and seared for another 3-4 minutes. 


Tonight I'm doing a tuna melt casserole.

Re: What's on your plate?

Ordered out for dinner tonight from my favorite Mexican restaurant! Grilled veggie burrito with rice! 



Re: What's on your plate?

Yesterday we had braised carmelized-onion-crusted beef brisket (grass fed) with broccoli and small potatoes. We like everything in one bowl with gravy over the top so excuse the rather informal plating (or "bowling" LOL). First photo shows the brisket straight out of the oven, before the gravy was strained and reduced. Second one shows the nice onion crust (which came off pretty easily when the roast was sliced, but still looked great and was yummy). Third shows final result in the bowl.

onion-crust-brisket-6-6-2015aEDIT - Copy.jpg

onion-crust-brisket-6-6-2015dEDIT - Copy.jpg

onion-crust-brisket-6-6-2015eEDIT - Copy.jpg

Re: What's on your plate?

So with all the taco and Mexican food talk that occured in BT recently this weekend my bf and I went out and I got shrimp and crab enchilladas with avocado and cheese cream sauce plus cilantro rice. We also got an order of ceviche and the serving was HUGE!!!! That alone could have been an appetizer for at least 6 people so we hardly put a dent in it, but it made a great snack for the next day.



Re: What's on your plate?

So speaking of salmon (been seeing that pop up more and more), I had it too last night!

Bit of garlic butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, cooked in a pan super simple style.


Four decent sized salmon pieces, and I took half a can of cream of mushroom sauce, cut up more baby bella mushrooms, a generous scoop of sour cream, bit of milk, and shredded parm warmed and whisked together on the stove for a sauce ^_^


Re: What's on your plate?

This evening I fixed veggie sausage browned and sautéed with a 3 pepper, onion blend. Spanish saffron tagliatelle and polenta with a creamy sauce. The tagliatelle was overkill, but I really wanted to try them! I also fixed a baby arugula salad with sliced Asian pears, blue cheese crumbles and sliced almonds topped with a light garlic dressing. 





Re: What's on your plate?

It's going to be a beef stroganoff kind of night with extra mushrooms cut into the sauce.


Not going to lie, I've been skipping over cooking dinner for a few days and yeeeeshhhhh, I gotta get back to it!

Monday night I had Panda Express while in bed because I had knocked out into a nap after work. My boyfriend made a PE run and we had a bed-picnic because I felt too lazy to get up and eat elsewhere. Smiley Tongue

Re: What's on your plate?

I made cheater-chicken pot pie last night. Cooked up some chicken in a pan and boiled some cubed potatoes, carrots, and peas. Then added them into a pot with a can of cream of chicken soup with 1/3 of that can with some milk, mixed it all together, plopped into a 9x13 baking dish, rolled a sheet of butter cresent roll dough over it, into the oven for about 20 mins.


BAM! I just ate 1/4th of that for lunch. 

Re: What's on your plate?

Ugh, I got over being sick not long ago (guy at work brought in a gnarly cough/cold with him after Thanksgiving and got myself and four other coworkers sick and it carried into Christmas, albeit improving considerably by then), but now it seems some congestion is coming back.


I just had some leftover ramen from last night's dinner and will probably have some mac n' cheese with broccoli later!

Re: What's on your plate?

My dessert last night-chocolate mousse cake 



Re: What's on your plate?

Just stopping by to say hi! Smiley Happy





Re: What's on your plate?

Hello! This thread needs some attention... Smiley Wink


It's pretty hot where we live so this morning I put some stuffed red bell peppers into my slow cooker. The pepper skin looks sort of wrinkly (no judging!) and fell apart when dished up, but the result was tastier than I expected.


stuffed-pepper-6-6-2016aEDIT - Copy.jpg

stuffed-pepper-6-6-2016dEDIT - Copy.jpg

Re: What's on your plate?

Got some new goodies to share!



Work lunch: Brown rice, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, and spinach. Banana, mango, pear, and apricot! Yum yum #vegan ! A whole foods plant-based diet is supposed to be the healthiest diet there is! Check it out, y'all!



Dinner: Vegan sausage pizza (On whole wheat pizza dough, with tomato sauce, baby kale, chopped vegan sausage [light life smart dogs], and vegan cheese [chao- coconut herb]), fresh corn that I chopped off the cob because I'm fancy like that, and a homegrown salad of our tomatoes, our neighbor's cucumbers, and some sliced olives!



Lunch: Another spinach-black bean quesadilla with chopped yellow onions and homegrown tomato. Baked Lays, and a homegrown cucumber for good measure! #vegan! Smiley Happy



This is apparently my favorite work lunch! Another spinach-black bean quesadilla with onions and tomatoes, cucumber, lime beanitos tortilla chips, and  fresh mango! #vegan!


Tune in later tonight where I'll share a delicious vegan chocolate cream cheesecake with non-dairy Ben & Jerry's ice cream!





Re: What's on your plate?

Time to share a few more of my meals! This time I'm sharing my afternoon snack, dinner, dessert, and this morning's breakfast (all vegan).



At-work afternoon snack: lime Beanitos (tortilla chips made of navy beans), peanut butter, chopped golden delicious apple.



Breakfast: Cheerios with soymilk, sliced banana, a fresh, juicy peach, and some Gevalia iced almond milk coffee.



Dessert: Daiya's vegan chocolate cheesecake, Ben & Jerry's non-dairy Chunky Monkey ice cream, fresh cherries, and chocolate shell sauce.



Dinner: Fresh corn on the cob, english peas, crowder peaas, quinoa with parsley and pine nuts, herbed dumplings, and homegrown tomatoes with vegan mayo (Vegenaise grapeseed variety.)



Re: What's on your plate?

Hello! Tonight I made leftover smoked Saint Louis pork ribs with some cooked sprouted rice and steamed broccoli. I made a sauce to go over the ribs and rice consisting of pomegranate seeds (not small red beans as they may appear in the photo), cranberry juice, sugarless BBQ sauce, some bitters and a touch of tahini. It was pretty tasty.


Re: What's on your plate?


Long cooking day!

Breading/Frying/Broiling/Boiling Pasta/Simmering Sauce/chopping tons of garlic/Shredding that Parmigiano-Reggiano 


Eggplant & Zucchini Parm----cheesy!



Chicken Parm--- My hub's portion is huge! Lol!


Re: What's on your plate?

Hello! It feels like a while since I posted.


Tonight I had broiled NY steak with some carrot "fries," fresh strawberries and whole-grain amaranth.



Last night I had broiled grass-fed lamb chops with mashed parsnips. I needed some parsley or something green to make this plate look prettier but it was tasty nonetheless!




Re: What's on your plate?

Today was an experimental meal which may not appeal to some people here (assuming anyone on BT ventures onto this thread anymore Smiley Wink). I made beef heart. It has a slightly game-y taste but is quite pleasant (tastes better than liver). It's supposed to be served medium rare which is how I served it.


I sauteed it and served it on a salad. The salad had dandelion greens, celery bits, thinly sliced red onion, slices of Wagner apple, chopped parsley, roasted pistachios and a sweet tangy dressing. The dressing had roasted walnut oil; some splashes of lemon juice, huckleberry vinegar, coconut vinegar; and a tiny bit of Dijon mustard and bourbon-aged maple syrup. The bitter greens along with the sweet apple and dressing were a refreshing contrast to the beef heart.



Re: What's on your plate?

I was going to make salmon last night; however, I ended up getting ceviche and shrimp and crab enchiladas with cilantro rice!


There was leftovers so I'm excited to leave work and snack on ceviche when I get home!!!!

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