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What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

As many know, there is a vast number of existing high-end, science-tech based cosmetic lines, in current existence. The question here is rather specific as to who (age groups & lifestyle) is wearing what & why. What are the cosmetics nerds wearing today? Anyone curious? This is not a question posed to those of celebrity status but relavent to genius and "hands-on" knowledge-based staff/clients who actually use the cosmetic/treatment products? I'm 50+ and have 18 yrs. pro experience and 34 yrs. consumer experience. I thought it would be beneficial to me, as well as other Sephora clients to ask this very pertinent question in Sephora's "Show & Tell" forum. BTW: The product reviews (good and not-so-good) are of huge assistance to all of us (as many of our younger set in the family compare what we read when we shop the Sephora Stores). Thank you in advance to ANY 1 who wishes to contribute to this thread/convo further. Hope everyone aboard is on their way to or already having a fine day.

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

Amore Pacific is truly bringing about change with its tinted moisturizer that has mastered the art of providing ideal coverage for fair complexions with dry, fine, even-toned skin. IMHO, it is the 1st of the 8th wonders of the cosmetics industry in this decade. I received 9 premier samples of their products (not from Sephora - just to indicate that no one here @ Sephora missed out on any such bonus). I have found that the finish is semi-matte (on my skin - which is described as above) after it has time to set (@ 45 sec). It is scented but there r individuals that have a sensitivity or aversion to scent. I appreciate the fragrance more than the scent of my Dior/Chanel/Shiseido moisturizing & foundation products. The acrylates in some foundations give off the faint smell of their origins (acrylic laden paint). IMHO, not very feminine or attractive. The Amore Pacific has alleviated my need for daytime (sub-foundation) hydrators and FDT primers ALTOGETHER. I was not expecting that benefit. A huge plus! It provides an ideal finish and sheer EVEN coverage when applied properly (yes, I use clean hands & a special make-up application sponge made of fine ultra soft bamboo fiber & silk - purchased in Japan awhile back - I was fortunate to have purchased it since I was diagnosed as latex sensitive - which caused me a great deal of alarm until the sensitivity was pin-pointed to products containing latex) The sponge is dampened w/distilled food grade rose water and excess fluid wrung out. The purpose of the sponge & an Irving Rice 10x mag. mirror is my adherence to achieving perfection and flawless/even sheer coverage in application. I have mastered the art of doing so in a prompt and tidy manner w/o wasting more product than i need to. Less costly latex sponges are fine for those who can use them and a smaller 10x mag mirror can be bought at a consignment shop or drugstore for under $7 USD. In the winter months I dont need a finishing powder most of the time (but there are day/night outings when w/a light hand & an excellent array of pro & backup standard makeup brushes (I recently purchased from Sephora) to lightly brush (micro dusting) on Koh Gen Do face powder or natural lighting powders for daytime finesse. Evenings I apply the Amore Pacific MBTMT & utilize a liquid rouge by Benetint (Rose) w/damp sponge (as desc. abv) which complements my skintone along w/a ultra scant dusting in my following application of the Hourglass Ambient Powder in Radiant - 4 subtle contour & shading. I then use a super-fine setting spray of my own devise (based w/distilled rosewater, witch hazel & micro amount of water soluble vitamins) the mist emitted is much like a fog. The atomizer is professional grade - very costly but durable. A money-saver w/HD and micro powder foundations/ambient lighting powders for a super quick re-touch/refresh of maquillage. Hourglass has a supreme kabuki brush + ambient powder brush (their cost reflects their longevity in performance, 2). An excellent find/buy (if affordable) and Sephora's pro brushes r fine as a makeshift alternative for daily rigorous usage. I have bought enough of them to supplant my supply of heirloom pro brushes from Japan which I have set aside for my niece. When I received the 9 samples of Amore Pacific's facial/lip + treatment products I did not use them immediately as I was monitoring the effectiveness of another brand that was costlier. I now rely on my 8 favorite products to perform their intended function and have purchased (very discerningly) the necessaries (w/i my budget) for the spring + a few in advance of summer to see how they perform in colder climes b4 I put them to the test this summer. I choose my products wisely, it takes me a year to develop a list to refine a list to choose from. I rarely change my list unless great breakthroughs and developments arise in the field of cosmetic bio-technic science. I am 50+ years of age and have been methodically taught to maintain good skincare & be selective on what maquillage I use. I thank you for your valuable contribution to this thread and look forward to more feed back in this niche and on this area of the site. I never discount what I can learn from the younger generations and I value, greatly, the opinions & advisement of women 40+ who are also very concerned with aging skincare/maquillage. As we know, while we live, the aging process (so far) never ceases, no matter how well you maintain your skin. I thank you once again for posting. I agree with you on the quality and the "birth" of so many new products & formulations. Great things are happening for women a/f/a skincare & maquillage. I do apologize that my post are always so long but people are asking for more detailed post on skincare & cosmetics. I don't want to be a "slacker" or a "meh" person in the onset of my (if any) helpful contributions.. 

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

I'm trying out a BB cream for the first time in my life right now. Its the Andalou Naturals Brightening BB Cream. Its all natural and sold at health food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. I've only used it once, but once I've given it a fair try I'll be happy to post a thorough review. Smiley Happy

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?


Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

.I have to agree that newly formulated or re-formulated tinted/non-tinted beauty creams or beauty balms are surfacing at a rapid pace from familiar sources globally. One would have to be employed w/i a cosmetics firm/distributorship, web-based marketting firm engaged in concensus or in accolade w/ large social networking sites similar 2 facebook, twitter, &c) to sample and deduce the demand 4, and merit the worthiness of, so many new offerings in 1 or 2 catergories of the combo skincare/foundation products (in such a short span of their emergence). Hmmm. Let's see, its a vast netstream of data out there. Secure websites have their terms/agreements in lieu of client/user isolated participation. Read terms of client site usage if u feel my explanation is 2 vague. Alternatively, if you have a fair amount of teenaged/20, - 60 yrs. something WOM (word-of-mouth-feedback) on a regular basis (largely stemming from metropolitan/suburban areas) - u can get the jiste of what is "bringing-it" or what is "meh". "Meh", I heard that utterance repeatedly during the singing of an operetta once. I believe 28 yrs. ago the meaning had established itself (much the same definition). I still find it amusing - at my "meh" 50+ years of age. Im glad i read this post, I dont feel so old anymore, So much the better! Im going to continue to learn from the youngsters and contribute what i know when they ask. I can only guess we should urge more product reviews from clients who have greater knowledge and care about what goes into their products and the type of results they are "fervently" hoping to gain for their time, effort & $$. IMO, seems the consumer is always on the verge of a broader & "almost-overnightly" improved selection (exaggerated w/reference 2 timespan somewhat in my last statement). Choose & decide. I've made my choices. AFAIK - up to this point, very satisfied w/product(s) usage up to this point. Many good and perhaps not-all-that-good reviews to tend to. I dont like to make snap decisions and judgements unless it is a definite "waste of good/bad product packaging" scenario.

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

Right now I see that face oils and bb/cc creams are super popular. I havent tried either (yet) but it seems like a new one is coming out every week or something.

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

Oh my goodness, let me not forget; My regards  - dianabt. Thank you for the kind welcome to your "ask the experts"  boards and your valued advisement & contribution to this thread.

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

Many thanks on your input, and insight re: Amore Pacific products "on the rise". Clients my age are looking forward to their arrival/samplings, as well as the younger generations which appreciate correcting & concealing creams with restorative properties due to signs of acne/associated scarring, uneven skintones &c. This IS very good news. More posts like this are very very welcome. 

Re: What is the "cosmetics nerd" wearing these days?

Hi RxVanBuren, welcome to our boards! Smiley Happy


As to what products I have been seeing rise in popularity, I'd have to say BB Creams and now the newest trend, CC creams are VERY popular with clients of all ages and skin types. I really think they are great products since they are so universal and can be of use to every skin tone, skintype and age!


BB Creams (beauty balms) are great for their all in one properties to conceal, hydrate and smooth the skin with a natural, matte, hydrating or oil free finish. Almost every brand has one or is coming out with one!


CC Creams are the newest additions, noted as "color correcting" creams they help to actually treat the skin a bit more and even the complexion while still providing the light coverage and natural finish. 


Smiley Happy I think personally I have tried at least 6 or 7 different BB creams, I recommend them all the time to clients depending on their skin concerns and needs, and just recently tried the new Amore Pacific CC creams! SO great in texture and the light scent, what's really interesting is the applicator is not only anti-bacterial but also anti-microbial so it is self cleaning. Great for those of us on the go who may or may not have time to or think about cleaning our hands before a touchup. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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