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What’s in your cup?

A companion thread to What's on your plate? 


I thought it would fun to share what we’re all drinking. It could be your favourite tea or show of your crowd pleasing cocktail recipes. What’s in your cup?

Right now, I’m enjoying a nice cup of ginger peach tea with milk and honey. It’s nice and calming before bed. 



And shout out to the original thread  I kinda found out too late about this and it’s been far too long since it was updated. 


Re: What’s in your cup?

Such a cute bottle @SportyGirly125! I hope the drink inside was just as delicious and refreshing. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes @It really was. Thank you. 

Re: What’s in your cup?


Pompompurin mango boba and a quick trip to an Asian beauty shop. Makeup and boba make a great combo! 😊

Re: What’s in your cup?

Excellent pairing @JoSometimes. How cute is Pompompurin on your drink? It’s so fun that they can make those designs.


Re: What’s in your cup?

@itsfi I worked at Second Cup (Canadian Starbucks) a lifetime ago. I could do art with the syrup but nothing this neat or cute. 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes how cuteeee 🥰

Re: What’s in your cup?

@jaaayp And delicious too!


(Sorry I missed this from like a week ago!)

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes definitely a fun combination,  ultimate girl's afternoon

Re: What’s in your cup?

Definitely! @CorgiMommy 

Re: What’s in your cup?

That is so cool!! Looks refreshing @JoSometimes 

Re: What’s in your cup?

@lmaster The drink was definitely refreshing and tasty. The decoration was a bonus!

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes That is so cute!

Re: What’s in your cup?

@Samtian I was just expecting a drink but it came with a cute surprise!

Re: What’s in your cup?


It WAS watermelon slush with jelly and aloe pieces. Now it’s just delicious memories… 😋


It’s from a restaurant that’s part sushi bar, part boba shop. There are a few restaurants closer to home that combine both but didn’t do either very well. This one is father away does an amazing job at both! Their watermelon slush is made from actual watermelon, not just powder. It’s incredibly refreshing and I even get it in the middle of winter. 🍉

Re: What’s in your cup?

@JoSometimes A watermelon slush is always refreshing 

Re: What’s in your cup?

Green tea no sugar because it’s hot outside 



Re: What’s in your cup?

Such a cute container @SportyGirly125!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Drinking Lipton tea with a little honey.  Stay cool everyone.


Re: What’s in your cup?

Sounds both refreshing and calming. I hope you’re staying cool @Tikicat820!

Re: What’s in your cup?

Juice 1.jpeg

Juice 2.jpeg

Juice 3.jpeg


ACV, Pineapple & Berry Smoothie


🍍1 cup pineapple

💧1 cup water

🥄 1.5 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

🍯 Drizzle of honey

🫐 Handful of blueberries & blackberries

🍑 1 peach

🧊 3 ice cubes


Blend together.

Re: What’s in your cup?

Oh this sounds good and healthy at the same time @itsfi 🥰

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