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What do you do for exercise?

What's your exercise plan?  Whether it's a heavy weight lifting session with the TV remote (lol) or a grueling 10 mile hike, how do you keep fit?


I run, ride horses (which is actually a good workout if you do it right), strength train with a fitness ball and resistance bands. I also like to kayak and hike around as long as it isn't hot and muggy out like today.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Wow, all you ladies really know how to have fun while exercising!  I'm proud of you all for taking good care of your bodies, I wish I had taken better care of parts of mine when I was younger- fortunately I haven't had to have any joints replaced yet, but I know for sure that a toned body could have prevented a couple of nasty sprains!

I love all your exercise hints, I'm definitely going to look into some of your DVD recommendations, blogs and tutorials!

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Holy shabammmm. You ladies are tough!


im taking a lot of notes cause my BF is challenging me to a weight loss competition for an all expenses paid vacation... Which of course I cannot afford.


i used to kick box every morning but that was long ago and now I'm a lazy butt. =/ you all motivate me to move more!

Re: What do you do for exercise?

@serioustree- Just take it slow to start so you don't injure yourself and get set back. Some fitness DVDs and exercise routines start you off pretty fast and if you are really gung ho, you can strain a muscle. If you do get sore, know that it hurts the worst about 36 hours after, then gets better pretty fast. Soaking in a tub of epsom salts or bath salts always feels great for me.


We are cheering you on, I hope you get a wonderful vacation and a toned body out of all that hard work!


Re: What do you do for exercise?

Regarding triceps...  Does anyone have triceps that don't jiggle to an extreme degree?  If so, tell me what you do!  In detail please. *grabs pen and notebook*


Awhile back I caught my reflection while waving and I was horrified to see my triceps wobbling.  I did chair dips and push-ups on a daily basis for weeks and saw zero improvement. Smiley Sad

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Triceps are tricky muscles to really tone up. I use resistance bands and also do back pull downs. I got a kit from GoFit that has 4 different resistance bands, handles and a DVD for around $35 (forgot the actual amount) on Amazon. They are nice for travel because I can do the routine anyplace that has a door to trap the anchor in. Farm work somehow also tones up triceps, I think slinging hay bales around helps a lot! lol

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty petite so staying slim with my smaller frame has never been too difficult. I'm a fan of cardio (dancing/belly dancing) which I used to keep up with on the regular and I've done yoga a bit, but as of late my boyfriend and I have been follow Georges St. Pierre's Rush Fit regimen. He's my favorite UFC fighter and my boyfriend did him homework on a bunch of at-home work out programs and decided "Hey, why not?"


We're on week 5 and so far, so good! The assessment and first few work outs kicked my butt just because I hadn't worked out in foooooreverrrrrr (I think I got over zealous and overshot it with the squats those first few days). But it's a really goo circuit work out that's broken down to a good pace and isn't crazy complicated. It kicks off with a 10 minute warm up, 25 minute work out (broken up into 5 5 minute segments with a minute rest in between each), and a 10 minute cool down, so in total you're working out for 45 minutes.


My quads and abs definitely have more definition when I flex, as do my arms. I'm using it to get more toned and to build some muscle strength rather than using it to shed pounds.


There's 3 different levels of workouts and we started on the beginner but plan to do the intermediate and the advanced so in total it'll be 24 weeks of work outs. I'm anxious to see how my body will change up as time goes on!



I'm really liking this thread, Prettyinpa! It almost goes hand in hand with my food thread! Smiley Tongue Folks can get workout/exercise ideas here and get meal ideas there! Haha!

Re: What do you do for exercise?

^ Is he shirtless throughout the workouts?  I could find that motivating.



Re: What do you do for exercise?

Hahahahaha nice Kalex Smiley Very Happy

Re: What do you do for exercise?

LOL! No, sadly he isn't, Kalex! Although I agree 100% with you! Smiley Wink


It's actually pretty cool that he does the whole work out along with the two fitness extras, GSP doesn't just stand around, show a few moves then stop. His trainer and designer of the work out (Erik Owings) is more so the person that leads you through each exercise and he's got more of the no-nonsense mentality and keeps it focused (no crazy work out "motivational" speeches from him, just plain and simple instructions and mods to each exercise). You see GSP struggle through parts of the work out too so it's nice to know that even as conditioned of a fighter he is that he still has flaws and isn't some work out machine.


I won't lie, the comments and remarks by GSP are really cute sometimes because English is his second language and you can really tell he's trying to get across a good point, but stumbles on his words sometimes. Smiley Tongue

Re: What do you do for exercise?

@crayzeeRN wow thats amazing! Have you ever tried Capoiera? I may have spelled it wrong but its a form of Brazilian martial arts that sort of mixes the martial arts with dancing. Apparently the focus is to avoid an attack with evasive moves rather than attacking yourself or blocking hits!


On another note I've seen a UFC fight ONCE in my life on TV and wow was it bloody.. a knee to the nose and that was it. =/ I'm sure their workout are AMAZING though to keep so fit and in shape! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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