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What is your favorite TV show?

I'm looking for a good new show to get into.


I always have my classic gilmore girls. I seriously watch it every single day and I've seen every episode like 6 times but it is my favorite show ever.

It has just always been my favorite show.


Some of my favorites are..

Gilmore Girls


Amazing Race

Modern Family

One Tree Hill (so sad its over)

Grey's Anatomy

How I Met Your Mother (this is recent.. just started watching on netflix)

Big Bang Theory... BAZINGA!


and some various others..

What are your favorites?? Especially ones that you LOVE to watch reruns of!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I have so many shows of shame, but none that I tune into weekly. I think for me it has to be Dance Moms or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo... Smiley Happy

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

@makeupobsessed - Who cares how old you are I watch Teen Mom and I'm way past a teen, I don't think you should watch a show or not because of age if you like it you like itSmiley Wink

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

@beautylovingirl - well said! I'm a college student and I LOVE glee, I think its so cute and positive.


Re: What is your favorite TV show?

So I watch a lot of TV.. Less now than I used to, but still.


Breaking Bad

Bates Motel



How I Met Your Mother

The Soup


Pretty Little Liars (though I haven't watched the last season yet and a few episodes of the season before that, waiting for netflix)

Secret Life of the American Teenager (got into it from the Soup, lol.. Happy/Sad that it's cancelled)

90210 (haven't watched the last season +, waiting for them on netflix)

One Tree Hill (got boring, but I watched it from the beginning so I HAD to find out how it ended)

Gossip Girl (have yet to see the final few episodes.. waiting for them to come on netflix)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (have only seen the first season or two.. currently on my netflix queue)


Recently started watching Big Bang Theory after resisting for a long time (Sheldon reminds me of a somehow more obnoxious version of my bro)

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

The Walking Dead Smiley Happy

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones (but love the books more! Come on with Book 6 already GRRM!)


True Blood

American Horror Story


Bates Motel


Big Bang Theory is great! 



guilty pleasure:


Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I <3 Glee! 

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I don't know why ya'll don't admit what you watch or saying your embarrassed  everyone likes different things.

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I also forgot to mention Friend Zone, Lizard Lick Towing and Hardcore Pawn..Smiley Tongue

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Oh hardcore pawn! I love that show!! There are some crazies on there too!! lol

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