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What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

So, as I was playing around with some makeup and applying what is most likely way too much for a trip to the store, it got me wondering...

We always read about beauty "rules" like not using eyeliner or even mascara on your lower lashes, not wearing shimmer shadows on your lids if they are crepey, etc.  

I prefer shimmery shadows to matte. Not glitter, just shimmer, and yes, I am almost 50 ( but I do have nice skin). I always use at least a little liner on my lower lashline, and always mascara upper and lower. I like to use highlighter, even during daytime..and who cares about the season? If I am in a pastel mood and it's Winter, or in a gunmetal mood and it's Easter, I will wear it.

What about all you BT rebels out there?

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I love the strong eye + strong lip look, and I try to do it often. Brown smokey shadow with a wine lip is my favorite so far.


I don't use primer under my foundation because it looks better that way. Ha. 


I know the Benefit Fakeup is supposed to be used like a stick, but I take a fine brush and just use the colored core to conceal my spots. 


Finally, who hates the whole seasonal colors thing? Me! I think it's way too predictable. Rock whatever, whenever. Smiley Happy

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I wear foundation on only my undereyes and acne not for my whole face Smiley Happy

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I know about the strong eye, neutral lip rule or the strong lip, neutral eye rule. And I think those are good.

Beyond that, I don't know what the beauty "rules" even are, nor do I care.

Makeup is an art and there are no real rules in art. Just guidelines for balance, impact, etc. or how to achieve a certain look.

Can you rock a neutral eye with a neutral lip? Of course.

Can you rock a strong eye with a strong lip? Sure! Maybe the showgirl/drag queen/streetwalker look was what you were going for that day.

Makeup "rules" are really just someone else's opinion.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Your makeup palette shouldn't be matchy matchy. I ignore this rule all the time and still look great. They say tones should be in a similar family but not the same shade. I have orange lipstick the same shade as my illamasqua cream blush libido and together they are a fierce combo.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

sometimes i use a sponge tip applicator for eyeshadow!  *GASP

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

When I used to dress rockabilly in college, I always broke the rule about either really doing up your eyes or lips with makeup. I would pair a lot of eye makeup with a red lip. I guess both my eyes and lips were competing for attention, but I thought it looked balanced to have my whole face done up. 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

It looked great on Beyonce at this year's Grammys. She had on a white dress with a smokey eye and red lip. the famous makeup artist Kevin Aucoin said beauty rules are made to be broken.

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Good point!

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I line my bottom waterline, I use mascara on top and bottom, I wear red lipstick all year, I don't use "seasonally correct" color. I apply my foundation with my fingers. I use glitter eye shadow and I'm 36. I have hooded eyes and still rock a wing. Smiley Wink 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Makeup should be fun and enjoyed!

Rules...there are already so many in other aspects of life we are suppose to follow. 

With hair, makeup and clothing we should be able to make our own personal choice set of rules-always Smiley Happy 


Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Rules Smules!!!!! Go ahead and do what you like!!!! Step out of the box and be adventurous don't worry about someone elses rules, they are not yours. Do what you like with your makeup, who are you hurting?? No one... thats right !!!! Don't worry about rules have fun with your makeup. Wear glitter or shimmer or bottom lashes mascara!!!!! I persoally am not a seasonal makeup wearer I could care less what season it is in concern to my makeup but thats just me...



Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Rules? I probably break a lot of them. I'm in my 30s with kids - I have purple hair with shaved sides, pair a bold lip and bold eyes, liner and mascara in whatever configuration I feel like, match my makeup to my outfit from time to time, match my lip color to my eyeshadow. I know why some of the "rules" exist, I also think it's totally fine to break them if you like the way it looks. 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I break the hair rules...who cares if it's "your color, or your face shape" when I want that color, I want it. I that's why I ignored what my old grandma said. When I got the money I went to a salon and got my "blonde highlights." I'm like it's my hair, I could do whatever I want with it

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Rules schmules! Wear what you like if it makes you feel good. I've had blue hair, pink hair, turquoise green hair, red hair, blonde hair.


If I want to wear glitter I'll wear glitter. Same goes for colors, bold lip whatever. None of my friends are too into makeup but I've noticed since I've been getting back into it a bit more in the past year that they are starting to wear a bit more too. Hehehe. They will be assimilated. Smiley Happy



Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I never really heard the rule for not putting mascara or eye liner on the bottom lash. Why is that a no? As you can see I do so... Lol but I feel like it brings my eyes out.

how do you gals chose your eye makeup? Do you match it some how? Or what? Lol

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

Oh god, I'm so bad at "rules"... I put mascara on my bottom lashes always!! I blow on my brushes to get off the excess :/ I use my hands to put on foundation if I don't feel like wetting my BB, I don't know what a fan brush is supposed to be used for so I make my own uses for it, I wear whatever colors I feel like (especially lipstick) no matter time of day or season, I match navy blue to black (OMG the horror), I don't fix my nails when they chip (aint nobody got time for that), I don't use shaving gel EVER (I use conditioner lol), I've never even looked at a toner before (oh god please not more products to add to my routine)... I can go on. 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I too use my fingers all the time for foundation. 

I am also with you about the fan brush. Truth be told all of mine are with my painting supplies. 

And, call me crazy (they do) I LIKE chipped nail polish, not like one chip but it they are all chipping, esp if it is red or black polish. 

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I usually just stick the basic rules...


Wow I sound so boring, I need to get out more

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I PACK on the mascara on the bottom! I always wear eye liner in my water line and always use different colors. Who ever invented those to rules are crazy. ill do what I want, lol

Re: What Beauty "Rules" Do You Break?

I always wear a bunch of mascara on my lower lashes and black eyeliner on my lower waterline! People say not to do it because it will supposedly close your eyes off, but I swear it makes mine look bigger and SO much more defined and pretty. I think I look ridiculous without either of those!

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