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What’s in your cup?

A companion thread to What's on your plate? 


I thought it would fun to share what we’re all drinking. It could be your favourite tea or show of your crowd pleasing cocktail recipes. What’s in your cup?

Right now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of ginger peach tea with milk and honey. It’s nice and calming before bed. 



And shout out to the original thread  I kinda found out too late about this and it’s been far too long since it was updated. 


Re: What’s in your cup?

@Ispend2much6 sounds yummy 

Re: What’s in your cup?


Strawberry green tea in my favorite mug (a gift from my dad - he said it reminded him of me lol) 🍓🍵💜

Re: What’s in your cup?

@caitbird Strawberry green tea? That sounds delicious! And I love your cup! Sloths are so cute. 🍓🦥

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes  thank you! The tea was pretty good.

Re: What’s in your cup?

Boba milk tea from the Hello Kitty and Friends x Forever21 Halloween launch 



Re: What’s in your cup?

They just nailed it!! How cute and looks Devine! @SportyGirly125 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@lmaster @They really did. I even got to bring an extra drink home for my husband. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Such a cute cup @SportyGirly125! How was the rest of the launch event?

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes @It was really fun. We got to make our own totes and they had empanadas and a DJ.  We got to look at the collection before they released it in stores. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@SportyGirly125  aww, that's so cute! 

Re: What’s in your cup?


Some post-hike boba from yesterday. The flavour is “Tokyo Sakura” and it’s a mix of butterfly pea tea and yogurt. It was sweet and tart, and very much needed after walking around. 


Today’s drink is a pumpkin spice iced cap from Timmies. I don’t understand the hype behind pumpkin spice. It’s just ok to me. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Oh those both look delicious 🤤 @JoSometimes I do like pumpkin spice, however some can just be too strong for me, and that'll ruin it for me 

Re: What’s in your cup?

What's In My Cup: The Weekend Edition 


Saturday Morning: A comforting London Fog (with almond milk) while getting my hair done

Weekend Drinks - Sat AM.jpg


Saturday Evening: Dinner out with a flight of red wines 

Weekend Drinks - Sat PM.jpg


Sunday Morning: A medley of fruits (pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, gooseberries, apple & mango), water, ice, and a splash of apple cider vinegar 

Weekend Drinks - Sun AM 1.jpg


Weekend Drinks - Sun AM 2.jpg


Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi you're killin me

Re: What’s in your cup?

@lmaster, everything in moderation? 😉 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi  ooh, that smoothie looks delicious!  I am always meaning to drink more smoothies, but I never have the patience to bother with the blender 😅

Re: What’s in your cup?

Thank you @caitbird; it's pretty easy to do. The blending part is the fastest part of it - just screw on the lid with the blade, place it in the blender, press & hold the buttom for 30 seconds, and done! 😁 I find cutting the fruit is the most time consuming, but I sometimes do it as part of my meal prep. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi - What kind of blender do you use for your smoothies?  I used to have a food processor, but it bit the dust a few years ago and I never replaced it. 😆

Re: What’s in your cup?

Awww, food processor!! Love kitchen tools @Titian06! ♥️ 


This one is an Oster personal blender. (I redacted the brand name because I didn’t know if it would get removed if I didn’t). This comes with the blender, a bottle, the lid with a blade and then a lid with a spout. I picked this up at Target; retails for $29.99 but Target occasionally has sales on its blenders. 




All photos from Target site. 

Before this one, I had a set from Bella (I think that’s the brand) a it had 4 tall tumblers / bottles and 2 smaller ones. I don’t see that model available anymore; picked it up on Amazon. That was a nice one; lasted me a good while. I’m not sure where it went, now that I’m thinking about it. 😆 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi - According to the Target website, this blender is not carried in my local store.  I went to Target today to pick up a prescription.  As I was walking back, I made a detour to the mixer aisle.  Guess what I found--your mixer...and on sale!  I picked it up for $15.00.  Now I need to go grocery shopping. 😄 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Yaaaay! It was meant to be @Titian06! I’m super excited to hear how you like it for smoothies and to see what combinations you come up with. 😃 You scored such a sweet deal for it too! Awesome! 

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