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What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

So, as I was playing around with some makeup and applying what is most likely way too much for a trip to the store, it got me wondering...

We always read about beauty "rules" like not using eyeliner or even mascara on your lower lashes, not wearing shimmer shadows on your lids if they are crepey, etc.  

I prefer shimmery shadows to matte. Not glitter, just shimmer, and yes, I am almost 50 ( but I do have nice skin). I always use at least a little liner on my lower lashline, and always mascara upper and lower. I like to use highlighter, even during daytime..and who cares about the season? If I am in a pastel mood and it's Winter, or in a gunmetal mood and it's Easter, I will wear it.

What about all you BT rebels out there?


Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?



haha, i wear whatever colors I want, when I want to.  I'm over 30, but i'm still sometimes still rock miniskirts.


Bold eyes AND bold lips?  YUP.


I am totally a rogue rouge.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

.....wait, there are rules?


I do what I like, say "thanks" when I'm complimented, and shrug when people find my outfit/look weird/strange.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Amen to that!!

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Rules? What rules? you mean like no white shoes after Labor day or before Memorial Day, no shiny face products during day time tc? Well, my dear rules were made to be broken. I think I've broken every one of them, most by the time I was 12 and I just keep on breaking them. I say wear what you love when you want & ENJOY it.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I think it's the age ones that bother me the most because a lot of people really believe those!  I think you only are old when you start acting out.  If I want to wear glitter lip gloss, then I'm going to!

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

me too! That's what makes the world go round...we are all individuals! I don't like reading the magazine articles that suggest you should do this or that, but not that...or have one signature fragrance--like anyone could have ONE bottle of perfule! gasp! 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

perfume, I meant

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I don't always agree with the "don't match your makeup to your outfit rule".  The infamous Kelly Osbourne example that shows up here is probably why that rule was invented in the first place:


but sometimes, matching can be really cool.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

i forgot that one!! i may  not match my shoes and bag, but if I am wearing a royal blue shirt, I will do a cobalt eyeliner!! I love that!

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Yes!!!!  The bold, colored liner is the best!!!


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