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What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

*can involve non-beauty related items*


1. Sephora giftcard

2. Nice kitchen knives set

3. Heated Blanket

4. A chameleon

5. Decent camera

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1. Dutch oven

2.  Illamasqua cream blush in seduce

3. Sephora or makeup forever makeup brushes

4. New computer

5. Foreo luna

6. Vitamix

7. iTunes card

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

I got my Vitamix last year as a service award.  It is amazing!!!!!!

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

My wishlist is pretty basic-

  • Gift cards - Sephora, Starbucks, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Barnes & Noble
  • fuzzy socks
  • new flannel pj pants

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

My wishlist:


a Bluetooth speaker for my ipod= The Pill by Dre is my #1 choice

new clothes

Sephora giftcards

Really nice slippers- Ugg possibly


Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

I'm so excited for the holidays.. mainly xmas shopping for others Smiley Happy


Here's my wishlist!


iPad mini (I had the iPad 2 but gave it to my sister months ago)

A new MacBook (My previous one broke)

Sephora gift cards

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

I just want a macbook air! My computer broke and i have been using my ipad.. But... Its not the same! Ahhh 


and some sephora gift cards would be mice too Smiley Happy

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

I will probably buy for myself: Clarisonic Plus, and acrylic/clear make up drawer organizer system.


In my dream world, I'd like to replace my Samsung  S4 (which I do love) with the Galaxy Note 2, which is more like a small tablet smartphone - because these days I use my phone more than my computer.


What else...


1. Oversized simple longer cashmere sweater i can wear with leggings (black or grey)... for warm comfy days when I still want to be elegant/not a sweatshirt.


2. New black bra, in my fav simple style from Prima Donna or Parfait Affinitas (I'm a 38G so these are an investment and hard to find).


3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder - picking  a color!


4. A pedicure from my BF Smiley Wink, using the clarisonic pedi I bought myself for my birthday.


For my in-laws, instead of giving gifts we are taking them out to fancy dinner at one of our fav places, we did that last year and it was fun.  


One year coming up I am hoping can convince the whole fam to take a cruise together over Xmas, instead of presents!

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

Oh and considering a Tanda Power Zap (the one that recharges).

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1. Beauty gift cards (Beautylish, Sephora, Ulta in that order)

2.  Nice pots ( I have about 100 house plants and there are a few that could use repotting)

3.  Amazon gift card, there are few books I'd like to pick up!

4.  Pokemon!  Mainly the holiday sets and Pokemon Y.  (nerd)

5.  One of my grandmother's water color painting's frames was damaged in a move, and I'd really like to have it reframed as she passed away in 2008.  


Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

Also, I'd really love to get a cat.  Someone hit my Pippa about 2 years ago and it just hasn't felt right not having one.  I probably won't get one until March when we *hopefully* move into a house, but who knows.

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

aw i'm sorry about your Pippa Smiley Sad 

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1. Some more pieces for my everyday china

2. I would like a heated blanket too!

3. Definitely some sephora goodies

4. Being taken out to dinner a few times (will be with rents and my bday is before Xmas too)

5. New pair of winter/rain/all purpose boots 


Realistically that's what I want currently and can get! 

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

A new comput monitor and a couple of textile history books. 


And that's it. There is no point in putting beauty items on, as I don't think anyone would get them


My problem is that my birthday is also in December and it's number 50. I'd like to have something special and memorable but I don't have any great ideas. I was going to look at jewelry yesterday but forgot that the good jewelry stores are stupid and close at 5pm. 


On my wish list: that someone would fix the so-called auto correct in Beauty Tslk on the iPad!

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

The auto-correct on my iPad in beauty talk is TERRIBLE. I assumed it was an issue with my iPad though... Its not?! I reset my keyboard memory (or whatever it's called when it remembers certainworlds you use) and it helped a little bit... But yeah - its so bad but the iPad is the only way I can respond to comments! Plus I prefer being on my iPad at home.

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

it's pretty comical and oh so frustrating to respond to comments and create threads on an ipad. bigstock-Stressed-businesswoman-is-frus-37111561.jpg


Sums up how I feel when I use BT with my husband's iPad

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

Exactly! I use my iPad when my only purpose to be on a computer is BT, and it is so frustrating I can't even ~ i didn't know that so many others had this issue! Now I know that we can all share the same pain.

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

It's everyone with an ipad.


Thank goodness I have a laptop, too. Otherwise I would never be on here.

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

Wow now I feel a little lazy when I don't correct it when it smooches words together, or sometimes creates a strange word far back in my typing... Is only now letting me go back and click somewhere in previous text but then it wont let you go back to the end of the textbox... Gosh... Good to know I'm not the only one suffering!

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

*smooshes... Sigh haha

Re: What's on your Christmas Wishlist? :)

1.) Sephora ,victoria secret,forever21,bodyshop giftcards.

2.)spirulina and chlorella tablets/powder (amazing for health!)

3.)clothes,money Smiley Happy

4.) what I would buy from Sephora: Hope in a jar , ole henriksen's seven skincare sensations, juicy coutoure perfume, philosophy products.

5.)baby butter ( want to try it out for face)

6.)A celine shirt and an oxford university hoodie.


Smiley Happy luv ya, have a nice day!

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