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What is your current profession in life?

Whether you're in school, an aspiring makeup artist, an edgy hairstylist, a stay-at-home-super mom, the 9-5 desk junky, runnning around in your scrubs, or ya just don't know yet...what is your current occupation in life? *If you list school, please share what degree you're working toward* Everybody feel free to list pointers and opinions. This isn't a thread about who is better, what is better, and how it is better. This is about what differences we are making in life Smiley Happy




Re: What is your current profession in life?

That sounds like fun!

I love the country & land. We just made the switch from a house on 10 acres to a townhouse. We just didn't have the time to keep up with everything. I miss my garden & flowers though Smiley Sad We have a small area in the front where I was able to put in some lilies, rose bush, butterfly bush... but it's not the same. 

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