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What is different about Sephora?

I've not been here long but I've already been told directly 3/4 times that Sephora is different to other 'beauty' forums. I've also see this stated indirectly too - 


I'm not arguing with this claim, I've been on 3 other forums previously (names withheld to protect the undeserving Smiley Wink) and they were horrible - either a terrible welcome, or 'clique' groups that dominated every opinion (not discussion, opinion), members that made you feel nervous about posting - etc etc - and I don't think I have to tell you just how... opposite Sephora is to this. 


So why do you think this is? 

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Re: What is different about Sephora?

Great question! I think everyone here is awesome and I love the vibe on BT. I do think however, that BT is great for other reasons than everyone being inherently respectful and helpful. With all due respect, I also don't think it has much to do with Sephora's brand.

First, I think the mods deserve kudos. I've never seen them get snarky with anyone and whenever I've made a mistake, they have been very nice about it. The mod team sets the tone for a community and you can see the effect. I am sure that having paid employees as opposed to volunteers makes a difference as well.

I also agree with what prettyinpa said. Organizational culture isn't something you can totally control and once a culture is established, it is very difficult to change. So if something starts off on the right foot, 80% of the work is done.

Finally, I've thought about this as well and I think hearts are a factor. If you want hearts, you need to post content that is of high quality and is presented well. If you are mean, argumentative, cliquey etc. I very much doubt you'd have any hearts. Other forums rely on the number of posts (quantity rather than quality) or the passage of time to enhance a member's reputation. I think the heart idea works very well as it gently encourages everyone to be on their best behaviour.

To add to that, people care about hearts, but they don't care enough to make it political. Politics, in any community, especially older ones with a lot of history, are always a major source of community conflict. Giving someone a heart isn't the same as friending someone or voting/rating someone's post. Conversly, from what I can see, not giving hearts is not strong enough to engender hurt feelings. Hearts are easy, non-committal and drama free. It's a lot like Facebook's "like" except it's emotionally warmer and clearly geared toward a female dominated community.

What I don't understand is: where are the trolls? The random/bizarre people who post just to piss all over everything? I've never seen a single troll or baiting post on BT! Very impressive for a large and active forum. We also don't have spamming and self promoters on BT and I find this pretty amazing. I'm assuming it's because the mods are really on top of things here Smiley Happy

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Re: What is different about Sephora?

This is a really good question and I have been thinking of an answer for awhile. I think it is because by sheer accident or some great gift of fortune the initial group of people that have been participating have been particularly nice people. There have been one or two incidents of "vigorous discussion" but someone posts "let's agree to disagree" or "let's play nice" and the matter gets dropped. I think nice begets nice and the moderators and pros here are really nice and upbeat and it would be embarrassing to be rude and nasty. Also, we have been blessed with no cliques, so there isn't a "pack" mentality where snotty behavior would be tolerated because others are condoning it. 


I have been a member of many organizations and seen where some get off to a good start and stay friendly and others have the bad luck of getting off to a bad start and degenerate into a nasty pack where criticism, bullying and general bad behavior are the norm.


Or maybe it's just because we are all nice.....


Re: What is different about Sephora?

I'm with PiP. I think we all just want to help each other. And even though some may start out a little on guard because unfortunately they are used to the other type of group mentality, they quickly learn to pull in their nails there is no need for them here. Here everyone does gets to put there two cents in and not only is it not disparaged but it is welcomed because it gives he rest a new idea to try.  And as Pretty said we have great Monitors and Beauty Experts that go out of their way to help us out.


Sephora and Beauty Talk is just a wonderful little gem we have been so lucky to find.

Re: What is different about Sephora?

I'm just as new to this forum as you are, but already I've found it to be a great environnement. Personally, I love getting advice from the beauty-saavy! Here it's done in a friendly way, where everyone is happy to share their tricks of the trade. I think, like the others, this idea started with a group of great people, and just blossomed. When there's a positive example to follow, I think anyone who is negative or rude would be quickly mortified and not participate in nasty behaviour. Thats my "two cents" Smiley Wink!!

Re: What is different about Sephora?

this is actually my first forum that i have participated and everyone is just so nice and so helpful! Smiley Happy i look forward to coming by each day and chatting with everyone and getting to know them!

Re: What is different about Sephora?

What a great topic manicpixiegirl!


It's so great to hear that you all are having a good experience on our Beauty Talk boards. Smiley Happy I am still a bit new to the boards  myself which is a different experience for me than actually being a makeup artist and physically recommending items! I have found such great tips, posts, and contributors here! I love seeing and hearing what everyone else has to say and recommend and request! This topic DEFINITELY helps us all Beauty Experts and Moderators to know what our clients like and don't like and thank you again for bringing this up! 


Happy Halloween!





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What is different about Sephora?

Great question Manicpixiegirl.  I think we are incredibly fortunate to have such a great group of community members.  I've been on here since the very beginning and it has always been a very positive environment with very rare exceptions.  Our members are positive, supportive and very helpful with their ideas and recommendations.  New members are always welcomed with open arms.  As to why?  I think it's because Sephora girls and guys rock! Smiley Wink

Re: What is different about Sephora?

I am with Katie723. This is my first forum, and until reading your post I didn't realize others were like that. I think all the people here have so much to contribute, and are really knowledgeable. It has really enhanced my overall Sephora experience.

Re: What is different about Sephora?

Hi Manicpixiegirl,


I definitely agree with the all ladies previous posts... This being my 1st forum as well I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I've come to love this forum and I love how everyone is so helpful and ready to give advice and share their knowledge on everything from beauty products to skin care to just chatting in the lounge or starting on off topic message.... I must say tho, not to be a downer but I have read some posts were ladies were not so nice, and 1 thing that bugs me that I've notice is were ppl have join into a post completely ignoring the last person that posted... I think that's just plain rude.. Other than my 2 quams I love this site and forum and will continue being an avid member.... If it wasn't for the help of ladies on here I would be so lost.... Katie723, PrettyinPa, SephoraMustHave, Kimmi1115 just to name a few plus all the beauty experts have made joining this forum a delight!! Smiley Happy

Re: What is different about Sephora?

thanks, isha85 and sephoramusthave Smiley Happy


i agree with you sephoramusthave, i can only tell my bf so much before he starts giving me a blank stare! Smiley Very Happy i love coming here and talking with all you beauty junkies and learning SO much, whether its about makeup or even just about the friends that i've made on here Smiley Happy 

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