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What are your travel essentials?

So in about 3 weeks I'll be going out to Vancouver! I've never been & it will be the longest I'v travelled in a while. I'd like to know what some of your travel essentials are. I'll be doing out-doors-ee activities while I'm up in Whistler, & then we'll go back down to the city for the remainder of the trip. Not only would product recommendations would help, but if you've been to Vancouver it would help if you have any recommendations of must-see, dos, & eats! 

I've also heard that if you're flying & have eyeshadow it's best to put paper towel over them so they don't shatter... Is this a thing?


Re: What are your travel essentials?

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Re: What are your travel essentials?

Don't forget to hydrate yourself before, during and after your flights. I would also suggest a hydrating mask while in flight. Maybe a mask sheet while flying if you are not shy. This will help your skin so much.  I don't know how long your trip will be but I suggest packing light. Take some good walking shoes. Vancouver is a very walkable city, especially the westend, yaletown, gastown area. You can walk it in a day from Stanley park (the edge) till chinatown. (I have). There is also historic gastown with the famed steam clock. You will also pass lionsgate bridge (sister bridge to golden gate and namesake to the lionsgate production company) on your way from Whistler to Vancouver. As far as good...there are sooo many good places to eat there but I highly suggest finding an Indian and a Chinese place. Vancouver has the biggest chinatown in Canada so be sure to check it out and stop at a place to eat there. The city also has some of the best Indian food I've had.


If you have any time (depending on how long your trip is) I'd take a trip out to Victoria. Its a 2hr ferry ride but it is worth it. You go through inlet island areas. I've done it a couple of times and its such a good way to see the natural island chains of the area. Victoria itself is smaller than Vancouver so you could go one day and come back the next day. It is small enough that you will not need a car. It is also the capital of British Colombia so you can go to the capital building and have a tour.

Re: What are your travel essentials?

I absolutely love Vancouver. The drive to Whistler is absolutely gorgeous, but it sounds like you've got that covered. I would add some time wandering around Stanley Park, and the Vancouver Aquarium is great as well. 


I'm sure everybody has their own essential products based on what they prefer to use, but a couple for me:

1. A hard-sided case to pack everything into so nothing gets squished. It may take up a little extra room, but it also prevents anything from getting destroyed or onto any of your clothes.


2. Given that you'll be outside a lot, maybe an SPF spray like the new Supergoop refresher/finishing/SPF/setting spray? I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but seems great for setting makeup and providing SPF in an easy to apply and reapply application. 


3. Any product that multitasks. Lip/Cheek combos, moisturizers with SPF, etc. Anything that helps me pack less items while being versatile and streamlining my routine to minimize my time getting ready each day so I can spend more time exploring. 


4. Things you can apply with fingers. I personally find brushes to be one of the more obnoxious things to bring on vacation. Sure they can be packed up fairly easily in little cases and rollers, but keeping them clean and narrowing down the ones I would categorize as a "need" vs. a "nice to have" is always annoyingly challenging to me! 

Re: What are your travel essentials?

Thank you : ) I really appreciate the product suggestions! 

Re: What are your travel essentials?

i've never had a eyeshadow shatter while flying, but i do tend to put liquids in a plastic bag as the air pressure often causes them to leak. 


when it comes to what i bring when i travel, i typically allow myself 2-3 toiletry bags (one for makeup, one for skin, one for hair etc). i allow myself to bring whatever i want as long as it fits. when things stop fitting, then i have to make the "hard choices" ๐Ÿ˜‰ i like to bring as much skincare as possible, though, as my skin always needs a bit of help after flying.


i also like bringing something like the travel size caudalie beauty elixir on a plane to help with hydration. 


have fun on your trip !

Re: What are your travel essentials?

Thank you for the suggestions! 

& oh. I will. ๐Ÿ™‚

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