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What do you do when you are feeling sad?

Okay, this is kinda random but I was just wondering. Like what do others do when they have heard bad news, or having a bad day, or just are sad at the moment?


Do you go somewhere? Go for a drive? Want to be alone? Retail therapy?


For me, I gotta say it's defiantly retail therapy. It brings my mood up for a while. And sweets... nothing better than stuffing myself with candy or cookies. Haha. 

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

I'm like you.. Retail therapy definitely lifts my spirits. Specifically beauty retail therapy. If I'm a little down, just cruising Sephora makes me glow on the inside, even if I don't end up buying anything.


I'm not a big sweets person.. But give me some macarons, French champagne, and a lavish bubble bath and I'll be in the clouds.


And lastly, my cats. Even when I'm at my lowest, their big green eyes can put a smile on my face.


Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

I defiantly agree with the bubble bath! It's so relaxing and it's the time where my mind is completely blank.. which is good for the time being!

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

Depends on when I'm feeling sad I guess. If it's at night (like tonight actually) I try to keep busy, so I don't think too much, by watching a show or movie, browsing the internet, hanging out with my Mom and sister or kitty.


I also try to remind myself about all the things I should be happy and thankful for.


And if that doesnt work, nothing wrong with window shopping/bargain hunting or some chocolate and peanut butter. Smiley Happy A nice long walk or good work out often does the trick as well.

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

Yes, a movie always help also with passing time.

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

I usually listen to music while doing something else. If I just had a bad day and about to just go off on some one I will listen to rock and maybe play a video game were I can kill things haha. If I'm sad I try to listen to music that makes me happy while doing something I love like baking or editing photos. Then if I'm in just a blah mood I'll listen to something fun and dance silly around the house. Music for me fixes a lot of thing Smiley Happy

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

Usually I like to be by myself when i'm upset, I can get snippy and/or mean and dont wanna take my bad attitude out on poor hubby.  I just watch you tube vids and whatever I have on DVR, hubby knows to just leave me be untill I come to him which I always end up doing. I always feel better after a good nights sleep, so I know whatever mood/funk im in will eventually pass. I used to be into shopping when i was upset but as I got older I realized after I spend my money i was still pissy and shopping didnt help. So now I just keep to myself and let it pass.

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

I prefer to be by myself. I get really snippy like @pinklissamel stated. But i love to cuddle with the Neice!!(sisters dog)

And looking at Sephora!! That combination usually does the trick to cheer me up.  

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

I play with my dog or go for a horse ride. The dog just loves to be brushed or play hide and seek his toys, so that always cheers me up, seeing him so happy.


Retail therapy, though short term so gratifying, can lead to major regret later when the credit card bill comes, so I only use that as a treat of last resort.

Re: What do you do when you are feeling sad?

The critters know when I'm sad, and they always perk me up.  Sally will lean against me or sit on my lap, and I'll pet her and cuddle with her.  Doobie and Jasmine can purr away the sadness. Doobie loves to rub his head against mine, and he does that when I'm on the computer or doing school work lol.


Outside, Meat Head and Brutus are goof balls, and just watching them play makes me laugh.  Both of them also give kisses, and Brutus likes to use me as a chair lol.  Nala is as sweet as can be. I love to watch her pitty patty and stretch her toes when she is happy lol.



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