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What's in a name?

Hi ladies,

So as many of you may know (or perhaps you don’t) the other mods and I are in the call center and often hear our fellow BAs on the phone. We often have some clients with really unique names call in! Two of my favorites have been Tuesday and Electronica.

I have a lot of friends with really cool names as well! My best friend’s name is Xelha (Shay-la), the poor girl had a pretty hard time growing up…during role call teachers always botched it. There have been a handful of times that people have gotten it right though, which is impressive.

My parents are huge jazz fans and were dead set in naming me Billie after Billie Holiday, but opted to name me after one of their favorite songs instead. I’ll admit that I am a tiny bit bummed that they didn’t go with that, I really like ‘traditional’ boy names for girls…I think it’s cute J.

Do any of your friends or family members have incredibly awesome names? Were you blessed with a really amazing name or does your name have a great story behind it?

Whimsically yours,

Re: What's in a name?

My own name is pretty common.  My family were Kennedy admirers so when I was born, my godmother named me after Jacqueline Kennedy.


I always vowed that if I had a daughter her name would be Kennedy Jacqueline.


Re: What's in a name?

I've always loved the name Jacqueline, and only b/c of Jacqueline Kennedy!


Re: What's in a name?

Agree.  Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of class and being a lady.  There's actually a great book y'all might want to read called "What Would Jackie Do?".  It's written with input of her closest staff on how they think shed handle things in today's times and even has a list of vendors she used (stationary, etc.). Fun read!

Re: What's in a name?

My friend has two identical twin boys named Jagger and Jet and I love that I think it's so cute for twin boys.

Re: What's in a name?

My mom and dad were sure I was a boy (back then, ultrasounds hadn't even been invented!).  Anyway - surprise!  I was three days old before they heard the song "Wendy" on the radio - "Everyone knows it's Wendy!".  My husband's name is Bas - short for Baskin.  It's a family name and we also gave it to my son. 

Re: What's in a name?

I was supposed to be Christine, but my cousin Christine was born 9 months before me, so my parents changed their minds.  My grandmother wanted me to be named Sara Wilhelmina so I could be called Sara Minnie.  I love that name!  (No making fun of's a family name and we are German.)  Instead I ended up with a common name; so common in fact, I went to high school with 9 other girls with the same name!  Thanks, Mom!  Thanks, Dad!  Oh, and it used to be spelled one way.  Now people spell it in various "creative" ways, which means I always have to spell it.

Re: What's in a name?

I'm Lauren, named for the fabulous Lauren Bacall!

Re: What's in a name?

Love Lauren Bacall!  She's still so fabulous!

Re: What's in a name?

My parents came up with my name because they liked it.  Mom had the idea of naming me after her mamaw, Mary Ann, but dad didn't think it was fitting.  They came up with Kimberly, and, although it is common, I don't know many Kimberlys.  I didn't meet another Kimberly until high school! lol.


Lanndan has a unique spelling to his name.  If he doesn't spell it out for people when signing up for stuff or something, people will always spell it Landon.  

Re: What's in a name?

My name - Farah - seems simple enough to me, but people have been botching it up my whole life. :-/ They tend to pronounce it "Farrah" like Farrah Fawcett., but the first 'a' is actually an open 'a', like "far." My mom chose that name out b/c she liked Farah Diba, former queen/empress of Iran.


Another problem it's created - apart from being difficult to pronounce - is that I'm *constantly* being mixed up with my sister, whose name is Sarah. The number of typos, mishearing my name, etc, has cause SO much confusion over the years. Our credit history even got mixed together and that was no fun straightening out, lol. So, word of advice, moms-to-be, don't give your kids rhyming names!!! Smiley Wink

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