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What's on your plate?

Hello there, ladies and gents!


Keeping in line with all the fun and interactive threads asking about your most recent halls, items you have your eyes on, what you're currently wearing, what's your hair routine, and more, I've decide to branch out and ask:


"What's on your plate?"


The beauty world doesn't just stop at skin care and cosmetics, it also goes hand in hand with your overall health and well-being, so with that, I'm curious to see what we're all chowing down and snacking on be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or inbetween!


For those with apps that help count calories or to those who just want to keep a log, here's a place to share, possibly find and share some recipes, and even tips on maintaining a balanced diet.


Don't just share food items, but even drinks! I'm a huge fan of tea and at least have a cup of green tea a day (anti-oxidants) and drink plenty of water.


For lunch today, I had:


-Brown rice

-Steamed egg

-Steamed red snapper with green onion, sesame oil, and black pepper

-Gai lan (it's a type of Chinese vegetable/greens)


Now, tell me, Beauty Talk world, what do you have? Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

Thanks Whiskey.  I actually googled your Nolana roll!  You had me at avacodo!  Smiley Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

VegChiliLover78, if you're an avocado fan, you'd looooooooove the avocado crema dip my bf makes!


It's one ripe avocado cut into chunks (makes it easier to mash) with a few generous spoonfuls of sour cream, season with salt and pepper (add a little chili pepper for a bit of kick), then mash it all together until creamy (adjust the amount of sour cream to your stuff evaaarrrrrrrrrrr. I'm not super big on avocado, but I will clean the bowl if that stuff is around.

Re: What's on your plate?

That sounds like a weekend treat! Thanks!

Re: What's on your plate?

You're welcome! I made a huge container of it for a baby shower recently, used three large avocados!

Re: What's on your plate?

I love your fork! Food looks awesome too! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

Thanks! I found these at Target several years ago. I wish I could find something similar because my boyfriend has lost a couple of them. Smiley Happy Food turned out pretty good, I've been on a grits kick lately.

Re: What's on your plate?

You guys make me so hungry ALL THE TIME! Feel free to come and make me food anytime you wish Smiley Wink

Re: What's on your plate?

Me too! I can't look at this thread before lunch. haha

Re: What's on your plate?

I just had some cashew crunch bits ^_^


What's on your plate for today, Zpsid91?????

Re: What's on your plate?

I had 2 doughnut peaches and a Clif bar - so far that's it Smiley Happy We may be going out to dinner later tonight though!

Re: What's on your plate?

What kind of Clif bar?

Re: What's on your plate?

Chocolate Chip! We went to Rodizio Grill for dinner, a Brazilian steakhouse place - so yummy! Unlimited salad bar with an overwhelming amount of options and yummy meats to choose from too Smiley Happy


Today was a bit better - BLT for lunch and a chicken lasagna thing for dinner tonight

Re: What's on your plate?

Oooooo, Brazilian steakhouse! I went to a new one for my birthday last month (my cousin also celebrated his birthday so it was a big family dinner) and I ate myself stupid! Hahah!

Re: What's on your plate?

Yea pretty much that's how it went - I brought home a little food baby in my stomach Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's on your plate?

I had a big food baby! Smiley Very Happy LOL!


Didn't help that the following day, work provided lunch, then it was dinner with my parents, then the following night was a double date night dinner. I felt like I had enough food stored away to hibernate! 

Re: What's on your plate?

Work function just killed me. It was Olive Garden, Mimis Café, Tidbits, and Buca di Beppo. And back home we just got the pizza you saw before AGAIN.


I mean. at least I ate a LOT of salad at three of the five places? :'/

Re: What's on your plate?

That sounds amazing, TheSocialQuota! I love Mimi's! I am obsessed with the Mimi's Turkey dinner - it comes with turkey breast, stuffing, potatoes and some veggies. I can eat that dinner year round. I just love Thanksgiving food and that meal is perfect for me!

<3, Randee

Re: What's on your plate?

Mmmmm, Buca!


Ahhh, the it was a meal at the doorway again? Smiley Tongue

Re: What's on your plate?

It was the 20" instead of 30". Still crazy big. Shout out for Lazy Moon Pizza.

Re: What's on your plate?

LOL! Only 10" biggie! 

Re: What's on your plate?

I made this last night and I was pretty proud of myself.

Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and 4 cheese blend (asiago, parmesan, romano and American) breaded in panko crumbs with adobo, garlic powder, chopped onion, and oregano. Also, scalloped taters from a box, & peas. 



Tops of the chickenz got a tad burnt but didn't taste burnt at all (looks worse than it is haha)


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