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What do you do for exercise?

What's your exercise plan?  Whether it's a heavy weight lifting session with the TV remote (lol) or a grueling 10 mile hike, how do you keep fit?


I run, ride horses (which is actually a good workout if you do it right), strength train with a fitness ball and resistance bands. I also like to kayak and hike around as long as it isn't hot and muggy out like today.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Exercise ugh such a dirty word.... Just kidding um.... what do I do.....????? Well I LOVE spin class love love love it. I hate running but its something that's required in my line of work so I usually try to run at least 3 miles 2-3 times a week. Although sometimes that just doesn't happen. I love any type of cardio class and TRX woohoo if that doesn't make you sore!!! I really wanna try crossfit but it kinda intimidates me. I recently started following a few firness guru blogs and that has been helping me get movitated to workout. If you're looking for something I would recommend looking at that is a good quick workout all of 12 min or so and all their workouts are free no money and they are good too just try one of thir workouts and you will be able to see for yourself. I don't know about any of you guys but I find myself in a fitness motivation moment that lasts a few months and then...... I loose all that movitation and do nothing for a few wks and then start it all over again. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this horrible problem.  

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I run a lot and some days hate it and some days I love it because I feel so much better after.

Re: What do you do for exercise?



Re: What do you do for exercise?

ok but seriously, i have been really dying to learn horseback riding!  I've gone a couple of times and the trail ride person told me I was a natural.  I just don't really know where to get started, as the few places I've found that teach beginners are all geared towards little girls or parties of little girls.....

Re: What do you do for exercise?

@drragon and Beautytester-Ask at riding stables if there is someone who will give you private lessons. My instructor is really great, she tailors my lessons to my skill level, so as soon as I am even slightly competent at something, she moves to the next level. That way I (and the horse) don't get bored doing the same old thing and we make incredible progress. It's actually cheaper than group lessons also, since she teaches me stuff, then I practice on my own, so I'm not practicing on her clock. She also gears my lessons for an older body, not some really flexible teen or preteen that can bend over backwards in the saddle and lie on the horse's rump while having feet in the stirrups! I tried that once and didn't come even close to lying flat and the horse turned around and looked at me with a "Whassup" look that was priceless. lol

Re: What do you do for exercise?

Ah, I want to learn horseback riding, too! There are courses offered but I have to pay hundreds of dollars that I don't have (okay, even if I do, I'm more likely to spend them at Sephora...).


It's ok drrragon. If I live near you, I will join you and the group of little girls. It cannot be more embarrassing than when my parents took me to Build-A-Bear to get a college graduation gift. Surprise surprise, I was the only one over age of 5 in there, and the sales lady who put together my bear had me do these sets of prancing around making a wish thing while a dozen toddlers were standing around gawking at me....

Re: What do you do for exercise?

hahahaha your parents took you to Build-a-Bear for graduation?  that's so cute and funny!  hahahaha


well if you ever move to the DC area, look me up and we'll join the little girls' pony classes together!  Safety in numbers and all that  Smiley Very Happy

Re: What do you do for exercise?

If I'm motivated enough to get out of apartment, as in summer/fall, I go on the elliptical/treadmill for 20-40min while listening to pop music.

Otherwise hula hoop or beginner yoga in the apartment.


I like watching dance videos, and on rare occasions where I feel inspired, I'll follow along flail my arms around and twirl until I work up a sweat and am thoroughly confused.....then I shower.

Re: What do you do for exercise?

lol, I just did a grueling 10 mile hike yesterday (in 100 degree weather!)  and that is most decidedly NOT my normal exercise plan!


Between that and my yoga instructor using me as a guinea pig for her moon salutation workshop on Saturday, Everything Hurts.



Yoga is much more my speed. I try to attend several classes a week.  


I also walk with my dogs!  But they are lazy, so we don't often go far Smiley Wink

Re: What do you do for exercise?

I usually walk for an hour at lunch time, even if my lunch time ends up being a 3pm.  I get in several miles of walking, get outside, and destress from the time at my desk.  However, with a heat index in the 100s this past week I just haven't gotten out as much.  Today it rained midday to just add to the unpleasantness.  (Heck, my office building even feels humid at this point!)


I've got a Wii Fit and if I'm working from home sometimes I will walk on that and watch something or listen to a book on my iPhone, but I'd rather be outside if I can.

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