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Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

Did anyone else get sucked in to Ulta's cyber monday and still not even get a shipping notice?

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

My Ulta order hasn't shipped yet either.  I also wanted the Art of Shaving Kit to give to someone, plus I ordered a set of Real Techniques brushes on sale because I really can't justify spending money on pricier brushes for myself.

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

I rarely order online from Ulta but when I have they haven't shipped as quickly as Sephora does.  That is even during non holiday times.  I was thinking of buying Naked3 from them so maybe I will go to my store to do so.

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

I ordered from Ulta on Cyber Monday for the $40 sample bag, Real Technique brushes and the Art of Shaving kits (for the men in the family).  


I placed the order on 12/2.  The package was shipped on 12/4.  Tracking information showed my Ulta package as "DELIVERED" on the 12/5, but when I went to pick up my package from my building's doorman, the package was nowhere to be found.  My doorman told us that whomever received this package was not an employee of my building impatiently, after we bugged him 3 times in a span 24 hours.  When we finally got in touch with UPS, we were told that UPS "DELIVERED" the package to USPS and USPS will be delivering the package to us.  USPS then claimed they came to deliver last night 12/6 around 6 and there was no one here.  And now, delivery is scheduled for Tuesday.


This really put a damper on the present wrapping this weekend.  I was so looking forward to the package too, and now I feel like we have to tip the doorman extra for the holidays because I feel terrible for troubling him repeatedly.


Just a little background, the Ulta package was shipped from Hodgkins, IL to be delivered to Chicago, IL. I don't know why it takes 6 days to to receive a package within the same state. None of the Sephora packages that I received in the past ever took this long  to get to me. Now I remembered why I buy from Sephora and not Ulta....


Edit:  I guess I was a little confused on the timeline of my orders.  Too much holiday shopping.  Reading some of your experiences, sounds like I was lucky my package even shipped... Sephora > Ulta

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

You know whats really insane?


I placed an order on the 2nd...still hasnt shipped out!


I placed a seperate order yesterday cuz they sent me an email with some good deals...and it shipped last night!


Talk about consistency!

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

I hate them. Their shipping is almost as bad as Haute Look. At least Haute Look has a good reason in that they don't actually hold the stock of the items.


I purchased my Lorac Pro Palette from Ulta based on the fact that they were offering a Lorac primer AND a CC cream free with a $30 purchase. When I got my palette it looked like it had already been swatched by somebody and on my packing slip it said that both of the free gifts with purchase were OOS. Had to spray my palette with alcohol to sterilize it just to be safe. 


The only stuff I buy there is drugstore stuff when they have specials on them -- like the Maybelline eye tattoo colors for buy one get one 50% off or 50% more for the same price for my shamp/cond. 


Plus the way their website is set up is so unintuitive. Clearly designed by a guy who has no clue. No love for Ulta here. 

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

Wow I'm so sorry about all the bad experiences you guys have been having! I order from Ulta all the time and I don't think I've ever had a significant issue. I placed a few orders with Ulta during BF, and they all arrived last Wednesday. Before I became Rouge, I had  loads of issues with Sephora and how long they would take to send out my orders...Also, Macys, UGH I completely agree with what another BTer said about the whole backordered thing because that happened to me too!!


Another thing that could be delaying packages, depending on where they're being shipped from could be the winter storm that has basically crippled a lot of the nation. I don't know if this is the case for Ulta, but I placed an order on another website and I was getting annoyed that it hadn't shipped yet (when another order from the same store had already been delivered!) but I got an email from them that said "Due to recent severe ice and snow related weather conditions across the nation, we are experiencing delays in delivering packages. Your order is on the way but it may arrive 2-3 days later than expected." The email also came with a $10 off coupon for my next order, so I was definite appeased

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

I was going to state that as well. Anything that I have ordered through other companies that use Fedex say "Delays due to winter storm" at the top of the tracking page. 

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

Ulta shipping is absolutely horrible! I just got my shipping confirmation for Cyber Monday! And I shopped on Sunday night at 11:30 pm! And I live in Cook County... the SAME county as the Ulta warehouse and it still takes days for it to ship to me!


I hate they they ship UPS and then when it gets into Chicago, they transfer it over to the Post Office and that it takes days for it to deliver. Once, it arrived to the post office at 12:05 am on Saturday (technically it could have gone on a truck to be delivered that day). I didn't get it until Wednesday! Why in the world would it take so long when it arrived in Chicago on Saturday morning???

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

Someone else from Chicago!  Hey neighbor =)


The same thing happened to me.  It'd be faster if I could just drive to Hodgkins IL to pick up my Ulta package... 30 minutes vs. 6 days.  

Re: Well, Ulta sucks. Any other holiday shipping woes?

I know right??? I was like I WILL DRIVE THERE TO PICK IT UP!!! It sucks because I like ordering online (eBates plus the Cyber Wednesdays deals) but it takes so long to get here!!!

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