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What is your favorite TV show?

I'm looking for a good new show to get into.


I always have my classic gilmore girls. I seriously watch it every single day and I've seen every episode like 6 times but it is my favorite show ever.

It has just always been my favorite show.


Some of my favorites are..

Gilmore Girls


Amazing Race

Modern Family

One Tree Hill (so sad its over)

Grey's Anatomy

How I Met Your Mother (this is recent.. just started watching on netflix)

Big Bang Theory... BAZINGA!


and some various others..

What are your favorites?? Especially ones that you LOVE to watch reruns of!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

If I like The Walking Dead, would American Horror Story be a good one to try?

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

To me TWD and AHS are on two different levels, I like both shows to be honest, and if you like shows that tie in a lot of connective story then AHS would be great for you. Each episode brings in another layer to what's going on, I enjoyed putting all the pieces together and like how they do so!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Thank you both! I'm going to give AHS a try, I'm a big fan of horror & scary movies. I too, have an unhealthy zombie obsession, rawrxjasmine!


Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Haha. Good! I'm not the only crazy zombie loving person then! I have way too many zombie things... and love doing zombie makeup (for Halloween and stuff). It's a problem! : )

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

They are two very different shows that's for sure. I have always liked weird stuff so I was drawn to both. I have a zombie obsession so as soon as my boyfriend introduced me to The Walking Dead when the first season came out I was hooked! Haha. There are two seasons of American Horror Story, and both are very different. The first is about a family that moves into a haunted house, and the second season is about an Insane Asylum. I liked both seasons, but I did prefer the first season more. I personally love American Horror Story, but I do have some friends that just couldn't get into watching it. I would recommend just trying to watch the first couple of episodes and see if it interests you. 

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

OMG! I totally forgot Scrubs! I love that show too! JD and Turk are the best!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I was over at my best friends house the first time I saw Scrubs, and she got me hooked forever! I can just sit down and watch all the seasons and still laugh. It just brings back good memories. ( :

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Hi Kd006,


I have a few ones that I watch on a regular basis!


Big Bang Theory


The Men Who Built America

The Voice

Mirror Mirror

Pawn Stars

<3 Melissa

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

I used to love pawn stars, and I still do catch up on it once in awhile but it kinda got boring for me. Just like storage wars.. Now I can't stand storage wars. But I did see the episode with steve carrell and that was funny!

Re: What is your favorite TV show?

Yes! It does get really boring sometimesSmiley Happy They repeat episodes a lot too.

<3 Melissa
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