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What a day. Thankful for BT.

I just have to say. I didnt know how much BT meant to me until today when I was having a **bleep** day and one of my first thoughts was "Oh I will go to BT, maybe do a rant those ladies love a good rant and will make me feel better" Lol. Okay maybe dont like. But would read it and feel my pain, or tell me if I was being dramatic.


Anyway I got here, saw a thread of llamas and I don't need to rant anymore. My day is already better.


I know we are going through some hard times with BT but those of you who have stuck it out, and those who are mostly lurking right now (Im talking to you Brat and KB) know I have come to think so fondly of you. 



Hugs and llamas all around. 

Re: What a day. Thankful for BT.

it has become one of my favorite things to do, browse around BT and se whats going on .  People have to learn to just move on from the negative things, or ignore posters who are irritating you, or whatever. Not worth getting caught up in the llama, er, I mean, drama... glad yo cheered up! Smiley Happy

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