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What's a good eye drop?

It's been so cold that the indoor heat is on full blast, and I feel like my eyeballs are trying to shrivel up into a prune when I go to work (it's true, and the area above bridge of my nose hurt and I prob won't cry even if you shove an onion in my face). And I stare at a computer...almost 24/7. My eyes are also a bit bloodshot sometimes from poking eyelash/rubbing. And I'm terrified of putting anything in my eyes (guess who's never getting contact lenses?)


Anyways, what's a good non-irritating eye drop for dryness?

Re: What's a good eye drop?

^ You're not weird-I wish I were brave enough to touch my eyes for contacts. It takes forever to do my glaucoma test b/c I squirm too much.


I was a regular Genteal user until my eye doctor gave me a sample of Systane recently. Now I'm sold on the product!

Re: What's a good eye drop?

sephora would not let me list independent lab result links here- I PM'ed you with the links...

Because you prefer food- not supplements, here is info for you dont let the titles throw you or make a judgement...research/check out these books,... about $25 a book both over two inch thick, BIG books...published every several years (yes its worth it/works)


Prescription for natural cures

James F. Bach, M.D./Mark Stengler, M.D.

ISB# 047149088-1


Prescription for natural healing

Phyllis A. Balch, cnc

ISB#: 158333236-7


the books are like reference/how to/info/education/resources available/practical hands on in several ways per problem/dictionary...

remember with omegas you can do vegan...

Re: What's a good eye drop?

Sorry- I forgot

3M does a type of special but clear sheild thingie that goes in front of your computer monitor also...its for vision/eye strain/anti glare-etc, not a privacy screen.

Re: What's a good eye drop?

first all I found upping my Omega (combo) 3,6,and 9

to help greatly in a huge way (research and see),

then all area around brow/high cheek/eye sockets, across bridge of nose to be free of all makeups, well moisturizer with quality lux eye cream, then curl eye lashes up/out.

Over the counter eye drops at Walgreens; Refresh liquigel - extra strength lubricant gel  drops for dry eyes...its like a cushie gel.

I live in the desert... after adjusting my Omegas I didnt even need the eye cream nor drops...

I hope this helps you, tiny clear blisters in the rims and underneath the lids are extreme pure misery and rakes the eye ball... 

Re: What's a good eye drop?

Is there a particular Omega 3/6/9 you would recommend? I prefer food instead of vitamins, but I don't want to eat so much fish to get mercury poisoning.

Re: What's a good eye drop?

Wikipedia has a giant list for foods that contain Omega 3 and 6 that include everything from break downs of how much omegas foods contain, various types of seafood, meats, plant sources, and oils.


Chia is rich in fiber and omega 3! It's one of my favorite's to add into drinks.


The chia seeds are sold dry and you can add a teaspoon or two into 8-10 oz of tea or juice (you can get creative and make sparkling lemonades, pomegranate/berry juices, and tea mixes). Let it sit for anywhere fromm 10-30 minutes so they soak up and germinate. They end up getting a jelly like texture/consistency around them. It's quite interesting, but it's a good filling refresher!

Re: What's a good eye drop?

you are 100% right about mercury- wild and farmed fish, on google I was researching found a site- that listed all the manufactors and the ratings, seems like the swiss ones are the best...

omega combo is also not all about fish oils... its flax and borage oils also, there are several vegan formulas... Omegas also helps with beautiful healthy hair, etc's...its not to be taken in large doses...



let me dig for the site, i honestly dont know if I saved it.

Re: What's a good eye drop?

Hi Beautytester!


I JUST went to my eye doctor with the same problem, I spend hours working on my computer and wearing contacts which has begun to give me dryer eyes and tension headaches. My eyedoctor said the normal person blinks 30-40 times a minute normally, but on a computer only 10-20! (or something drastic like that but it was sorta shocking to me)


Try the 20-20-20 rule (or 15-15-15) where every 20 minutes you take a 20 second break to focus on something 20 feet away. I look out the windows of our office and count windows in the highrise across the street, or at the makeup books down the aisles of our halls. 


It definitely makes a difference! I also added Visine for contacts to my makeup bag in my purse, and added Bausch & Lomb re-wetting drops which are helping a lot. If you can try systane do it! You will notice a difference but see if you can even set an alarm or timer to go off every 15 or 20 minutes or you will forget. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What's a good eye drop?

Thanks for sharing that awesome tip, Diana!

Re: What's a good eye drop?

I vote for Systane!

Re: What's a good eye drop?

I like to use either refresh eye drops or systane gel. I know what you mean, its cold and windy here and my eyes are jusy dry. I have contacts on and use the refresh for contacts and the systane when I have them off. I remember when I first got my contacts, the doctor was with me for about 20 minutes to get 1 in. Now I'm okay touching my eyes. LOL sounds weird.

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