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What are you doing right now?

Right now I am watching a youtube video called "Best Haul Ever: My Zuca Bag!!!!" and this is the first time that I'm seeing someone own more makeup than my mom. And man, the Zuca can hold a TON of stuff. I'm also looking at makeup hoarders and I dont know how those people do it. The mess would drive me crazy and most of it is probably expired. 


I'm so thankful that I dont have any addictions. 


Except for BT of course! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are you doing right now?

Interesting topic!  My morning isn't that interesting so far lol.  I just got to campus so I can have good parking lol.  I'm going to Biology lecture to pick up my test I took a couple weeks, and the professor claims he's going to review a bit for the final.  He'll probably just go on and on about Darwin's finches again.  If I hear one more thing about those dumb birds... lol  Then off to French to take the oral part of my final.  My boyfriend and I are volunteering at Petsmart today.  I really hope Cookie gets adopted.  She's been there for a while now, and I can't figure out why.  She's beyond sweet.



There's videos of makeup hoarders? lol I've never even thought to search for anything like that lol.  Sounds interesting.  I'll have to check that out later. 

Re: What are you doing right now?

Trying to mentally prep for the final in my chemistry lab that's in about 40 minutes, while eating breakfast.Woman Surprised

Re: What are you doing right now?

I am VERY bored at work right now. Just looking at the internet to kill time.

Re: What are you doing right now?

I am @ work deciding what I will buy at Sephora when I go to Las Vegas for New Years...yes I said at work lol. I am a Communcations Assistant (intern) and sometimes there isn't enough work for me to do - oh and i am also 'studying' 


LOL Smiley Happy



Re: What are you doing right now?

I'm having lunch!  Been doing end of year paperwork at work all day, a mind-numbing job, but fully necessary to get ready for tax season next year. Plotting what to do with my $20 VIB gift card, time is running out. 


What would you suggest for someone who has just about everything? I am kinda stumped because I don't want to waste it, but really went overboard with purchases with all the Sephora sales (and one ULTA sale) in November. 

Re: What are you doing right now?

Hello Ladies,


I hope you dont mind the intrusion by a man !


Right now I'm typing this and soon at 1.oopm I ' ll be

watching my soap opera "days of our lives "  Smiley Happy


And how are all the beautiful sephora shoppers doin g Smiley Wink

Re: What are you doing right now?

"Working" -- hahah. (I am getting work done...I just find that I'm more productive if I take short breaks!)


@antoine: Never! Smiley Very Happy


@prettyinPA: I haven't used mine, either! I keep going back and forth, but I can't let it go to waste...!


@lowrah: Good luck on your final!


@sephoramusthave, @kimmi: I think watching videos of makeup hoarders would make me very uncomfortable...I think I have these tendencies...("tendencies" being the key word, here -- I'm not a hoarder (yet)!).

Re: What are you doing right now?

Youtubing old Nsync performances...yes, I'm a fan of boy bands.  Smiley Happy


Before that, I was playing with my Naked 2 palette and different looks for a couple of Christmas parties I'll be going to next weekend!  (Currently have Busted in outer corners, YDK in crease and Tease on lids...Corrupt UD liner, and Buxom Amplified Lash on.)

Re: What are you doing right now?

@katie1724-  I'm with you in watching hoarder videos, I don't think I'm a full fledged hoarder yet, but it's kinda like looking under rocks, if you don't want to see snakes, you better not look under there!Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are you doing right now?

I love reading all your responses and will be sure to look up those YouTube videos of makeup hoarders. Smiley Wink My morning included a trip to the DMV to get a replacement Cali ID.  On a whim, my roommate and I decided to get a Christmas tree (7 feet . . . WOO!) on our way home.   Before work, I was able to finish decorating the mantel and stringing the lights on the tree. Can't wait to be off so I could finish decorating. 


Happy Holidays ladies and Antoine0000! Smiley Happy





Re: What are you doing right now?

I also really enjoy reading your responses! Youtube videos a great way to pass the time, I am honestly in awe at the amounts of makeup people have. Some have rooms that are dedicated to housing all of their makeup! Not going to lie...I'd love my own personal in-home beauty studio. 
This morning I ran some errands and cleaned my apartment. I also spent some time with my doggies, and took them on a little walk. I recently started reading the Hunger Games, and like others around the world I am hopelessly addicted; so I was able to get in a few minutes of reading time prior to my shift starting. Once I'm off from work I'll probably go grab dinner with the boyfriend or maybe I'll cook....hmm decisions decisions. 
Whimsically yours,

Re: What are you doing right now?

@prettyinPA: Exactly! I couldn't have said it better. Smiley Happy


@waterbaby: I have no shame -- "I Want You Back" (aka one of the best boy band pop songs ever) is on my iPhone, so if I happen to be listening to it and click the button, my screen illuminates with the title, complete with the album cover art graphic (you know the one) -- kind of awkward on public transportation, but oh well. In terms of videos, I still love "Cry Me a River" (which I guess doesn't count in terms of boy bands, but I <3 JT).


@tiffany: We just got a 7-foot tree, too -- getting that thing in a Victorian building was interesting...and, despite living in SF for 2+ years...I still have yet to go to the DMV. My (out of state) license is valid for another year, and I don't really drive here. Still, I should have just done it a long time ago. Oops! I wish they were open one evening a week, or over the weekend (even limited hours). I hate the idea of taking off work just to go to the DMV, but it probably needs to be done Smiley Tongue.

Re: What are you doing right now?

It's finally the weekend!!  Smiley Very Happy


My classes officially ended yesterday, so now it's off to finals week starting on Monday.  I just have a few finals and work study, and then I'm free!!!!  Thank goodness because this semester burned me out.


Last night, I watched the Biker Build Off and results show on the DVR with dad.  It was a three way build off with Paul Teutal Jr., Paul Teutal Sr., and Jesse James.  Jesse James should have won.  What he built was a bike that a person can actually ride.  Paul Jr. won, so it was more like a popularity contest.  After all, Jesse James isn't the most liked person anymore.  But his bike was awesome, and his trash talk about the cake decorators was hilarious lol.


Today, I'll be doing laundry and some studying.  Later, I want to watch the show Moonshiners on the DVR.  It's filmed in VA, which isn't far from TN at all.  My boyfriend watched it earlier this week, and said one guy had an ETSU shirt on.  I laughed, and if it's someone I've passed on campus before, I'll probably fall in the floor laughing lol.

Re: What are you doing right now?

@kimmi- Don't you love that odd feeling you get when you see someone you know (or recognize) on TV?  It just seems so odd to see them on that little screen. Though it is weirder to see yourself on TV or in videos, especially the "TV adds 10 pounds" effect! Smiley Mad

Re: What are you doing right now?

@prettyinpa  I watched Moonshiners last night, and the dude was wearing an ETSU shirt!!  They didn't even blur it out the slightest bit lol.  I don't know why I find it so amusing lol.  I've not seen him on campus.  He looked a bit younger than I am, but ETSU could be where he wants to go.  If his dad, who is teaching him the  heritage of moonshine, is making $100,000 in the 3 month peak of moonshine season, then I believe he can easily afford out of state tuition.  The show is filmed over in VA, and it doesn't take long at all to get there from east TN.    If you haven't seen the show, it's really interesting.  They even show older footage of Popcorn Sutton.





Re: What are you doing right now?

@kimmi-  I've never watched Moonshiners before, it sounds interesting. $100,000 for 3 months work, huh?  Though I guess the downside is if he gets caught, prison sounds like a bummer. How do they make a show about a basically illegal activity? Or do they get a pass for making the show?


I'm roasting chestnuts now, I got so wrapped up in describing how to do it on the giving up food thread that I had to go fix some. A couple exploded all over the living room (fire was too hot) so I guess vacuuming is going to be in my future, like very soon! lol

Re: What are you doing right now?

@prettyinpa  I still haven't figured out how they are getting away with it.  The Discovery Channel must have some under the table deals or something.  There is a crew for the moonshiner, and a camera crew for one the cops.  My guess is that it is in two different counties.  When the moonshiner is in his truck driving out to the woods, that part isn't exactly filmed, and some shots are at low angles.  As for the cop, the papers he looks at of one of the moonshiners he's after is blurred out.  I think moonshine laws can vary from state to state.  My boyfriend said that in TN, he thinks you are allowed to make a certain amount of moonshine, but you cannot sell it.  In the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, there is an attraction there where you can legally purchase moonshine.  My bf's mamaw and papaw went there, and said it is watered down some.  That's probably how they are allowed to do that for tourists.  VA on the other hand, their laws are a lot more strict in general.  They even take to the air just to make sure people do the speed limit. 




Re: What are you doing right now?

@kimmi-  Some friends that I know make wine and they said that they can make all they want but can't sell it (though they do give some away as gifts in the Holiday Season). Tasting their wine, I think it would be a true hardship to receive it as a gift, it tastes like paint thinner! lol


I've never had moonshine, though I did hear that some of the people that live in PA in the hollers do make it. 

Re: What are you doing right now?


katie1724 wrote:

"Working" -- hahah. (I am getting work done...I just find that I'm more productive if I take short breaks!)


@antoine: Never! Smiley Very Happy




Never what sweetheart ? ?





Re: What are you doing right now?



You said: "Hello Ladies, I hope you dont mind the intrusion by a man !"


I was responding, "Never!" -- meaning that you are always welcome.


Smiley Happy

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