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What mouthwash do you use?

So I was rinsing my teeth when I decided to pick up my bottle of mouthwash and look at the ingredients....paraben was listed as one of the inactive ingredients (Crest Pro-Health). So, apparently parabens can be found in oral care as well as skincare. o.O


There are are tons of types/brands of mouthwash out there, each boasting 8 kinds of benefit (6 of which are the same on all bottles). What mouthwash do you use? Are there things you look for or do you just pick a random one with recognizable name?


If you had braces before, did you ever notice little blue things appears and clings to your wires/brackets after you rinse? This never happened before when I didn't have braces (with the same mouth wash).


It's a bit of an oddball question, but oral care count as beauty care, right? o.o


Re: What mouthwash do you use?

I just use whatever's on sale, though I try not to use Listerine as the flavor is unappealing to me.

As for the blue particles, I had green ones when I had braces and used Scope (which was green at the time), I actually looked under the microscope to see what they were (yes, I was a scientist-nerd in those days Smiley Happy ) and found them to be bits of food that were stained by the mouthwash dye. Evidently when I didn't have braces, those bits washed right out, but the wires and bands trapped the particles. If I made sure to brush carefully before rinsing, I had less of the odd particles.


Good luck, sounds as if you are getting used to your braces.

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Yay nerd! I used to be a huge math nerd in high school, then I went into engineering. Ahh microscope, I remember we made LCD cell and dissected an LED with its help. =D


I am getting used to my braces, but am also realizing that the clear rubber bands around the bracket gets yellow very fast (I'm a tea drinker).

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Is Scope not green anymore? I didn't realize...


Smiley Happy

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Lol, there's a green one and blue one. So many brands are target marketing and come out with different types...anti-cavity, whitening, odor-killing, alcohol free. I did a double take when I was at Walmart----there was even a mouthwash for age 50+! That's what it said right in the middle under the brand name "For age 50+". I've never seen that before.


Re: What mouthwash do you use?

I rarely use mouthwash since my sister (who works for a throat doctor) told me many of their cancer patients got cancer from their mouthwash! YIKES! If I do use mouthwash, it is Listerine.


I had braces and things clinged all the time to them, which was awful.


Do you use a SoniCare toothbrush? I wish I had one when I had braces. It is a amazing and I doubt I will ever go back to a regular tooth brush.

I also use Tom's of Maine tooth paste (the non-flouride kind). I haven't had problems with my teeth in cavities, or anything. I only see the dentists every other year because he tells me the same thing everytime, "Best teeth of the day...week! I barely had to work." So, I suggest switching to Tom's if you are concerned about parabens and other nasty chemicals in your products. Also, the SoniCare toothbrush will save you a bundle on the dentist. Smiley Happy

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

I'm tempted to try but haven't splurged on Sonicare yet. How long do they last? I brush hard, so a med toothbrush will last me ~3 month but a soft one will last me ~1 month. Are there any maintenance needed?

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

The makers of the Sonicare toothbrush are the same makers of the Clarisonic Smiley Happy

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Tom's of Maine is owned by Colgate... so it's really no better. I use listerine total care because that's what the dentist recommends.

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

I use a sonicare toothbrush with Crest Pro-Health mouth wash- I use the Pro-Health because it doesn't burn but I do notice the blue strings when I spit it out. I googled it because I didn't know what was causing the strings and apparently a lot of people have that issue with this brand. 

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Here's my two cents on the mouthwash story lol:


I am a firm believer in taking care of your teeth, as a diabetic I am way more prone to gum disease and issues with my gums and teeth due to sugar buildup.  I'm also an obsessive teeth whitener and used to go to extremes for super blingy white teeth.


And if its not parabens in a cream thats going to hurt you, it might be your cell phone or microwave transmitting toxic rays to our brains or car exhaust fumes we inhale, or even foods we eat being genetically altered we don't know about. Basically, if its not one thing it will be another is my way of thinking. =p


That being said, I've tried nearly every mouthwash you can think of. I was not a fan of the Crest Pro-Whitening as the after taste was so horrid I couldn't stand to use it even if my teeth did get white. I like listerine to brush on my gums with my toothbrush and while it's super strong (they do have a new alcohol free version) it's still sorta burning to the mouth no matter how much plaque and germs it kills. 


I actually bit my cheek the other day and had a horrible welt that I kept repeatedly biting. I started brushing 3x a day, first rinsed my mouth with Listerine (it didn't help) tried rinsing with half parts peroxide and half parts water (tasted terrible, you have to be careful NOT to swallow it and it wasnt helping) and finally found that rinsing with warm water mixed with salt is the key. After just 4-5 days of doing it, this bite wound is almost healed and my teeth are actually MUCH whiter than normal. 


Very interesting how it worked and healed my mouth better than any of the expensive washes! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

Hmm what an interesting topic!


After spending 2 and a half years in braces I made a vow to do everything I could to maintain a 'perfect' smile. I'm super picky about what dental products I use.


I typically use Crest toothpaste (I just recently purchased the glamourous white formula which is great). When it comes to mouth washes I feel like the only one that really leaves me with that fresh clean taste is Listerine. It's strong but does a great job at giving me that full clean mouth feeling. Yes the flavors are kinda intense, but it's only for a few seconds.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What mouthwash do you use?

I use Crest Pro health Complete and here's what the little blue things are: the mouthwash tints the bacteria that you cant see with the naked eye so when you rinse and spit, you can see that the mouthwash is doing its job. I only worry about ingredients when it comes to skincare....parabens in mouthwash I dont worry about at all because you spit it out and rinse in a minute or less.

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