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What are you listening to?

Makeup is my second love, but music has always been my first! Despite not being musically inclined at all, I am obsessed! I don't go a day, or usually a few hours, without listening to music. I love the fact that a song can trigger so many emotions, memories, and completely change your mood.  I am on a never ending search for new artists, so tell me: What are you listening to right now? Do you have a favorite record/band/song? 

This band is the love of my life ❤ they're called Lordi c...

This band is the love of my life ❤ they're called Lordi. Love all their songs. I have all their albums, saw them live after waiting 5 years and met them after the show (please do not confuse with Lorde, thank you!) 🤘🏻

Re: What are you listening to?

Current obsession: Hurray for the Riff Raff's (not to be confused with Riff Raff) newest album. It's a gorgeous combination of a sultry voice, poetic and political lyrics, and a blend of rock, folk, and Latin. 



And...I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm liking Harry Style's new music, too. 

Re: What are you listening to?

That's a rad song @txcatx! And no shame- Harry is quite talented!

Re: What are you listening to?

They are coming to SLC this year I hope to see them. I love her voice. 

Re: What are you listening to?

Okay, I also have to say that I love music. All kinds of it. I don't really have the energy anymore (and the older I get, the more I hate crowds), but I used to go to shows within a two hour drive, even on weeknights. Many of my favorite memories involve these adventures. Jenny Lewis and Nikki Lane at a historic Texas dance hall. Shovels and Rope, Elle King, and Phosphorescence at Willie Nelson's ranch with a special performance by Willie himself. Snoop Dogg inside a giant Doritos vending machine. Local Natives (one of my favorite bands) at an after party in an old ballroom. Kendrick Lamar inside a tent in a parking lot, and Bon Iver in the same tent. Of Monsters and Men in a backyard. This is what happens when you spend your 20's living in a music city where anyone from Kanye West to Robert Plant play (free!) secret shows, and half the fun is the Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist type of adventure to find the shows, especially during a major music conference every March. For about six years, I took a few days off work in March for this. 


This took me down memory lane, and it all seems like half a lifetime ago. I went through Instagram to see some old pictures I had taken (some from when I was press, but most are bad cellphone photos) and had to share a few.


Elle King IMG_2780.JPG




Re: What are you listening to?

@txcatx Ahhh this post gives me all the feels! I don't even know this post had so many replies until it resurfaced so I'm so jazzed reading all the replies!


nikki lane and jenny lewis? I have no doubts that was amazing! Local natives, chvrches, Kendrick and bon Iver are also some of my favorites! I don't live in a music city, but I have been to some amazing shows and festivals. I saw spoon play once in a tiny record store too here in Cincy! And Matt and Kim at an abandoned warehouse many years ago. ❤️❤️❤️

Re: What are you listening to?

WOW!!! I'm jealous! I wish I lived near a music mecca.  

Re: What are you listening to?

Oh, I still have a Last FM account! Here's my top artists from the last 30 days. The scrobble counts would usually be way higher, but I've sadly been in too many work meetings to even listen to music at my desk lately.



Re: What are you listening to?

Portugal!!! ❤️ ❤️ Oh how I wish they would come close to me. 

Re: What are you listening to?

Where my Drake fans at?! His new album dropped over the weekend and i've been loving it. TBH I don't think it really lived up to the hype but I love it nonetheless 🙂 Standard chill drake vibez



Stay Fabulous,

Re: What are you listening to?

Hi all! Music is an everyday necessity for me, and here's a list of artists/albums I've been listening to lately:


Kehlani - Sweet, Sexy, Savage

Beyonce - Lemonade

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

Alina Baraz - Urban Flora

Jhene Aiko


I'm also looking for some great workout music, and would love to hear suggestions 🙂




Re: What are you listening to?

Update: revisiting Corrine Bailey Rae's sophomore album, which is a great reminder that I'm an emotional cry baby lol. This album came out after her husband passed away, and I'm literally at my desk dying on the inside. SUCH. AN. AMAZING.ALBUM. Ughhh so many feels!


Re: What are you listening to?

I love Jhene Aiko, @NikkoBT!


One of my favorite workout songs is Unstoppable by Santigold. Another is How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds. My running playlist has a really odd selection of music and includes a mix of kpop, indie, and EDM...

Re: What are you listening to?

Hi @txcatx! So, I checked out the songs by Marina and the Diamonds and Santigold and love them! 


Re: What are you listening to?

@txcatx Ooh! I've only heard a handful of songs by Santigold and Marina and the Diamonds, but I'll definitely have to check those songs out ^_^


Re: What are you listening to?

Hi @unfungirl,.


I too love to listen to music!


What I am currently listening to is:


Ed Sheeran

Emeli Sande- amazing British Singer

Florence and the Machine

The Weeknd

Beauty and the Beauty Soundtrack (watching it tonight)

Still listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack lol


Best Wishes,



Re: What are you listening to?

hi @JaneanBT!!


i looooove florence- she is an old favorite. and the new ed sheeran album has some really great tracks so far!


i am so excited to see beauty and the beast- the soundtrack is excellent. and hamilton is next level.


thanks for chiming in!


jessy 🙂

Re: What are you listening to?

I love this thead! 


I listen to a lot of artists and a lot of different genres so here a couple of songs I grabbed from my spotify playlist. 🙂 


Ed Sheeran - Divide (okay I'm loving so many songs from this album, if you like his type of music, go listen!!) 


Sam Smith - Drowning Shadows (I did not know of this song until about a week ago, I can't believe I've been missing out!)


Khalid - Location (I'm honestly the worst at describing genres, but I'd say this would go under R&B?)


One Woman Man - John Legend (His song from the new 50 shades movie, the movies aren't great but the soundtracks are actually pretty great!)


Selfish - Future (It has rihanna, what more do you need? 😉


Re: What are you listening to?

hi @MariekeBT!


thanks for joining in! music is my jam, haha.


the new ed sheeran is SO good, i'm loving his new, yet still him, sound!


sam smith is incredible- his songs carry so much emotion.


i'm a fan of khalid too! i think he's considered hip hop/r+b. he has such a soulful voice.


i love me some riri too!!


xoxo jessy 🙂

Re: What are you listening to?

My favorite bands are Alkaline Trio and Coheed and Cambria. I have a Coheed tattoo and have plans of an Alkaline Trio tat. I have quite a few band tats I want lol. 

Re: What are you listening to?

@Samtian gurrrrrrlll. i've loved alk3 since forever. i still rock out to old school punk like saves the day, alk3 and jawbreaker.


i SO wanted to get many band tats too. tell me about your alkaline trio tattoo plan? i still want to get a morton salt girl tattoo based on this old jawbreaker shirt!

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