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What is your current profession in life?

Whether you're in school, an aspiring makeup artist, an edgy hairstylist, a stay-at-home-super mom, the 9-5 desk junky, runnning around in your scrubs, or ya just don't know yet...what is your current occupation in life? *If you list school, please share what degree you're working toward* Everybody feel free to list pointers and opinions. This isn't a thread about who is better, what is better, and how it is better. This is about what differences we are making in life Smiley Happy



Re: What is your current profession in life?

I am finishing up high school this month making me just 18.. I plan on going to beauty school, specializing in makeup artistry. College was never something i had in mind even though my parents would pay for me. Im really passionate about makeup artistry and have been for years. Who knows where i will end up, but its been a dream and im willing to work my way up to get where i want to be. And possibly start a cosmetics line.. but that wouldnt be until i am settled meaning im at the point in life where i can fully 100% support myself


Re: What is your current profession in life?

Breaking my arm and then more or less finishing high school Smiley Very Happy I was going to get a summer job at Ulta but that's not happening now. I'm gonna go with Etsy Trawler. That's a thing, right?

Re: What is your current profession in life?

I work as an office assistant in a P.A. law firm that specializes in a couple brances of subjects. The part of my job that keeps me the most dedicated to the sometimes stressful environment of deadlines to projects/assignments on top of my anxiety disoeder along with my depression aspbergers syndrome and other disorders that can tend to interfere internally I am pretty good at keeping them buried (otherwise I wouldn't have my job!)  is the the health care aspect. even though I am a "bottom feeder" and not a front line warrior i may just deliver mail copys courier services and am pretty much a do whatever they ask me to do person and am not a lawyer or paralegal,  I still am happy to fight for something  I believe matters. health care especally  the  aspect in the health care genre regarding mentally disabled indivuduals. I am not better or worse than anyone. I just am glad that I am trying to help even if it's in the tinest of ways to make a difference in this world even if it means just office work. if I didn't have this sense of purpose or morality streak. I would proably burn out considering I internalize my stress from the day and take it home with me sometimes. but that could be said of anyone in regards to internalizing stress it's just a part of almost every job discription and it's something we just have to learn to deal with (and like the majority of people I am still working on that! & I think I always will be LOL)

Re: What is your current profession in life?

I make high end windows at a very green all American company.  We made windows for a few of Trump's buildings, we make lots of windows for fancy condos and govenment buildings.  We have some cool products that are made to survive explosions, others for hurricanes and psych windows.  More importantly I like the people I work with, there are a few women there and we all get along well unlike other jobs I've had.  I love the old guys tho, they love hanging out with the ladies.  Most of them are so funny and  really make the time fly by. 

I plan to save enough to start a family and not work there until my kids would be in school.  Last year we bought a home in the country with land for hunting.   I love having a new house, I really love gardening and cooking in my beautiful kitchen.  I can't wait to have kids to play in our big yard and to take into our woods. 

Re: What is your current profession in life?

That's actually really interesting. What a neat job! Ahh, lots of land with a home is the best! Congrats!

Re: What is your current profession in life?

That sounds like fun!

I love the country & land. We just made the switch from a house on 10 acres to a townhouse. We just didn't have the time to keep up with everything. I miss my garden & flowers though Smiley Sad We have a small area in the front where I was able to put in some lilies, rose bush, butterfly bush... but it's not the same. 

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