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What is your favorite TV show?

I'm looking for a good new show to get into.


I always have my classic gilmore girls. I seriously watch it every single day and I've seen every episode like 6 times but it is my favorite show ever.

It has just always been my favorite show.


Some of my favorites are..

Gilmore Girls


Amazing Race

Modern Family

One Tree Hill (so sad its over)

Grey's Anatomy

How I Met Your Mother (this is recent.. just started watching on netflix)

Big Bang Theory... BAZINGA!


and some various others..

What are your favorites?? Especially ones that you LOVE to watch reruns of!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Firefly was amazing. It's such a disappointment that it was cancelled after 1 season (and not even a full season at that). If you ever have the opportunity to watch it I'd highly recommend it!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I saw part of true blood. I borrowed it from a friend and now I'm addicted.. I need season 2.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

@kd006- I did watch them about 500 times but they haven't been on recently I guess their taking a break.Smiley Happy

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

The table flip.. Just the classic moment of teresa giudice..



gotta love her <3

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Her hairline freaks me out!!! LOL!


I thought she wore a wig the first time I saw a photo of her, that image is too funny!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Haha! Her tiny little forehead..


I just love that episode. I could watch it a million times and not get sick of it.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

If Theresa Guidice was my friend, this is the photo that would come up on my iPhone when she called. 

Re: What is your favorite TV show?


I don't have a TV but I watch shows online.  I thought I would spend less time watching them without an actual television, but it turns out I was wrong!  Oops, lol!  Anyway, here are some shows I really love watching:


Criminal Minds

The Mentalist

Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother

Impractical Jokers


Bob's Burgers



The Voice

Preacher's Daughters (so embarrassing to admit to that one...)

The Walking Dead

So You Think You Can Dance (only on in the summer)

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

You watch good ones! Yeah.. even if I didn't have a TV i would do the same! lol

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Haha, thanks!  I "accidentally forgot" to list all the totally ridiculous reality TV shows I catch myself watching... *cough*I LOVE COPS*cough*


The shame!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Oh my god! Were you reading my mind? I was trying to mask that I have a total guilty pleasure of midnight runs of cops... Also.. I'm ashamed... so ashamed... jerry springer! Lol. You are not allowed to mock me for this!!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I love TV but have been cutting back a LOT lately!

Mainly I watch a lot of baseball but I also LOVE:



Vampire Diaries
Cold Case
Real Housewives of the OC
American Horror Story

Bates Motel


And when I can catch it on I like Walking Dead as well as Days of our Lives...


No judgements! hahaha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Hey this is the place to admit to your guilty pleasures..

I also find myself always looking at GSN (game show network)... are you smarter than a 5th grader.. yeah.. guilty.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I love Criminal Minds!!!  I've been watching it since the beginning! Some of the other shows that I also love are:


Once Upon a Time


Red Widow (I hope it gets picked up for season 2)



White Collar

The Walking Dead (my husband got me into it)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (it's embarrassing, but I love it)

Person of Interest


Fashion Police

Friends (I have the series on DVD, but I can't help but watch it whenever I see it on re-runs)

and a lot of the shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel (the shows always freak me out, but I'm so addicted to it)


Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I watched the first episode of red widow and it was really good so I need to watch the rest of the first season! Idk why I didn't stick with it.. I hope it's still ondemand after I'm done with finals!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

You definitely should watch it.  I think that the reason why people didn't stick with it is because the aired the first couple of episodes and then there was almost a month hiatus.  The show loses momentum this way and that's horrible for a new show... hope you enjoy it.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Oh and white collar! I love that show! Did you see the season finale about a month ago?! ahhh.. So good.. I can't wait for next season. Did you hear that Neil came out in real life? I'm so shocked that he was able to keep it a secret for 10 years that he had a family and a partner but that's nice that he did come out!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I know!  I did watch the season finale and it was great! The new season is coming soon!!!  In regards to his personal life, I'm glad he came out too.  Unfortunately, I think that he had to keep it a secret for so long because he needed to "qualify" for straight roles.  It sucks that he had to do that but at least now he's free.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

So many right now. Two all time favorites that are not on anymore were Buffy and Dollhouse. 


Favorites now:



Lost Girl

Warehouse 13

Pretty Little Liars

Big Bang Theory

The Walking Dead

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I LOVED BUFFY!  Both my sisters and I used to watch it religiously.  We sobbed like loons during the last episode of the series.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Sad part is I haven't seen the last season yet haha I have all the season on DVD and i've tried to watch it all of them from start to finish but I always get busy and forget which episode I was one. So yes bad bad buffy fan am I.  But yeah i cried when angel left, I cried when spike was said (I love spike) so many good episodes. 

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