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What are you dying to buy?!

I've seen a lot of people mention that they are doing a no-buy July and/or waiting for the 3x, 4x points promotion next month to place orders and I am wondering what's on everyone's shopping list?!  What have you been dying to purchase?!


I just made a couple orders for skincare to bump up to the Rouge status, so i've really only got one thing on my list, and that's new Clarisonic brush heads.  Boring I know lol, but i;m sure that will change soon enough Smiley Happy

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

Holy moly! Everything?? that sure is gonna be one big haul! The beauty blender is awesome!!! And I've been wanting to try out those Lancome mascaras as well. 

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

I will be giving some of it to my sister and mom, so basically I'm just left with 15 items or so.  lol I've been saving for 6 months for these items and will go on a no buy afterwards.  Smiley Wink

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

I love having a huge shopping spree good job for saving the money to treat yourself and your mom and sister too thats so sweet! I'm sure they'll be very happy

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

I'm so excited to finally be able to buy the items I've wanted for a long time.Lol I just noticed I posted 2 identical pics :0.

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

the beauty blenders are great, so is the benefit brush!

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

This looks like such an exciting haul! I want to buy Flowerbomb, too!


Re: What are you dying to buy?!

Algenist Deep Wrinkle Minimizer, 

Clinique exfoliating scrub

Honey by marc jacobs

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

Marc Jacobs Honey

Algenist Firming and Lifting Serum


I can't wait.  Once I get at least one of these items it will put me into VIB Rouge.  Also my sample of the Algenist serum is almost gone.  That stuff is seriously amazing.  I have never been this amazed by results of a skincare product.  Best serum out there... way better than OH serum. 

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

just the Algenist Firming and Lifting Serum.  We're getting a new car mid-August that Ashley fits in with her convertible car seat instead of my little Civic EX 2 door coupe, so I won't be ordering after that for a good long while.

Re: What are you dying to buy?!

For sure: Gucci Flora in Glorious Mandarin


Maybe: Silk'n Hair Removal device

I hate extraneous hair but love to smell nice Smiley Happy

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