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What are you doing right now?

Right now I am watching a youtube video called "Best Haul Ever: My Zuca Bag!!!!" and this is the first time that I'm seeing someone own more makeup than my mom. And man, the Zuca can hold a TON of stuff. I'm also looking at makeup hoarders and I dont know how those people do it. The mess would drive me crazy and most of it is probably expired. 


I'm so thankful that I dont have any addictions. 


Except for BT of course! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are you doing right now?

I am sitting up watching the AMAs on DVR and perusing BT when I should be sleeping....

Re: What are you doing right now?

Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my awful haircut Smiley Sad


Went to cut my hair today, my wonderful hair person was not in so I went with the only person in there....Krystal and she didnt listen to me. I told her 2 inches cut all around, with bangs just up to the point where I can see, and layers in the front. I took my hair and showed her exactly what I wanted....and she took HALF of my hair from the front and LAYERED it. So now the front side has super short hair (shorter than shoulder length) and on the back its long (mid back area). Usually when I get my hair layered you know they do it little by little, piece by piece so if you think they are layering too much you can say STOP but no......she grabbed half my hair and chopped it in one swipe and once one side is messed up she had to do the other as well...........on man. And I have thick hair that gets a bit frizzy sometimes.....I didnt even notice how bad it was until my hair dried, it didnt look so bad when it was wet. I am NOT a happy camper right now. *sniff*


Where's that big floppy beach hat when you need it?

Re: What are you doing right now?

Oh, no! Can you call ahead next time to make sure that your normal person is in? If not, I would hightail it out of there and come back when she is Smiley Happy. I really don't like when someone totally disregards what you've asked for -- and without any explanation. Now, I love my hairdresser because he's really honest about what he thinks will and will not work -- and most of the time I listen to him because I really trust his opinion. However, if you know exactly what you want and are not open to suggestions, the stylist should listen to you and cut your hair the way you prefer, not how they think it should be -- and at the very least, before s/he does anything like major layers, s/he should ask ("How about some extra layers here?" at which point you could have responded that you did not think that would work). It should never be a surprise! 

Re: What are you doing right now?

Yeah I'm gonna have to start calling in. Its cost cutters so its not a place that accepts appointments, its first come first serve and the place is almost always booked, especially on the weekends. I like to cut my hair on Fridays because the wait line is....well there's no line lol. And that way I have a new do to show off for the weekend. Except now, I have to hide it. She's lucky that I'm a sweet/calm person because someone else would probably throw a hissy fit. But that doesnt solve anything, its not like you can glue the hair back or something. Whats done is done, now I know to stay away from her next time. I'm lucky that my hair grows like a weed, in 3-4 weeks it should grow out nicely, and then I can cut it the same length all around and it will be all good. I find that it looks better when I style it more to the side or when I clip it back some. Its tough to get a hold of a certain hairdresser because most of them work part time and I dont know their schedule.

Re: What are you doing right now?

She also did something else that I didnt like.....such as mentioning 4-5 times that I "had a lot of hair" in a complaining kind of tone. If you dont like hair, then dont work in hair. When I went in to get it cut my hair went up to my mid back area which isnt nearly as long as some other woman carry theirs (hips and beyond). And I keep it nice and neat and clean. So back off my hair. Its not like its this big and nasty mess that you cant brush through, I take very good care of my hair. I use all natural shampoo/conditioner and dont fry it with heat and chemicals. And she *suggested* that I get my eyebrows done in a way that they dont look good now, and that I need it. Now, I love my brows. They are full but not bushy and not super thin. They are regular filled in brows. I dont want to be one of those people that overplucks/overwaxes and then has to DRAW on a brow with makeup every morning. I like them, they are normal brows, they dont have gaps and NO TOUCH-Y.

Re: What are you doing right now?

Yeahhh, sometimes personalities just don't mix.   When I first moved to San Francisco, I booked an appointment with a salon that had great Yelp reviews. My hair happened to be super dry that day due to a sample conditioner I was trying, but my hair is not normally very dry or coarse. It's fairly fine in texture, pin straight, and I have a lot of it. Well. While this man was nice, he made me read a book (!) the whole time about the no shampoo method...which is really for curly, coarse hair (or this edition was, anyway). He kept saying "each time it mentions curly, just disregard that and keep reading..." I'm sure he had his theories...but my hair doesnt' even wave on its own (even though I wish it did). I didn't want to read about hair I didn't have...and while I do believe that your hair can become too reliant on shampoo, I just can't *not* wash mine for a few days doesn't work, and I don't have the time to allow it to go through whatever it goes through to get to the point of not needing as much shampoo. Needless to say, I never went back -- he was nice, and I'm sure he's a good hairdresser, but I kept looking... 


Re: Brows, I like mine, too! I can't stand brows that are too thin (but that's just me). I've definitely made the mistake of overplucking before, and I'm so lucky they grew back. I'm always careful not to do it again! (True confession: I've never actually had my brows done / threaded (!). I feel like everyone my age has at least done it once, but not me. I think it's also partially because I'm too impatient to let them grow out to the point where they can be done at once -- I usually just pluck strays here and there.)


Now that I'm on a roll (haha), I've had some makeup artists like this, too. Most will listen to you, and it's fine when they don't agree -- I've actually learned some of the best techniques by makeup artists breaking me out of my (at times) narrow ideas of what works for me! However, some things I really do feel strongly about, and I think it's important to know the difference. 

Re: What are you doing right now?

*scratches head*


He made you *read a book*?!!!? I've never been able to read anything while getting my hair cut because you have to look a certain way the whole time the hairs getting cut......weirdo. I dont get the "dont wash your hair thing". How am I supposed to go out in public with greasy/dirty/oily hair? Even if I had super super thick hair that doesnt get greasy until a week later, it still smells. Dont listen to him. If his hair looked clean then I would bet my bottom dollar that he doesnt even take his own advice. And I'm so sick of salons talking about their "sulfate free" shampoos like thats something new. I use all natural, a chemical shampoo thats sulfate free is still a chemical shampoo. There are so many all natural, jumbo pump bottled shampoo/conditioners out there for $19.99 or less a bottle, so there's no way I am forking over $45+ on their stuff.

Re: What are you doing right now?

I worked earlier today. I work in a chocolate shop, so it was steady/slight busy since Valentine's is next week. I have some makeup on. Mostly just basics (Chanel foundation, NARS pressed powder, UD 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion, Chanel Brow pencil and NARS lip gloss in Stolen Kisses). 

I'm just watching tv right now. I might do a facial mask in a little while. I kind of want to cut my hair(mostly my bangs), but at the same time I want to grow it out for my wedding in November. 

Re: What are you doing right now?

Watching the Grammys right now while doing a little web surfing.

Re: What are you doing right now?

stuffing my face haha! and doing some web surfing

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