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What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

Whether it is a certain brand, a specific kind of makeup, maybe even random beauty knick knacks. What is your favorite thing to collect?


Right now, I'm not even sure why, I'm obsessed with buying Dry Shampoo! Almost every time I see a can in a store I must buy it. I just want to try everything!

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

I did at one point love buying eyeshadow palettes, until i find that i have too many and they all start to look alike. lol


It use to be buying blush!!! i still buy now but not like  i use to, more here and there. my favorite is tarte and ive got just about every color i like, unless they come out with more of course haha


NOW, my favorite thing to collect is lipstick! ive become obsessed with bright lips, but specificially fushcia and purple lips

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

Eyeliners, pencils and retractables!  I have SO many, but I keep buying them because I'm constantly on the hunt for the longest-lasting, most waterproof ones to survive allergy season.  =)


Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

Lately I have been on a palette kick!  Here is a picture of  one of my recent store/online hauls...Anything eyeshadow/face/lip will do me!  I have developed a problem! Smiley Wink

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

I have the nude 'tude on the way! I don't think I can wait until the end of the month for it to come. Ha.

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

Wow girl, you are a palette junkie and I love it!! lol. Let us know what your favorite is.

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

Great thread!!


I'm a lipstick gal myself but lately I've really been into buying different foundations and foundation type products. Right now I'm *loving* my flower beauty foundation, its similar to the KVD lock it tattoo foundation but for $13.99 and its only available at Walmart. I go through different obsessions all the time, last time it was blush, now its foundations.....who knows what will be next lol. Rimmel London is my new drugstore obsession, everything I bought from this brand so far has been spectacular, and I cant wait to try more things.


I've never used dry shampoo. I've never considered trying it, its kinda like hand sanitizer for me, I just prefer the soap and water way to clean up Smiley Very Happy


I tried false lashes for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I bought the self stick ones so that I dont have to mess with glue yet, and I did okay sticking them on but it takes practice hehe, and if you dont stick them on right away they lose their sticky-ness and then they wont stick on at all, and peel off. Not attractive.

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

I still wash my hair regularly! Haha. It's just great for on those days when your hair just looks a little oily and your in a rush. It's also awesome for adding volume and texture (depending on the brand). You just sprits a little on the areas you want volume, wait a little bit and rub it in, then tease! Some of them you don't even have to tease and you see a difference. I think thats why I like buying every kind I see! They are all the same thing, but yet so different at the same time.

Re: What is your favorite beauty thing to collect?

I've tried several dried shampoos, but I find that they don't really do the trick. They just hang out in my closet.

My favorite thing to collect is definitely lip makeup - because the options are endless and the colors are awesome - my latest discovery is the nars lipglosses in orgasm and super orgasm

I also find that I happen to collect foundations, but not really because its fun - I just never found "The One" lol yet.

Another awesome thing to collect is urban decay eyemakeup - they definitely win the prize for the most gorgeous colors...


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