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What do you do for exercise?

What's your exercise plan?  Whether it's a heavy weight lifting session with the TV remote (lol) or a grueling 10 mile hike, how do you keep fit?


I run, ride horses (which is actually a good workout if you do it right), strength train with a fitness ball and resistance bands. I also like to kayak and hike around as long as it isn't hot and muggy out like today.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Capoiera is so beautiful to me! I love watching demonstrations because everything is so fluid and all movements and function translate and flow so well from one to another! There's even a capoiera move in the stretching/warm up in the Rushfit vid!


@ Diana, yeah, it can get pretty bloody if a fighter happens to hand even just ONE good/right hit. It's insane when it happens right at the beginning of a fight or in the first few rounds, especially if someone happens to get a gash on their brow or forehead, blood is just pouring into a fighter's eye!


The Rushfit work out actually surprised me because it's not all UFC/MMA oriented, in other words I'm not doing crazy take downs in all the work outs. There is one DVD where you work on punches, knees, elbows, and kicks, but overall it's a pretty funcational system that ties in well with other workouts like swimming, biking, or even just cardio.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I watch video workouts on youtube by Blogilates. Cassey Ho, the instructor, has a TON of short workouts that target all areas of the body. I started in June with her Beginners calendar workout(3-4 mini workouts a day..about 10 mins or less each) and now I'm doing the July workout. It's SO convenient if you want to tone or get in shape but don't have the time/money for a gym or fitness classes. It's definitely worth checkout out and trying. Some of the workouts are SO killer and others you feel like they aren't so bad until you are sore tomorrow Smiley Happy She's so funny but really engages you to stay motivated and continue the workouts.


Re: What do you do for exercise?

I really like Cassey. She's positive and has a huge range of workouts. I'm no stranger to spending some evenings doing a couple of her workouts haha. This is especially nice if I don't have time to make it to the gym, but still want to dedicate some time to my fitness.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What do you do for exercise?

@kalex- I've got to say that cleaning helps a lot in toning your triceps I clean everyday to every other day and I guess lifting the vacuum carrying from place to place has my arms really firm that along with the weight I use when I run helps a lot. I pretty weight conscious if I get over 117 I panic.


Re: What do you do for exercise?

That's too crazy - 117 is my number too!  If I see that number I think, "I need to watch what I eat today."


I wish triceps toning was as simple as cleaning for me.  I have 4 kids and 2 dogs.  I clean a lot!  

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I have a panic number too! But I rarely get on the scale, I try to judge myself by how I look & feel. I did hit my panic number once when I was working out heavily... I bulked up LOL. 

I can't believe how much of a workout cleaning is. I'm always sore & tired after deep cleaning the house. 

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I've taken Taekwondo since I was about 12, and am a second degree black belt now, currently training for my third degree test in November (eek! nerves!) I also have taken HapKiDo (Korean martial art that is similar to Judo or Ju Jitsu) since I was about 17, stopping for about 4 years while in college. I'm in classes probably 6-9 hours a week.


Both martial arts work on just about every muscle group in the body. It's great for stress, and the endorphin rush makes me one happy girl Smiley Very Happy I take TaeKwonDo more for fitness, as for real-world application, it doesn't really prepare you for fighting, except for speed/reflex training. HapKiDo is a down and dirty kind of martial art, designed to use your opponent's strength against them (good because I am quite small), and to get you out alive if someone attacks you on the street. We practice with knives, blunt object and guns. There's also a lot of acrobatic falls and throws. It's a lot of fun Smiley Happy


Also, in my free time I play Dance Central 2/3 on Kinect for Xbox Smiley Very Happy No video cameras allowed, folks.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

@kalex- You should have bulging triceps with 4 kids and 2 dogs to clean up after that's a lot. I think what also helps me to stay small is because I never sit still.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I usually go to the gym and jog on the treadmill and then I will do free weights. But on the days were I just do not feel like going to the gym I will either go for a nice walk, bike ride, or a hike. I also like to take different classes at my local YMCA. My favorite and most challenging class is probably body pump. It is strength training and aerobic at the same time. (kind of hard to explain) but it is an awesome class!

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I've recently started using the Nike ntc app. They offer lots of great exercise routines that are pretty intense! I usually take a break or two before completing them!

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