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What are your Christmas traditions?

Each year I see the Nutcracker at the Joffrey Ballet. It is such a fun event to share with family. What are your Christmas traditions?

Smiley Happy

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

We celebrate St. Nick's day on 12/6 (I think) and put our slippers by the fireplace and wake up to a small surprise/gift.  This always got me excited for the upcoming holiday.


We always have breakfast for Christmas eve dinner- waffles, peaches and cottage cheese, bacon, sausage etc. (My dad had 7 siblings and this was cheap for them...and then it became tradition!)


Then we read The Night Before Christmas and hang our stockings by the fireplace.


We bake cookies and leave cookies and milk for Santa.


We used to cut down a tree every year when I was a kid, but now that I have kids- we bought a big fake one.  It is just easier!


We open presents on Christmas morning...only after my dad (and now my husband does it) searches downstairs to make sure there are no more elves in the house.


Then we have ham for dinner on Christmas with applesauce.  Don't know where that one came from??


I love this- I'm getting into the Christmas spirit already.





Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

How fun! 


My family's main Christmas tradition is to stay up until 12 on the 24th of December or my mom would always send me and my sister to midnight mass with her. (very tiring when we were only 10 years old!)


I think my own Christmas tradition (sad and boring as it may sound..) is going to Starbucks for CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DRINKS! Also, going downtown and walking around to see the Macy's windows set up with holiday themes. The SPCA always has kittens in the window in little mock "homes" and you can adopt them! Their volunteer are outside taking donations, talking about the kittens and finding homes for them. Very cute to see,always a huge crowd. I also love going to the see the giant Christmas tree in Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf and in Neiman Marcus. Those are my own traditions. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

1. We start decorating ( MAJOR decorating) the inside and outside of the house the second Thanksgiving is over, and we dont take anything down until a few days after New Years. I actually already have a brand new Christmas mat (outdoor welcome mat) outside my front door. And my family prefers colorful lights that flicker, we dont like the plain clear ones at all, not very festive I guess lol.


2. Every year I get this giant Christmas German cone, and its filled with hollow chocolates, it has everything from ornaments you can hang on the tree(I always do) to santas and snowmen.


3. My family buys at least 2 boxes of colorful candy canes every year and hangs them on the tree and none of them get eaten, we just like them for decoration. We also put Christmas cards on the tree.


4. We dont eat Turkey for Christmas, just Thanksgiving. We get a whole pig and eat that and a bunch of other traditional European food as well.


5. We mail out Christmas cards Dec. 1. Never before, never after. Most of our family is in Europe and it takes a few weeks to get there.


6. We alternate between spending Christmas in Texas and New Hampshire or Boston.


7. I buy at least one new Christmas CD every year because I play them so much that I get bored with them.


8. We have to have SOMETHING hanging on the front door on the outside. Usually its a wreath that lights up, sometimes its a giant red bow that lights up. 


9. We get a REAL Christmas tree every year for the main tree and we try to get a really big fluffy wide one, if that makes any sense. We like the smell of a real tree in the living room. And we always have more than one tree in the house. Usually its one real one and at least 2 other artificial ones in different rooms and a little one.


10. My mom makes homemade bread even though there's dozens of other things to eat. Out of everything on the table, I reach for this first.


11. We like to participate in some kind of charity where we can directly help somebody out. Buying food, clothes or toys for people in need. We especially love the Salvation Army giving tree program ( its in every mall and on, Toys for Tots and our church.

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

My family goes to a condo in Florida! "Santa" comes the day before we leave, so we don't have lug gifts back and forth.

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

My brother and I are in charge of setting up the nativity scene.

We go to a farm to get a tree and the go to a local store that sells apples and fried cakes and knickknacks and countryish things.

We go to Church on christmas eve ( this is trying to be moved to christmas day but I refuse)

Santa comes

We go to my grandmas house to open presents.


my family (except for me) is the epitome of uncreative. We tried to make our own wrapping paper when I was like 5 and that just didn't work. Mr pillsbury makes our cookies and then I just dump icing and sprinkles on them.


I love it


~~ We are all beautiful~~

RE: Re: What are your Christmas traditions?


Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

We see the Nutcracker at the historic Academy of Music in Philadelphia every year.

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

Making Christmas wreaths and porch decorations from fir tree trimmings.

Cutting down a Christmas tree from our planting & decorating it.

Baking Christmas cookies.

Going to NYC and looking at the giant tree at Rockefeller Center (it came from Pennsylvania this year!)

Going to Longwood Gardens and seeing their Holiday Display. This is the DuPont Mansion and grounds that is near WIlmington Delaware- the decorations cover acres of land and include the fabulous greenhouses as well as the Mansion house. There is a water show at the fountains if it isn't too cold and someone plays this enormous pipe organ in the afternoon. Awesome!

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

Lights, lights, and more lights.  It seems to make the atmosphere more pleasant and peaceful. 


Decorating and looking at decorations.


Sending out Christmas/Holiday cards. 


Baking sugar cookies.  Filled with wild sprinkles and what not too. 

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

@ran8 Your lights comment reminds me of my dad lol.  He's in charge of putting lights on the tree, and there's a lot of them lol.


@dianabt  The Starbucks holiday drinks are amazing!  As simple as it is, I like how they change their Holiday paper cups each year.  It's a nice little touch.  Can't forget about the Christmas coffee cups you can buy as gifts!  That is so sweet of the SPCA to do!  It's a really creative idea to catch people's attention of what animals are up for adoption.  I'll have to tell Judi, who I volunteer alongside at Petsmart, about that.



@sephoramusthave  My family and I never finish off the candy canes lol.  It's just too much no matter how good they are.



At my house, the tree and decorations go up a day or two after Thanksgiving.  Some ornaments we have are as old as I am and they always have a spot on the tree.  This year, we're adding more bells due to my mom's kitten and my boyfriend's cat having their first Christmas.  If they go near the tree, we'll know lol.


My dad tends to put a lot of Christmas movies in the DVD player.  Tim Allen's The Santa Clause is a must!  Christmas with the Kranks is also very funny.


This will be my second Christmas with my boyfriend, and we've already started some traditions.  Last year, he helped me decorate my college apartment.  I have a little tree that we put up and decorate with Rudolph ornaments!  I have a Rudolph and Clarice ornaments that says First Christmas Together.  After we decorate and clean up, we get a $5 Little Caesars pizza.  Don't feel like cooking after that lol.


The most important item at the Christmas meal: the country ham.  Ham biscuits in the morning, ham at lunch, and ham at supper.  No part of it goes to waste lol.

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

Oh! We also open presents on Christmas eve midnight, never Christmas morning.

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

We open gifts on Christmas eve as well, and we do the traditional Italian 7 fish dinner. 

Re: What are your Christmas traditions?


Re: What are your Christmas traditions?

Hi sephoramusthave!


I do the same thing with my family and open presents at midnight. Smiley Happy For some reason it was so much more exciting when I was a kid! Now that I'm older I'd rather just sleep through it all haha, I must be turning into a scrooge! Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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