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Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Alright, so I haven't been back to my hometown in awhile, and i'm planning a trip there - but i want to be lighter before i go. I don't want to go back being heavier then i was when i left. I'm 185lbs, and on a 5"3 frame - not that flattering. So I've set weight loss goals repeatedly, but this time - it will be different. 

My long term goal is 120, but lets aim for 160 first Smiley Happy I'm posting this on here, because i need to be held accountable. I need this weight gone. For my confidence (last time i got checked out? don't remember), to prevent future health issues, and to feel sexy again. I just turned 26, and i don't like looking in the mirror, don't like what i see or knowing that it's my fault that i look like this. 

Alright, here goes nothing Smiley Happy Thanks for reading Smiley Happy

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Hello there FireSpinner!

                Thanks for being so honest and open. I too, went on a weight loss journey thanks to the weight gain of college. What REALLY helped me be accountable was using the  MyFitness Pal App which helps you scan foods to monitor serving sizes, calories, sugars etc and also allows you to calculate any weight workouts or cardio! its really amazing and helped me lose my target amount of weight. I currently use it along with Nike + Running app which calibrates the miles you run and how many calories you have burned! Good luck and just keep loving you. Now and during the journey. Smiley Happy


Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

I remember I saw a picture on facebook and it was very unflattering. Something clicked in my head, I just decided I needed to loose weight. I went to gym religiously for three months, from there my eating habits started to change. Just remember, its okay to have a cheat day once a week, just don't go overboard.  At first its hard, but it gets easier. Smiley Happy I remember, for a while, I was constantly checking my weight and everything. And now, I am cautious of what I eat. But I feel like end of the week, I deserve a cheat day, I do love food too! I dropped almost 15 pounds in 5 months. Its a long process, but remember when you get there, you will feel good Smiley Happy

You can do it! Just put your mind to it and watch, you will achieve your goal!

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Good luck with this!

I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey as well. Last year I went from 190 to 170, gained back to 182 and got discouraged so I stopped watching what I ate. In my break, I gained three pounds, then I went overseas and got sick and lost weight to 169, but when I came back home I gained back to 177 and have finally decided to get back on track. It takes me forever to lose any weight though, I'm only at 175. I know it's supposed to be a lifestyle change, but it's so discouraging to be so hungry all the time and not have anything to show for it.

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Thank you everyone for the support, it means a lot to me Smiley Happy

I wish i could have friends like you all, in real life lol.

I'll make updates regarding my progress on this thread.

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

You go girl!  Whatever I can do, I'm with ya.  I'm not at goal yet, but I've lost 80 pounds with Weight Watchers.  The best advice I can give you is to celebrate every victory (and they come in some of the strangest places!).  I remember the day my dimples came back.  I remember getting up and nothing in my back or knees going snap, crackle, pop.  I remember putting on a sweater that swallowed me whole. 


My motivation was simple:  I was taking my career to the next level and frankly, I needed to look more professional.  The motivation was strong and internal.  Remember that this is about you, about your health, about your psychological well-being.  It is not for anyone else, not for your hometown, not for your relatives or people you went to high school with.


Good luck to you!

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

I wish you lots of luck! Smiley Very Happy I'm really glad that you're working at losing weight and as someone who is doing to same...I suggest a youtube channel called blogilates! 


She uploads videos of workouts/yoga/pilates, etc for losing weight and to be honest, I find that eating less and healthier, plus working out for at least half an hour a day has really helped me shed pounds! It's not a lot, but a few pounds a month is always better than any weight gain Smiley Wink 


Good luck and I hope you succeed!! 

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Goodluck reaching your weight goals! It will be tough but you can do it!

I recently lost some weight myself, and what really helped me do it was finding a gym that had workout classes that I enjoy going to.  I picked three different classes, held throughout the week, and I committed to going to those classes every week no matter what.  I also went to the gym more than that as well, but no matter what I always went to those 3 classes at a minimu.  I found that after doing that consistently for 3 months or so, my metabolism increased and the weight came off much faster.


I also started cooking/preparing all of my food at home, so I would know exactly what was in it.  Doing this instead of eating out all the time (or eating the catered lunches at work, free food is really hard to say no to, lol) really made a huge difference for me.


Stick to it and remember that there are a lot of people here on BT that support you!



Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Oddly enough, i do have a gym membership and they do have classes i enjoy going to but i have been slacking for way too long now. So, I just did what you mentioned: picked 3 different classes, and am going to start going to them each week. Starting tomorrow actually, picked a class that's on a Saturday Smiley Tongue 


It's the food part that i find the hardest part. I swear, part of my brain is addicted to food. But if i want to go anywhere looking like a bombshell, that bad habit has to stop.

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Agreed about the food! Whenever I want to eat but am not hungry or shouldn't, I chew gum. Then I got braces and that plan no longer works, thus the +10lbs. =X

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

I'll loose weight with you! I was at 185lb for a while, my long term goal was 130 and I got it down to 150 for a while but now it's back to 160 since I stopped exercising cuz it gets dark early and yada yada excuse excuse. I'm picking it up again so I'm going for it. 


One thing to note is that altho you should weigh yourself daily at the same time, don't get frustrated if your weight gets stuck for a couple of days. I lost weight pretty fast for a couple of days, but it refused to bulge and even went up a bit when I started exercising cuz I'm burning calories and getting hungry, but a week after when my body got used to the exercise, the weight went back down steadily again.

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

I think the first step to losing weight is accepting your self where ever your body is at. This was the hardest part for me, but was most important, because before I realized this, my genuine goal wasn't health (even though thru my mouth I would say it is), and this led me to over exercise, go on strict diets, to binge, become apathetic and become miserable. 

I think once that is in place, you will naturally come to want to take care of yourself and do adequate amount of exercise, and eat right so that excess weight comes off naturally and is kept off without being obsessive about them 

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Good luck! It's always a challenge to lose weight but you can do it if you really put your mind to it, and we're always here to support you!

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

Good luck, FireSpinner!  Do your best and don't forget to talk to us when you're feeling bad (and there will be "whens").  Most importantly, you will not have a perfect day every day, so don't get upset on those "oops" days.  Hit the reset button and continue on.  Smiley Happy

Re: Weight loss, goals and stuff :p

I wish you luck in your weight loss journey!

I gained a lot more than the Freshman 15 in college, and it was very hard to lose it again. I've been stressed and struggling to keep to a good diet and exercise, so I've put on a little extra weight again.

You can do it! And remember that your overall goal is just to be healthy Smiley Happy

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