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Post in Besides Beauty

What are your passions?

Besides makeup and everything beauty related, I really enjoy baking Smiley Happy


What about you?

Re: What are your passions?

Such a great topic! I love seeing what others are into and seeing what drives people. Myself, I enjoy reading and always have my head in a book. However, my biggest passion is music, making music, listening to music, reading about music, you name it. Smiley Happy

Re: What are your passions?

Hi makeupjunky89, 


I like topics like these to find out what all the other users on this page like to do and enjoy. Smiley Happy


I really love to read. I am constantly reading books all the time or visiting the library. I could probably benefit from a kindle but I think having the physical book in my hands makes my interest and excitement over the book all the more worthwhile. Right now I'm almost done with the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy and I LOVE it! I can't wait for the movie to come out.


Another of my passions is photography. I haven't had as much time,resources or creativity with it lately but I used to be out and about with a camera every chance I had. Every concert was photos and scenery and lights, I wish I could get back into it! Technology has changed so much and techniques and styles, I like shooting pictures for fun not to be "judged" on how great the quality or lighting is. Just having a shot of that moment in history is enough for me. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What are your passions?

Great topic makeupjunky89! I'm enjoying going over all of your passions!


Writing is my first love, I have several shelves of notebooks filled with prose and short stories that I've done over the years. I spend a minimum of 20 minutes each day writing; rather it's at my home desk in a notebook, on my computer, or on my cell (ha I have a mini collection of free write excerpts on my iPhone). One of the wonderful things about writing is the fact that not much is required to execute the fruits of your craft, just a pen and paper (or electronic device).


I also really enjoy planning things, rather it's a delicious meal or a new concept for one of the rooms in my home. Oh and I'm a kindle lover too! I'm on the hunt for a new read right now, I just started Invisible Monsters, which was highly recommended to me by so many...but I'm having a hard time getting into I may put it on the back burner and hunt for something else.


I'm also really enjoy spending time with my pets. I have two dogs and a cat, they're like my kids. You know how they say nothing in certain in the world? Well one thing is, when I open the door to my home they are always there to greet me on the other side beyond excited to see me.

Whimsically yours,

Re: What are your passions?

i love to hang out with friends, play the piano, and practice musical instruments!


                                                  ~Morgann Mae ♥

Re: What are your passions?

I love reading!!  Like Missjr, my Kindle is my best friend.  Whenever I finished a tough semester in school, I would treat myself to 4-5 books and spend the entire weekend reading.

Re: What are your passions?

Aquariums - Yes, I take care of fish and love it.  I have three different tanks, with my favorite being my 36 gal (but that is because of my Angelfish and my catfish.)  I have been raising fish since I was ten and therefore, I have become rather experienced at it.  I am drawn to the exotic and beautiful fish, as well as the weird ones (which is why it might explain my Banjo Catfish, who is so docile, I can hold her within my hands).  As for my Angelfish, I have taught her/him to grab bloodworms from my fingers.


Gardening - I love perennials and daylilies and my backyard is literally a little garden.  Half the time, my dog cannot even get around!  We have everything from wildflowers to dayliles to roses and bushes such as Nine Bark (which is an awesome bush if you guys ever want one.  Has gorgeous peeling bark).  I get a lot of butterflies as well as bees in my yard and I tend to chase out kids who try to pluck my flowers.  Most of them are for breeding purposes and for the wildlife to enjoy.  Therefore, I like to keep it as friendly for them as possible.  I just need to get the birdfeeder back up and running.


Photography and Art - I love photography.  it is as peaceful to me as watching my fish and gardening.  I enjoy mainly nature and animals (I find it to be a bit more expressive than most humans) though I will do people when they are not expecting it.  As for art, I create images that are close to vector in a Chuck Close style.  It's extremely fun and, as much as I don't sell my work, I enjoy it.


The American Civil War - Errr.. yes, I am being extremely honest about it.  I love the time period.  It is extremely fun (and tramatic) to read about.  I want to visit the majority of the battlefields that are out there and last summer, I went to Gettysburg.  I had a blast.. wish I could live their.  Nearly jumped out of a moving car just to go to a momument dedicated to the Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana Iron Brigade (also known as the Black Hat Brigade).  Oh and I was climbing high rocky terrian in sandals, in which my friend was following behind me just so I wouldn't roll off a cliff.  Yep..  good times.  I'll just say this: I am extremely tempted to buy a full Union military uniform and have my sister dress up at a Confederate.  That way, on Halloween, we can hide and when kids come to our house, run out and fight to make them scream like girls.  Yes.. so tempted...


Re: What are your passions?

I love to go snowboarding with my boyfriend! (: We go every sunday Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are your passions?

guilty pleasure: anime/manga, in another word Japanese Cartoon and Animation. Most are meant for kids, but if you really delve into it, every sci-fi movie US making now was already in those manga/animes.


It's not make up/beauty but fashion related. Aside from mystery genre, I love the fashion manga and actually save images from it for outfit inspiration, like the mixture of patterns and accessories. =P

Re: What are your passions?

Like you, Beautytester, I also love baking; I consider it therapy! Smiley Wink  I am also an avid reader and one of my most prized possessions is the Kindle I received for my birthday last September.  Since then I've completed 10 books and have just started on another one.  I've also downloaded at least 7 samples of books I intend to purchase.  I also love 70's music and old movies, particularly romances and biblical epics! 


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