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What Makes You Unique?

I think everybody has at least one thing that sets them apart from the rest, whether it is a physical trait, an interesting hobby, a certain lifestyle, etc.


For me, my most unique trait would be that I have a special "birthmark" (In quotes because my dermatologist is clueless as well). It happens to be that I have a straight line down the center of my stomach, on the left of which my stomach is darker and on the right it is 2-3 shades lighter. Odd, I know, I have yet to find someone with the same thing! 


What makes you unique?

Re: What Makes You Unique?

MIne  would be that I'm a people person I can have a conversation with just about anybody no matter what it's about. And also being quick witted.Smiley Happy

Re: What Makes You Unique?

My unique thing is similar to LCResz's, I have super wide interests and am just as happy talking to you about the ridiculous pants with the naked lady on them that JC Chasez wore in his 'NSYNC days (it was an art print which totally makes them legit), as I am talking to you about systems of oppression and who gets stepped on and who does the stepping.

Re: What Makes You Unique?

Wow, that's pretty unique indeed! 


Hmm, I guess my uniqueness comes from my equal love of science, literature, pop culture, and theology. Apparently my interests across a wide spectrum of topics makes me different than a lot of people, I guess because they don't expect someone who likes to talk about the latest headlines on E! News would also enjoy discussing the Higgs Boson particle Smiley Wink

Re: What Makes You Unique?

That is unique! I've never heard of that before. 

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